"Nar Kanji has a pit warrior—Wyrmen Lictor. She killed a fighter I sponsored once—cost me a bundle. I've always wanted her dead. But she's valuable to the Kanji Hutts, so they keep her protected."
―Doc Ragon[src]

Wyrmen Lictor was a female pit warrior who operated on Nar Kanji. She was valuable to the Kanji Hutts, who as such kept her protected. Lictor once killed a pit fighter sponsored by the Besalisk Doc Ragon, who wished for her death as a result of his loss. Sometime after the bounty hunter Boba Fett acquired the carbon-frozen body of the smuggler Han Solo, the carbonite matrix became unstable. Fett visited Ragon for assistance, and the Besalisk offered to stabilize the carbonite and keep Solo alive in return for Fett killing Lictor.[2]

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