"Whoever destroys the most drones will become squad leader."
―Lieutenant Galek[src]

X-wing drones were training drones used by the TIE pilots of the First Order for live-fire training exercises. Sometime after the evacuation of D'Qar, Lieutenant Galek deployed her cadets against a flight of drones, in which all of the target X-wing starfighters were destroyed.


X-wing drones were red and black-colored drones based on the appearance of the X-wing starfighters.[1]


"Pilots, this will be a live-fire exercise. There are no stun blasts in battle."
―Lieutenant Galek[src]

The drones were used as target practice for TIE pilots of the First Order.[1]


"But I downed the most drones and helped a fellow pilot."
"No, you risked the entire mission by breaking off the attack. Your job was to destroy the enemy, […]"
―Cadet Tamara Ryvora and Lieutenant Galek[src]
Drone xwing

Lieutenant Galek of the First Order deployed several drones for a training exercise.

Not long after the evacuation of D'Qar, Lieutenant Galek, a First Order flight instructor, deployed several X-wing drones for a live-fire training exercise for her pilot cadets.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"The First Order X-wing drones are a new design for Star Wars, made for this episode. They're pared-down replicas that the First Order TIE pilots use for practice."
Amy Beth Christenson[src]

X-wing drones were created and designed for "Live Fire,"[1] the third episode of the second season of the Star Wars Resistance animated series that first aired on October 20, 2019.[2] The drones were later identified by name in the episode's accompanying episode guide,[3] as well as in the Bucket's List and "Bucket's List Extra" behind-the-scenes looks for "Live Fire."[4][5]



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