The XG Anti-Gravity Field Bomb was a repulsor mine manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation. There were employed by the Galactic Empire to keep local resistance groups at bay, and to help put down uprisings which used repulsorlift vehicles. Repulsorlift vehicles were often impounded and Imperial garrisons laid these mines on the roads in towns where there were major signs of Alliance to Restore the Republic activity. Because the bombs only responded to gravity fluctuations, people and non-repulsorlift vehicles safely walked over them. They were typically buried about a meter below the ground. If tripped, it would detonate, destroying landspeeders and speeder bikes. General Airen Cracken once infiltrated an Imperial fortress with a case of captured mines and placed them on a dozen speeder bikes. When the Rebels attacked the fortress about an hour later, the Imperials, in response, activated their speeder bikes, detonating the mines.[1] Alliance Special Forces used these mines for covering retreats and attacking patrols or convoys. They also seeded minefields before pulling off a hit-and-fade assault, then retreating over the minefield on foot, by hover vehicle, or on animal mounts. Repulsor-mounted Imperial pursuit would then give chase and trigger the minefield.[2]



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