X7-Cratus was a hidden Space station that was used as a laboratory in the aftermath of the revolt against the Eternal Empire. Following the death of the Eternal Empire Empress Vaylin and the formation of the Eternal Alliance in 3631 BBY, Doctor Alirra Semhess led a rogue group of Republic scientists to work on a secret project on the X7-Cratus. Falsely obtaining funding from a Republic endowment for disease research and treatment development, the group instead worked on developing experimental adrenals. Doctor Rahser Poth received encrypted communications fron an anonymous scientist that allowed him to develop RAK-5 serum, which in turn was refined into RS-33.[2] The adrenal greatly enhanced subject's strength and agility at the expense of metal faculties, but in truth both RAK-5 and RS-33 were derived from the Rakghoul plague, which put them into highly unstable state.[1]

Eternal Alliance operatives under Theron Shan eventually discovered Semhess and her project and a strike team was dispatched to X7-Cratus to stop RS-33 from becoming a galactic threat. Semhess attempted to use RS-33 enhanced subjects to stop the invaders, but during their fight with Marlon Fenn the station's containment systems were damaged and RAK-5 serum started leaking into atmosphere. It soon turned both RS-33 test subjects and personnel such as Icarr Ko and Nyris Ko into Rakghouls. When the Alliance strike team reached Alirra Semhess herself, she blamed the contanimation on them and tried to fight them off, but succumbed to the infection and turned into rakghoul herself. After killing her new form, the Eternal Alliance secured the station's containment systems and put an end to the project.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

X7-Cratus appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne during the "Trial and Error" Uprising. Content in the games files indicates that it was originally named "Station 256".


Notes and referencesEdit

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