"Why is this still making news? The [expletive deleted] Republic is tearing itself apart, and we're talking about a snot-nosed brat and his whining mother."
―Wuuden Malnic[src]

Wuuden Malnic was a Rodian courier living on the galactic capital planet Coruscant in 22 BBY who had black eyes and green skin. Malnic was once asked by a HoloNet News journalist what the Rodian thought of the Jedi Order refusing to return the six-month-old Force-sensitive Human Ludi to her mother, Jonava Billane, in the "Baby Ludi" custody case. Malnic responded that it did not make sense why the media cared so much about the case when the Galactic Republic was falling apart due to the Separatist Crisis. The Rodian was so upset about the situation that Malnic swore while being interviewed.[1]

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Wuuden Malnic appeared in Volume 531, Issue 46 of the HoloNet News feed in 2002.[1] Malnic was created by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens[2] and was quoted in an article entitled "Jedi Refuse to Hand Over Baby Ludi."[1] The Rodian was illustrated by Joe Corroney.[2]

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