Wyellett: "Here, I communed with the Force to the extent of all else."
Sith Warrior: "I find that somewhat intriguing."
Wyellett: "It has been a great privilege and quite mind-expanding. The Force is with me, greater than ever now. I suspect that I could defeat you quite handly."
―Wyellett explains to the Sith Warrior his strengthened connection to the Force.[src]

Wyellett was a Human male Jedi Master and one of the great Jedi heroes of the Great Galactic War. Deeply concerned with the preservation of life and more interested in communing with the Force than in using his power as a weapon, he nonetheless proved himself in combat time and again. When his apprentice Xerender battled Darth Baras, Wyellett joined Xerender and sought to redeem the Sith Lord; failing to do so, Wyellett seized Baras's lightsaber and chose to use it as his own, a symbol of darkness brought into the light.

Wyellett's final heroic act was an act of self-sacrifice committed to save his Padawan Xerender and much of the Jedi Council from the legendary Starweird Queen; this resulted in his capture by the Empire. The Imperial starship that was transporting Wyellett was destroyed in the Battle of Hoth, and Master Wyellett had been believed dead all these years. In fact, Wyellett had been in a trance beneath the rubble of the fallen ship Star of Coruscant , psychically trying to reach out to his former pupil. Wyellett had transcended the concerns of this galaxy and his powers are more realized than ever before.

Xerender meets Wyellett

Wyellett is finally found by his apprentice Xerender

During the Galactic War in 3642 BBY, Wyelett was finally found by Xerender, now a Jedi Knight, at the wreckage of the Star of Coruscant. However, their reunion was brief, because the apprentice of Darth Baras found them and engaged Xerender in a duel. The Sith Warrior was able to defeat Xerender until Wyellett begged the Sith Lord to spare him. The Warrior refused and killed the young Jedi.

Unexpectedly, the excavation site shook. The fight had caused the entire area to become unstable. There was possibility of more tremors that could have collapsed the site on everyone. Wyellett then asked to be left alone, having grown beyond the galaxy's concerns during his exile, but the Warrior refused to leave him be. The Warrior dueled the Jedi Master and killed him.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the Sith Warrior is light-sided, (s)he may let Wyellett and the unconscious Xerender live. Wyellett makes a deal with the Warrior that if he and Xerender be buried alive in the cave they are in now, Baras' objective of removing them from the war effort would be complete. The Warrior agrees. After taking Xerender to safety, the grateful Wyellett reasons that a single lightsaber throw from the outside would seal the Jedi in. The Warrior does exactly that.


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