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"Hey, Happy? You know what a XJ9 hypercharger does? I just found a shipload of them."
"Not a clue. Hold on—your sister's talking… Still don't know, but she looked up the black market price. We're in luck."
Riley's sibling and "Happy" Dapp discuss a find[src]

The XJ9 hypercharger was a starship component. They fetched a high price on the black market.


Shortly after the battle that saw the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of Emperor Palpatine, a shipment containing XJ9 hyperchargers was intercepted by the Galactic Empire in the Anoat system as part of Governor Ubrik Adelhard's efforts to control information into and out of the system. The Empire stored the shipment in one of their facilities on the planet Mataou's moon, Nar Hypa. Later, a local human gangster known as "Happy" Dapp devised a plan to break into the Empire's various storehouses, full as a result of Adelhard's blockade. Dapp ordered a scoundrel under his employ to travel to the moon and abscond with anything of value confiscated by the Empire. After fighting through waves of Stormtroopers and IT-O Interrogation Units, the scoundrel found a cache and returned to Dapp on the planet Burnin Konn.[1]


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