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"With the full power of the Dark Side at his command, he planned to lead an army of twisted clones in a bid for galactic conquest. As his brother, it was my sworn duty to stop him. Once and for all."
―X2, on X1[src]

X1 was a Force-sensitive clone trooper created from the template of the Jedi Knight Falon Grey, who served both the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire before proclaiming himself a Sith Lord. Along with his brother, X2, he was created by the Kaminoans from the DNA of Grey, and grew up in secret on the planet Kamino. Following the outbreak of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, X1 and his brother joined the Grand Army of the Republic and fought in many battles of the war, helping to train young clone troopers under the eye of Jedi Master Ferroda. During a battle on the planet Cato Neimoidia, however, Order 66 was enacted, and X1 and his brother were forced to kill Ferroda.

As the new Galactic Empire rose in power, X1 and X2 served in its military ranks as stormtroopers. Following a mission to Dantooine to kill a fugitive Jedi, X1 and his brother took separate paths. Not willing to kill innocent people who were harboring their target, X2 defected from the Empire, siding with the Jedi. Following his brother's defection, X1 personally led an attack on Dantooine. He killed the Jedi on the planet—none other than his genetic "father," Falon Grey—and wounded X2. Although X1 left X2 to die, X2 survived. X1 continued to serve the Imperial Military for many years, playing a minor role in the construction of the first Death Star battlestation and also gaining some mastery of the dark side of the Force.

At the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY, X1 commanded the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Avarice. Inside the ship, he met his brother—who had joined the Rebel Alliancedueled him, and fled. After the Battle of Endor and the death of Emperor Palpatine in 4 ABY, X1 became one of the many Imperial warlords fighting for control of the shattered Empire. He also proclaimed himself a Sith Lord and operated from Bast Castle on Vjun, the fortress of the late Darth Vader. During this time, he also gathered around him a sizable military force, including an Executor-class Star Dreadnought.

Corrupted by power, X1 began to have dreams of galactic domination, hoping to achieve this by creating a personal clone army. He began performing cloning experiments on the planet Dathomir and on the fiery world of Mustafar, to where X2, now a Jedi Knight in Jedi Master Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order, tracked him. Skywalker went ahead to stop him, but X1 captured the Jedi, intending to use his genes for his clone army of Dark Jedi. Hoping to rescue Skywalker and defeat X1, X2 and the New Republic—the Rebel Alliance's successor state—attacked the planet in a climactic battle. X1 dueled his brother multiple times, first aboard one of his Star Destroyers and then on the surface of the planet. Finally, X1 confronted his brother one last time on a mining platform, and X2 defeated him but refused to strike a final blow. X1 then tried to kill his brother by manipulating his lightsaber with the Force, but X2 evaded the attack, and X1 was stabbed by his own weapon and fell into the planet's boiling lava to his death.



"The Kamino cloners must have taken my genetic information without my consent. With it, they made you, my son…and your brother, X1."
―Falon Grey, to X2[src]

X1, along with his "brother," X2, was a Force-sensitive clone created by the Kaminoans from the DNA of the Jedi Knight Falon Grey.[1] Prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars,[2] Grey—at that point a Padawan to Jedi Master Rahm Kota—was badly injured during his travels with his Master. Kota was forced to make an emergency landing on the planet Kamino, where the native Kaminoans healed Grey,[5] but in exchange took a sample of Grey's genetics without his consent. From the sample, they produced two clones, X1 and X2. X1 was the older of two "brothers," having been born an hour earlier. The two were raised in secret by the Kaminoans alongside bounty hunter Jango Fett's clones,[4] produced on Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas's request.[6] Unaware of their true origins, X1 and X2 trained their clone brothers on Kamino.[4]

Clone Wars[]

"Now that's what I call a victory, little brother! There'll be medals in this for both of us!"
―X1, to X2, during the Battle of Tatooine[src]

X1 as a clone trooper

In 22 BBY,[7] the Clone Wars began with the Battle of Geonosis.[6] X1 and X2 became clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic and fought together many times during the conflict. Due to their exceptional abilities, they were assigned to train young clone troopers in the art of warfare.[4] In 19 BBY,[5] during the latest stages of the war, X1 and X2 went to the planet Tatooine in order to oversee the training of new clone troopers in a training outpost along with Jedi Master Ferroda. However, the first training session was abruptly stopped after the discovery of a Confederate recon droid inside the outpost. X1 ordered his brother to destroy the droid, and X2 did so. The droid turned out to be a part of a larger droid reconnaissance patrol, which X2 dispatched as well. On X1's orders, X2 took a V-wing starfighter into space and destroyed the transport ship from which the droids had been deployed.[4]

X1 realized that an invasion of Tatooine was imminent, and he and X2 began preparing for the ensuing battle. As the Confederacy attacked in full force, X1 and X2 gave support to clone pilots who had been trapped inside a Republic hangar. The Confederacy continued its attack, sending spider walkers onto the battlefield. Lacking heavy weapons necessary to destroy the spider droids, X1 and his brother went through a nearby cantina and destroyed B1-Series battle droids inside. On the other side of the cantina, X2 was provided with a rocket launcher by one of the clones, with which he managed to take down the walkers. In the meantime, X1 sent in reinforcements, allowing the Republic to gain the upper hand.[4]

Following X1's commands, X2 used an ion cannon to take down the shields of a Confederate Providence-class carrier/destroyer flying above Tatooine. After clearing the Republic hangar, X1 and his brother took V-wings into space and fought Vulture droid starfighters covering the unshielded ship. X1 then sent X2 into the ship's interior in order to sabotage its reactor core and therefore destroy the vessel, which X2 succeeded in doing. In the end, the Republic won the battle of Tatooine.[4]

Order 66[]

"That's it! The droid army is no longer a threat. Hang on…Incoming broadcast from Coruscant. Patching it through.…"
"Like all Jedi, Master Ferroda is a traitor to the Republic. Execute Order 66. Find him and eliminate him!"
―X1 receives Palpatine's transmission to execute Order 66[src]

X1 and X2 receive an award from Palpatine

Following their exploits on Tatooine, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine invited X1 and X2 to the galactic capital of Coruscant for a special award ceremony. Palpatine gave them medals for their bravery, though he initially confused X1 with X2. The ceremony was abruptly stopped after the Confederacy attacked the planet. After ordering a group of clone troopers to get the Chancellor to safety, X1 and X2 joined the battle, taking separate routes through Coruscant's streets. X2 managed to track down the Separatist General Grievous and even injured him in combat, though he was unable to stop Grievous from kidnapping the Chancellor and transferring him to his flagship, the Invisible Hand.[5]

X1 rejoined his brother and they took off into space, taking nearby ARC-170 starfighters and battling Separatist Vulture droids. Soon, they were joined by Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had arrived to rescue the Chancellor, and, with X2's help,[5] they managed to do so.[8] The Clone Wars neared its conclusion, but the Republic was still fighting on many important worlds. X1 and X2 were sent to battle alongside Ferroda on the planet Cato Neimoidia at the end of the war. X1 led clone troopers on the ground in order to capture Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray's palace. X2, having fought in space over the planet, soon joined him in the ground battle, providing support for the attacking Republic clone troopers. As the troops advanced on the citadel, X1 sent his brother to deactivate the battle droids from inside the palace.[5]

X2 completed the task, and the droids were shut down. However, a message from Coruscant was then transmitted to the clones. Palpatine told the clone troopers that Ferroda, and all other Jedi, had betrayed the Republic, and the Chancellor ordered the clones to execute Order 66 and kill the Jedi Master.[4] Though X2 was reluctant, X1 forced his brother to comply, and the two of them, along with the other clone troopers, attacked the Jedi Master. Ferroda, though initially caught off-guard by the attack, put up a fierce resistance. He wounded X1 and killed most of the clones in the platoon, leaving only X2 to battle him. Angered at what the Jedi had done to his brother, X2 killed Ferroda.[5]

Service to the Empire[]

Taking separate paths[]

"The rise of the Galactic Empire offered X1 power beyond his wildest dreams. But Order 66 and the Jedi Purge soon turned brother against brother."

Following the issuing of Order 66 and the extermination of most of the Jedi, Palpatine reformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire with himself as Emperor.[8] X1 and X2 became stormtroopers in the new Imperial Military and served the Empire, gaining a reputation of two of the Empire's most trusted agents. During this time, X1 slew a number of Jedi, but he also noticed signs that X2 had been concerned and insecure ever since Order 66.[5] At some point between 17 BBY and 15 BBY,[9] Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader sent the two brothers to find and kill a fugitive Jedi who was hiding among villagers on the planet Dantooine. X2 was reluctant to embark on the mission, but X1 ordered him to do so.[5]

The two brothers, along with other troopers, took ARC-170 starfighters and headed for Dantooine's surface. X1 ordered the troopers under his command to enter the planetary atmosphere and destroy the village where the Jedi was hiding. X2 refused, saying that the villagers were innocent, but X1 strongly believed that they deserved to die for harboring a Jedi. X2 continued arguing, and X1 ordered Zeta Squadron to escort his brother back to their carrier ship. X1's commands angered X2, however, and he defected from the Empire.[5]

X1 duels Falon Grey on Dantooine.

X1, enraged by his brother's treachery, ordered the stormtroopers in the squadron to kill X2, but the latter dispatched them. X2 reached the planet surface and met with the brothers' genetic father, Falon Grey, who was Vader's target. X2 assisted Grey in fighting off initial Imperial attacks.[5] The two of them helped Dantooine villagers to reach a secret hangar with a LAAT/i gunship in an effort to escape. X1 arrived with a group of stormtroopers aboard several gunships, however, killing all the villagers and wounding X2. Grey repulsed the stormtroopers under X1's command, and X1, who was armed with a force pike, engaged in a duel with his father.[4]

X1 was soon at the mercy of the victorious Grey, but the Jedi spared his life and even returned his force pike to him, believing that X1 could still be redeemed from the dark path he had taken. X1, however, seized the opportunity to strike back and took Grey's lightsaber, cutting X2 with it and then shooting Grey in the back with his blaster. Leaving Grey and X2 to die, X1 and his stormtroopers departed the planet.[4] Unbeknownst to X1, X2 survived, having been healed by Grey before the Jedi's own death.[5]

The early Galactic Civil War[]

"Whatever happened to your brother? Does he still serve the Empire, I wonder?"
―Rahm Kota, to X2[src]

With his brother out of the way, X1 rose in the ranks of the Imperial Military, serving the Empire during the Galactic Civil War against the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[5] Between 2 BBY and 0 BBY,[10] X1 was assigned to oversee the operation of Desolation Station, an asteroid-based facility[5] in the Atrivis sector[11] that utilized slave labor to produce superlaser components for the new Imperial superweapon, the Death Star. The last of those components, the tributary beam, was eventually completed and was to be delivered to the Death Star,[5] which was undergoing construction over the prison planet of Despayre.[12]

Yet, the transport carrying the tributary beam was hijacked by a Rebel saboteur, who destroyed Desolation Station with its help. The station's commander managed to survive the facility's destruction and was brought before X1 with a report. Not giving the man a chance to explain himself, X1 executed the commander for his failure. Little did X1 know that the Rebel saboteur who had destroyed Desolation Station was in fact X2, who had joined the Rebel Alliance.[5] When a replacement tributary beam was commissioned, X1 reported the fact in a holorecording to the under-construction Death Star.[4]

This record was witnessed by X2, who was aboard the Death Star on a reconnaissance mission on behalf of the Rebels, and who therefore learned that X1 was still alive.[4] The Death Star was later destroyed by the Rebellion during the Battle of Yavin, but X1 continued to serve the Empire and started to develop his Force powers inherited from Grey's DNA, becoming a Dark Side Adept.[1] He also kept Grey's lightsaber as a trophy. Although he did not know how to use it at first,[4] X1 eventually learned to handle the weapon.[1]

X1 duels his brother during the Battle of Hoth.

In 3 ABY,[13] X1 was involved in the Battle of Hoth,[1] a major Imperial victory,[14] where he commanded the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Avarice in orbit around the ice planet. X2, having helped the Rebels escape their base on Hoth, boarded the Avarice along with his military unit, Grey Squadron, in an attempt to destroy the ship. X1 sensed his brother's presence aboard the starship and was surprised at the feeling, as he believed that he had killed X2 almost two decades earlier on Dantooine. Ambushing his brother, X1 used telekinesis[5] and Force lightning[4] on X2 and brandished Grey's lightsaber.[5]

The two brothers dueled, and X1 offered X2 a chance to "redeem" himself and return to the Empire, but X2 declined and soon defeated X1. When Grey Squadron used Class-A thermal detonators to deal major damage to the Avarice's engines, a series of explosions rocketed the ship. X1 Force-pushed his brother away and escaped from the crumbling starship, promising to kill X2 if they met again. X2 was also able to escape, just before the Avarice was destroyed.[5] Only a year later,[15] the Empire was dealt a major defeat at the Battle of Endor, and Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader were both killed.[16] In the wake of their deaths, X1 began to dream about creating his own Empire, with himself as the new Emperor.[4]

Sith Lord[]

"With the Emperor gone, X1 had been reborn as a Sith Lord. But he still needed to learn the darkest secrets of the Force. That quest took X1 to the acid-drenched mountains of Vjun…resting place of Darth Vader's castle."

X1 as a Sith Lord

In order to realize his dream, X1 assembled a fleet consisting of Imperial-class Star Destroyers and his own Executor-class Star Dreadnought. Under X1's command were also former CIS battle droids, numerous stormtroopers, Imperial officers, dark troopers, and members of the Emperor's Royal Guard. X1 was in possession of TX-130T fighter tanks, AT-STs, and AATs. X1's starfighter corps included TIE Fighters, TIE Bombers, Vulture droids, and even costly TIE Defenders. X1's own starfighter of choice was a TIE Advanced x1 similar to Darth Vader's own.[4] X1 also established a base on the planet Dathomir, where he conducted cloning experiments.[5]

He eventually abandoned the facility, however, leaving a large contingent of troops there. X1's base was then overrun by the planet's native Nightsisters. In the midst of the fighting between X1's troops and the Nightsisters, Grey Squadron, led by X2, arrived at the planet, hoping to apprehend X1. X2 managed to defeat the Nightsisters, though his unit suffered heavy casualties inflicted by one of X1's men.[5] In the meantime, X1 proclaimed himself a Sith Lord and sought to learn the secrets of the dark side of the Force. To this end, he traveled to the planet Vjun and occupied Bast Castle, which had once belonged to the now-deceased Darth Vader. Inside Bast Castle, X1 stored Grey's lightsaber, having switched to a red-bladed weapon. X1 also created a holocron, wherein he kept personal information.[4]

Preparing to set his plans for galactic domination in motion, X1 took his fleet and journeyed to the fiery world of Mustafar, where he created another cloning laboratory, which he hoped to use to create his own clone army. In almost no time, he produced a force of fierce cloned Wookiee warriors. Soon enough, however, X2 raided X1's base on Vjun, retrieving Grey's lightsaber and the holocron and discovering X1's current location.[4] At some point between 11 ABY and 19 ABY[3] Jedi Master Luke Skywalker went to Mustafar to confront X1, but the latter managed to capture him, intent on using Skywalker as a prime clone for an entire army of Dark Jedi.[4]

Confrontation on Mustafar[]

"Enough is enough! The battle lines are drawn…it is time for the final conflict!"

X2 and his troops soon arrived at Mustafar to rescue Skywalker and defeat X1. A battle began as X1's fleet was attacked by the forces of the New Republic, the galactic government that had succeeded the Rebel Alliance. One of X1's Star Destroyers was boarded by X2, who destroyed the ship's reactor core. As soon as he had done this, an enraged X1 arrived in the reactor control room, along with several dark troopers and Royal Guards, and engaged X2 in a duel. As soon as X2 gained the upper hand, X1 retreated aboard his TIE Advanced. X2 followed him, and the two brothers engaged in a dogfight. After receiving some damage, X1 escaped to the surface and sent a swarm of TIE Defenders to cover his retreat. All the while, X1 continued to goad X2 into giving in to his anger, trying to seduce his brother to join the dark side.[4]

X2 defeated the TIE Defenders and joined the ground battle. On the ground, X2 and his soldiers were able to capture an ion cannon control bunker, shifting the tide of the battle to the New Republic's advantage and forcing X1 to try to attack his brother from a distance. He sent stormtroopers, as well as dark troopers and hovertanks, which X2 also defeated before proceeding to the cloning laboratory. X1 ambushed X2 and began another brief duel with him. X1 soon dismissed his brother as an unworthy opponent and retreated, but not before releasing his Wookiee clones to combat X2. X1 waited for his brother in the ion cannon control room, backed by more Emperor's Royal Guards. After X2 killed the Wookiees, he reached X1's location and the two engaged in yet another fight. Soon enough, X1 escaped to a mining platform, but X2 followed him, hoping to stop his brother once and for all.[4]

X1 falls to his death.

Once X2 arrived on the platform, the brothers' final duel began. The two fought with lightsabers and various Force powers, but, finally X2 managed to overpower X1. X1 admitted defeat and asked his brother to kill him, but X2 followed the Jedi Code and refused to do so, intending to send his brother to Kessel Prison. Then, in a final act, X1 levitated his fallen lightsaber and threw it at X2, trying to kill him. The latter jumped over the lightsaber, though, causing X1 to be impaled by his own blade. With the lightsaber falling out of his chest, X1 stepped back over the platform's edge and fell down into a lava river to his death. His army was defeated, and Skywalker was rescued,[4] earning X2 a promotion to Jedi Master.[5] With X2 and the New Republic victorious, X1's dreams of galactic conquest were over.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"You should realize that you destroy your enemies when you make peace with them."
"You should realize you can only make peace after destroying your enemies completely."
―Falon Grey and X1 on Dantooine[src]

From the time of his birth on Kamino, X1 was trained to serve in the military, and he developed strong leadership skills,[1] which were noted by Palpatine during the award ceremony on Coruscant. X1 held great respect for the Supreme Chancellor, and he was certain that he would meet him someday. During the Clone Wars, X1 felt that the Jedi's pacifist views slowed down the war effort, and he believed that the Jedi should use their power to its full extent instead of relying on clone troopers to fight for them. It was during the war that he developed thoughts of an army of cloned Jedi, jokingly telling X2 that this was how the galaxy should be run.[5]

X1's relationship with X2 affected both brothers' lives. While the two were at first very similar in personality, X1 in time developed a taste for power, often acting with authority toward his brother. In contrast to X2, X1 was more inclined to take risks to achieve an objective. Because X1 was born an hour earlier than X2,[5] he referred to X2 as "little brother" and used this name as late as the time of their confrontation on Mustafar.[4]

X1 and X2, during the Clone Wars

After the rise of the Empire, X1 became even more violent and power-hungry. He strongly supported the New Order, developed a strong anti-Jedi sentiment, and took pride in the murders he committed on behalf of the Emperor. X1 thought that the best way to make peace with one's enemies was to destroy them. During the battle on Dantooine, X1 was ready to kill innocents if it was necessary to enforce the Emperor's will, and he murdered Grey after the latter refused to kill him.[1] Later, X1 killed Desolation Station's commander in cold blood after he failed to prevent the destruction of the station. X1 was a hypocrite, a fact that he admitted himself. He was also egotistical, keeping a large picture of himself standing over a defeated beast in his office on Dathomir.[5]

X1 was a loyal servant of the Empire during its height, though after the Battle of Endor, he went on to create his own empire as a Sith Lord, dreaming of galactic domination.[1] Noticing a large number of stormtroopers guarding X1's base on Dathomir, X2 believed that his brother had become paranoid. Exploring his Force-sensitivity, X1 developed a passion for the dark side, craving to learn its secrets and traveling to Vjun in order to do so. X1 originally had light skin, brown hair and eyes. Proclaiming himself a Sith, X1 shaved and tattooed his head, while his eyes started glowing red as a result of his corruption by the dark side. He fed on anger, which fueled his Force abilities.[4] He was also fascinated with chaos as a Sith Lord and believed that the galaxy should be a large battlefield like the clashing lava on Mustafar.[5]

Powers and abilities[]

"Bad move, little brother…You've made me angry. And anger only fuels the power of the dark side!"
―X1, to X2, during the battle on Mustafar[src]

Having been raised as an elite clone trooper, X1, like his brother, developed fighting and leadership skills for use on the battlefield. He and X2 often commanded groups of soldiers in battle, and X1 strategized to bring the Republic to victory.[1] While fighting, X1 was apt in the use of various weapons. He was a good pilot, capable of handling various starfighters.[4] As a Force-sensitive, X1 was skilled in various Force powers. Although he was at first ignorant of his origins, X1 became a Dark Side Adept by the time of the Galactic Civil War.[1]

X1 uses his lightsaber to duel his brother.

He gained some proficiency in various forms of telekinesis,[5] as well as in Force lightning, which he used in his duel with X2 over Hoth.[4] He was also able to shield himself from attacks for a limited amount of time. X1 had a developed Force sense ability, being able to sense his brother's presence on the Avarice,[5] and later feeling a tint of anger in X2 during the battle on Mustafar.[4]

After becoming a Sith Lord, X1 studied many dark side secrets and created his own holocron. He also learned the process of cloning, intending to use this knowledge to create his own army.[1] X1 showed proficiency with melee weapons, being able to withstand Grey's attacks for some time armed only with a force pike. He was a practitioner of Dun Möch, taunting X2 during their duels.[4] X1 was also a quick study. He learned to handle Grey's lightsaber despite having no prior knowledge on how to operate such a weapon,[5] and he was able to develop the skill of throwing his lightsaber with the Force. This backfired during his final duel with X2, however, as, when the latter jumped over X1's blade, the weapon returned and impaled X1, killing him.[4]


X1's Sith lightsaber

X1 proved to be apt in the use of various weapons when in combat situations. During the Clone Wars, he used a blaster rifle and a shotgun, as well as grenades. X1 was also proficient with melee weapons and used a force pike to ward off an attack by Falon Grey. Following the events on Dantooine, X1 fought with a lightsaber. His first weapon was the one confiscated from Grey in the attack. He later switched to a red-bladed lightsaber.[4]

X1 also piloted various starfighters during his combat experience. During the Clone Wars, he used V-wings and ARC-170s. He also piloted TIE Fighters and the TIE Advanced x1 craft during the Galactic Civil War. Even aside from combat matériel and spacecraft, X1 possessed a holocron that he made after proclaiming himself a Sith. This hand-crafted item contained information regarding his plans and whereabouts.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

"Gamers assume the identity of X2, a clone trooper created from the DNA of a Jedi Master. Originally tasked with eliminating Jedi during Order 66, X2 decides to leave his blood-stained past behind and joins the Rebellion. X2 isn't the only Force-sensitive clone, however. X1, his clone brother, chooses a much more sinister path, leading to a confrontation that could determine the fate of both the Empire and the Rebellion."
―Announcement for Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron on StarWars.com[src]

X1 is the main antagonist in Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron.

X1, along with X2, made his only appearance in the 2009 video game Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, released for the PlayStation Portable and the Nintendo DS[17] and developed by Rebellion Developments[4] and N-space, respectively.[5] During the game's campaign, in which the player controls X2, X1's role changes as the storyline advances. In the Clone Wars missions, X1 acts as a comrade and a mentor to the player, giving instructions on what to do and helping in battle. During the mission to Dantooine, X1 becomes the antagonist in the game. X1 is essentially absent during the early Galactic Civil War missions, but during the Battle of Hoth mission, the player duels him on the Avarice. The plotline in the final missions centers around X2 tracking X1 down to Mustafar, ending with the final duel between the two brothers.[1]

X1 is a playable character in the PSP version's Instant Action mode of the game, which lacks a specific storyline. He is available in three skins, depending on the era and planet chosen by the player. Clone trooper X1 is available on Hoth, Imperial X1 is available on Coruscant and Kashyyyk, and Sith Lord X1 is available on Hoth, Dantooine, as well as on Yavin 4 and Kashyyyk, though only in the Heroes and Villains mode.[4]

Free Radical Design, a development company that had been working on the Star Wars: Battlefront III video game before it was cancelled, has leaked unfinished material indicating that X1 and X2 were originally set to be featured in that game. The storyline, as it appears in the revealed material for Battlefront III bears a lot of similarity to the final version featured in Elite Squadron.[18]

Differences between versions of Elite Squadron[]

Because the game was released on two handheld platforms, some missions are present in one version but absent in the other. In addition, there are numerous differences between the missions as they are presented in both versions. This article incorporates elements from both versions unless they blatantly contradict each other. In the latter cases, as there has not been any official word on which version is more canonical, the article approaches each inconsistency on a case-by-case basis to create a coherent storyline, choosing the version that focuses more heavily on X1 and better fits story-wise between the events immediately prior to and following the mission in question. The alternative portrayals of the contradictory events are noted below and may actually be the canonical versions.[1]

The Battle of Tatooine, for example, is described in this article according to the PSP mission. While X1 and X2 train troopers in the PSP mission, they supervise the construction of an outpost in the Nintendo DS version. The two are busy working at the outpost when the Separatist attack begins, and the brothers are initially caught off-guard. They receive a distress call from Ferroda, make their way to an invaded Republic garrison, and clear it from droids. Taking BARC speeders to another base across the desert, they rendezvous with Ferroda. Alongside the Jedi, X1 and X2 make their way to the Republic hangar and take ARC-170s into space. There, X2 infiltrates a Lucrehulk-class battleship instead of a Providence-class destroyer.[5]

Additionally, the PSP version claims that Tatooine was an "early" victory for the Republic,[4] while the Nintendo DS version explicitly provides the 19 BBY date.[5] The Battle of Coruscant is described here as it is portrayed in the Nintendo DS version, as Palpatine's award ceremony is absent in the PSP version. In the latter edition, X1 has a very minor role and only participates in the space battle, flying an ARC-170 starfighter.[4]

This article uses the PSP version's storyline to describe the Battle of Cato Neimoidia.[4] The Nintendo DS version states that months have elapsed between the Battle of Coruscant and the brothers' assignment to Cato Neimoidia, while the canonical elapsed time is much shorter. Cato Neimoidia is also protected by an energy shield, which X1 and X2 take down by destroying several orbital satellites before proceeding with the ground assault.[5]

X1's Super Star Destroyer is destroyed on Mustafar in the Nintendo DS version of Elite Squadron.

During the battle on Dantooine in the Nintendo DS version, after Grey defeats him, X1 pretends to admit that he was wrong and regrets his past actions. When Grey turns his back on him, X1 stabs him in the back with the force pike,[5] instead of killing him with a blaster shot as depicted in the PSP version.[4] The Battle of Hoth follows the Nintendo DS portrayal in this article.[5] In the PSP version, X1 uses a blaster rifle instead of Grey's lightsaber. Additionally, the Avarice is not clearly shown being destroyed.[4]

The battle on Mustafar is presented here as it is in the PSP version.[4] In the DS version, all references to the clone army are cut and X1's reason to capture Skywalker is unspecified. Instead, X1 uses reactivated Confederate battle droids left on the planet after the Clone Wars. Another discrepancy is that Mustafar is protected by an energy shield, forcing X2 to crash X1's Executor-class Star Dreadnought into the shield to pierce through it and reach the planet's surface.[5]


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