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"Shara, come in. I've arrived safely on Mustafar. I can't say the same for the Super Star Destroyer, though."

This Executor-class Star Dreadnought was a warship in the service of the Galactic Empire. Following the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, this Star Dreadnought became the flagship of X1, a Force-sensitive clone and aspiring emperor. Following the New Republic's liberation of Cloud City on Bespin, X1 used the Super Star Destroyer to travel to Bast Castle, the former retreat of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader, on the acid rain-drenched planet Vjun to learn the secrets of the dark side of the Force.

The Star Dreadnought was later present above volcanic Mustafar, the de facto capital of X1's faction, during a New Republic attack on the planet. While New Republic troops on the ground were busy dealing with X1's forces, the Imperials raised a planetary shield—used in conjunction with a separate shield protecting X1's base—to prevent any New Republic reinforcements from arriving. X1's clone brother, X2, infiltrated the Star Dreadnought following a decoy assault and used the Super Star Destroyer's weapons to destroy the Imperials' shield projectors. Although the base's shields went down, the planetary shield remained operational, prompting X2 to ram the warship into the defensive barrier. The move deactivated the shield and allowed the New Republic's reinforcements to land. The Super Star Destroyer was destroyed in the collision, and its burning remains settled on Mustafar's surface.


This warship was an Executor-class Star Dreadnought, one of many Super Star Destroyers serving the various fragments of the Galactic Empire in the wake of the Battle of Endor. It was used as a command ship by the Force-sensitive clone X1, an Imperial warlord.[1] The ship featured an autoturret defensive grid, as well as a blasterfire-activated alarm system capable of sealing off areas with force fields and locking down turbolifts near the source of the blasterfire.[2]


"But the planetary shield is still up—you're still locked out, X2!"
"Not to worry… I have a plan. […] The Super Star Destroyer's going to do the job of getting past the planetary shield for me… I'll see you on the other side!"
Shara and X2[src]
X1 Star DestroyerMustafar

The Star Dreadnought collides with Mustafar's planetary shield.

Following the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, the leaderless Empire began to fragment as various warlords tried to fill the power vacuum. One such breakaway warlord was the Force-sensitive clone known only as X1, who quickly consolidated forces loyal to his command. Among the capital ships that came to form X1's fleet was this Star Dreadnought. Following the New Republic's liberation of Cloud City on the gas giant Bespin, X1 sought to learn the secrets of the dark side of the Force. To accomplish the task, he ventured to Bast Castle, the retreat of Palpatine's apprentice Darth Vader, on Vjun. X1 used the Star Dreadnought to travel to the acid rain-soaked world.[1]

Some time later, the warship was present above the volcanic world of Mustafar, the de facto capital of X1's empire. The New Republic launched an attack on Mustafar, hoping to defeat X1 and his forces. A wave of New Republic troops arrived on planet but was unable to advance on X1's base, which was being protected by a shield. Additionally, the Imperials raised a planetary shield that prevented the New Republic from landing reinforcements to assist the beleaguered troops. X1's clone brother, X2—a longtime enemy of the Empire—devised a plan to deal with both enemy shields. Staging a decoy attack on the Imperial fleet, X2 infiltrated the Super Star Destroyer in his X-wing starfighter and fought his way to the warship's bridge.[2]

On the bridge, X2 used the Star Dreadnought's weapons to destroy the shield projectors generating the Imperials' shield defenses. The clone succeeded in this task, but only the shield protecting X1's command center went down. With the planetary shield still active, X2 opted to ram the Super Star Destroyer into the barrier. The impact brought down the shield and destroyed the Imperial warship, whose remains settled onto the lava plains on Mustafar's surface. With the Imperials' defenses down, the New Republic was able to land its reserves and defeat X1's forces. X2, meanwhile, escaped the destruction of the Star Dreadnought and went on to defeat his clone brother after a brief lightsaber duel, ending the threat of X1's empire.[2]

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X2 walks away from the wreckage of the Star Dreadnought.

This Super Star Destroyer was commanded by X1, a Force-sensitive clone trooper who had fought for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars and served under the Empire in the years of the Galactic Civil War. Following Emperor Palpatine's death at Endor, X1 was one of many Imperial leaders who declared themselves warlords and sought to become the new Emperor. He used this warship as his command ship.[1] Additionally, many stormtroopers served aboard the Star Dreadnought.[2]

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This unidentified Executor-class Star Dreadnought appeared in the 2009 video game Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron. For the PSP version of the game, in which the ship only appears in two cutscenes, reused shots of Darth Vader's Executor from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back were used to depict X1's Star Dreadnought. The warship plays a more prominent role in the Nintendo DS version of the game, which established its destruction during the Battle of Mustafar.


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