Wyndigal 2, originally known as Huronom,[3] was a swampy planet located within the Wyndigal system in the Ash Worlds in the Outer Rim Territories.[1]

Once a prominent world of the Kiirium Reaches, Huronom was conquered by Xim the Despot during his empire's Expansionist Period, and became known as the Seventh Throne of Xim. After Xim's defeat at the Third Battle of Vontor and the subsequent devastation of the Kiirium Reaches by the Hutt Empire, Huronom lost its importance and its identity as the Seventh Throne was forgotten. It was not until the time of the Galactic Empire that Wyndigal 2's former identity as Huronom was rediscovered by Bleys Harand and Henrietya Antilles.[3]

Wyndigal 2's star emitted intense ultraviolet radiation. It was home to such aquatic animal species as the croator and the nyantolo, the latter of which was named for Nyantolo, a Rodian scout who was part of an early expedition to the planet.[2]


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