The X-TIE Fighter was an Ugly starfighter made out of the cannibalized parts of a T-65 X-wing starfighter and a TIE/LN starfighter. The ship consisted of an X-wing fuselage and engines, and solar panels from a TIE Fighter. The solar panels replaced the S-foils that were present on a standard X-wing.



An X-TIE Fighter.

Weaponry usually consisted of two laser cannons mounted on the fuselage, where the proton torpedo launchers were located on the X-wing, though some mounted the X-wing's lasers on the fuselage and others retained one warhead launcher at the price of carrying only a single laser. A far superior variant was the X-ceptor, which used TIE interceptor solar panels and thus had an armament comparable to that of a standard X-wing. Like many other uglies, this ship was barely spaceworthy, and used predominantly by pirates, smugglers, and other cash-poor groups. Though capable of harassing unarmed commercial vessels, these ships could be destroyed en masse by a single true starfighter.


The Corellian Defense Forces were known to employ Uglies, including X-TIEs, during the disorganized period after the fall of the Empire. New Republic Intelligence agent Belindi Kalenda used one to escape the Corellian system and warn the New Republic moments before the Corellian Crisis.



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