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X-Wing: Rogue Leader 1 was the first issue in the X-Wing: Rogue Leader series of comics. It was released on September 28, 2005 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

In the wake of the death of the Emperor and the destruction of the Death Star II, and immediately following the truce at Bakura, a group of Rebel pilots are looking forward to some well-deserved R & R. Instead, they run into a deadly attack by vengeful Imperials that changes the course of all of their lives.

Rev up your engines—it's time for the Rogue Squadron to fly again! Join Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and the rest of the Rogues on a mission that will define them as heroes not just of the Rebellion, but as heroes for the whole galaxy!

A return to one of the most requested story lines in Star Wars history!

Plot summary[]

Blue Squadron is on Endor shortly after the destruction of Death Star II. Ten Numb is helping put out fires in the forest with his B-wing starfighter. He is recalled from his duties, in order to obtain a new assignment. On the ground nearby, Tycho Celchu and Wes Janson are looking for imperials when they get attacked by a Gorax using dead Stormtrooper as a sash. Wes Janson shoots the Gorax in the eye and it falls over dead. Tycho makes a call to base asking if they can return. Instead he is told to go the western ridge.

Wedge Antilles and his squadron of Y-wings are finishing up with a mission when they are told to return to Endor. Luke Skywalker explains to Wedge that the Empire is still fighting even though Emperor Palpatine is dead. Every major sector is getting their state assessed, but the Corellian sector. Luke, Ten, Tycho, Wes and Wedge will make up the new Rogue Squadron that will check up on Corellia.

A week later on Corellia, Rogue Squadron is in the city of Coronet. They have been around the system and have found no imperials, so they decide to relax at a local cantina. Luke senses a disturbance in the force and narrowly avoids a rocket shot at the cantina. Luke jumps to the balcony and defeats the imperial snipers aiming at the Cantina. Luke looks off the balcony and sees that these snipers were just the first of an invading army.


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