"Wutzek is a demon, a Force creature of unimaginable power. It's believed that long ago his kind owned the universe..."

Wutzek was the last remaining Force demon known to exist by the era of the Galactic Civil War. A member of an extremely powerful race that once ruled the galaxy in its early history, Wutzek was captured by an evil-worshipping cult called the Five, which imprisoned him for centuries as a curiosity aboard their warship within the Hellhoop. Wutzek eventually escaped with the aid of the Wookiee Chewbacca sometime between 0 and 3 ABY, and proceeded to swiftly destroy any trace of the Five.


"How frail your flesh, my tormentors. How transient. And now that it is gone, only your souls survive... within me. Forever."
―Wutzek, after slaughtering the Five[src]

An extremely powerful and ancient Force demon, Wutzek belonged to a race that once ruled the galaxy during its distant past. However, by the era of the Galactic Civil War, Wutzek was the last of his kind. Wutzek was eventually captured by a reclusive evil-worshipping cult known as the Five, which resided deep within the region of space known as the Hellhoop. The Five imprisoned Wutzek inside an angle trap held in their warship's recreation room, along with a number of other curiosities they had collected in their time living within the Hellhoop.[1]

Wutzek bided his time for centuries for a chance to escape—it finally came between 0 and 3 ABY, when the Five imprisoned Rebel leaders Leia Organa, Han Solo and Chewbacca. While the Five planned to torture and kill Organa and Solo like they did so many other unfortunate travelers, they did not recognize the Wookiee Chewbacca as anything more than an unintelligent ape, and placed him with Wutzek in their recreation room. Sensing opportunity, Wutzek telepathically convinced Chewbacca to free him from his trap, and the unleashed demon swiftly proceeded to brutally kill and absorb the souls of his former captors. Wutzek repaid the Rebels who helped save him by allowing them to go free before he completely destroyed the Five's ship, before resuming his free reign over the galaxy.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"It's his pride that's hurt. He's the last of his kind, you see. All that power, all that intelligence..."

Once an all-powerful being, extremely intelligent with amazing destructive power, Wutzek found himself outwitted by the Five, who managed to imprison him in an angle trap. His pride sorely wounded, a scornful and humiliated Wutzek stayed silent for years, hoping for a chance at revenge. Wutzek had the ability to reach into nearby sentients' minds telepathically and show images and memories from his past, which he used to help convince Chewbacca to free him—Wutzek reveled in the violence that followed, as he had missed killing after such a long time imprisoned. However, Wutzek felt an unfamiliar emotion after destroying the Five: gratitude towards his rescuers, which he repaid by allowing them to escape before consuming the Five's ship. Wutzek appeared akin to a large, blue white cloud, shifting and swirling with light.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Wutzek appeared in The Pandora Effect, a 1981 comic story written by Alan Moore and published in The Empire Strikes Back Monthly 151. In the story, Wutzek was drawn by Adolfo Buylla.[1]

Wutzek had a major role in the apocryphal novella Supernatural Encounters: The Trial and Transformation of Arhul Hextrophon by Joseph Bongiorno. In this story, Wutzek is a Celestial and one of the original creators of the galaxy; his designation as a demon is an epithet hurled at him by one of his enemies. Wutzek, dissatisfied with mortal life, decides to create children closer to his godlike nature, but they unexpectedly take form from his own negative traits: Tilotny from his vanity, Horliss-Horliss from his remoteness, Cold Danda Sine from his impatience, and Splendid Ap from his apathy. When his children learn that Wutzek intends to destroy them, they flee, and Tilotny and Cold Danda Sine together introduce evil into the universe and breed monstrous demigods to plague the galaxy.[2]

Ages later, after his children and grandchildren have ravaged the galaxy, Wutzek tricks Tilotny and Cold Danda Sine into destroying themselves and convinces Splendid Ap to redeem himself—Horliss-Horliss having already been redeemed of his own accord. Wutzek tries to confront Tilotny's firstborn Typhojem on the planet Garn, but his evil grandson imprisons him in an "angle-trap" in which he seemingly dies. Wutzek re-forms millennia later, however, and destroys Typhojem's sister Tharagorrogaraht. He then watches over his children's dark realm, Otherspace, where he is once again imprisoned in an angle-trap by the Five, a cult devoted to Tilotny and her children, until he is freed once more by Chewbacca.[2]

In the epilogue, Wutzek appears to the spirit of Arhul Hextrophon, who has been killed by beings from Otherspace, and guides him "beyond shadows," where Hextrophon beholds the destiny of the universe and is transfigured into a spiritual being himself.[2]



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