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The SoroSuub Corporation X-30 "Lancer" target blast pistol was a lightweight and easy to use sporting blaster. The Lancer was one of the most popular sporting blasters on the market, specifically designed with competition shooters and hunters in mind; it was optimized for range, accuracy, and stopping power. Built to SoruSuub's exacting standards, the Lancer was a sleek, modern-looking blaster pistol with a long barrel and a weighted, finely-balanced stock.[1]

The Lancer was designed with an custom-formulated, highly volatile mix of blaster gasses and a supercharged actuating module to fire an intense, highly concentrated beam over longer ranges. Superior galven patterns in the barrel reduced beam degradation and dispersal, which allowed the pistol to maintain effectiveness beyond other blaster pistols in its class.[1]

In the Outer Rim Territories, Lancer pistols were relatively common, especially among those who want a pistol with both power and a light weight. Many pilots of speeders and atmospheric craft kept a Lancer in an easy-to-reach storage locker, and many starships include them in their escape pods and emergency kits for self-defense. They were also popular among scholars and explorers for their reliability and easy handling, as well as big game hunters who enjoyed the challenge of pistol hunting.[1] Even Princess Leia Organa used the Lancer during the Battle of Endor.[2]



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