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Wyron Serper was a male Human who served with the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.


Serper was known as a sensor specialist, and once infiltrated the Star Destroyer Avenger to rendezvous with potential defectors. Onboard, he became familiar with Imperial starship sensor images, and, while later serving at Echo Base, was tasked with scanning the Hoth asteroid field for approaching Imperial vessels.

As Echo Base's sensor and communications expert, Captain Serper discovered the presence of a Viper probe droid on Hoth, prior to the Imperial invasion. Serper's findings allowed Han Solo time to destroy the probe droid, though his efforts could not halt the Imperial advance.

During the battle, Imperial forces breached the main command center, from which Serper and his team were attempting to evacuate. A squad of snowtroopers killed the entire team after trapping them in the command center.

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Wyron Serper was played by Burnell Tucker.


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