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Wyyyschokk were a species of spider that lived on the planet Kashyyyk. Both highly intelligent and extremely hostile, they could ensnare prey by casting webbing at them from a distance, and would often wait to ambush their prey by attacking them from above or below. A notable subspecies was the Albino Wyyyschokk.[1]

Biology and appearanceEdit

Wyyyschokk were a large species of spider native to the planet Kashyyyk. Wyyyschokk were highly intelligent and hostile to most sentient lifeforms. They were capable of launching a web-like enzyme from their mandibles.[1]


Wyyyschokk eggs

An adult wyyyschokk was capable of laying up to 1,000 eggs per year. To protect their young from predators, they crafted extremely durable egg sacs out webbing, saliva, and a unique secretion from lymphatic nodes under each leg. Once an egg hatched, it could take the young wyyyschokk up to five days to eat their way out of the sac, leaving them ravenous and ready to attack anything on sight.[1]


Wyyyschokk were known to attack by casting a web-like enzyme at their target, and would often attempt to ambush prey by dropping from the forest canopy or hiding underground.[1]


Stormtroopers fell prey to Wyyyschokk quite often.

The species was so prevalent on Kashyyyk that at least 15% of the planet's forests were estimated to be covered in their webs. Due to this, young Wookiees were taught to defend against the creatures at ages as early as three years old.[1]


In 14 BBY, Cal Kestis encountered and was attacked by several wyyyschokk (including one Albino) while exploring Kashyyyk.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Wyyyschokk originally appeared as creatures in Star Wars Legends. Their first canonical appearance was in the 2019 video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, developed by Respawn Entertainment. In-game, they are enemies that the player can encounter on Kashyyyk.[1]



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