"XM-G3 was a former bodyguard droid, and the muscle of my rag-tag crew."
―Lina Graf[src]

XM-G3, also known as Gee-Three, was a bodyguard droid who retired from his duties as a bodyguard and joined the crew of Rebel Alliance commander Lina Graf. He served as the gunner of Graf's starship Auric, and was present aboard the ship when it was damaged by TIE fighters while on a mission and forced to crash-land on the planet Mustafar. He was later damaged while fighting stormtroopers when the crew chose to enter the fortress of Darth Vader. While searching the castle, he was destroyed when Vader used the Force to rip him apart.


Joining Graf's crewEdit

"Gee-Three's seen more action than all of us put together."
―Lina Graf[src]

A former bodyguard droid, XM-G3 had a long history of operating. Eventually, he stopped serving as a bodyguard, and became a member of a Rebel Alliance crew led by Commander Lina Graf, acting as the crew's muscle. XM-G3 was given the job of gunner aboard the Auric, a ship owned by Graf.[2]

Crashing on MustafarEdit

"Hey, Gee-Three…care to lend a hand with these TIEs?"
"With pleasure, Commander Graf…you only had to ask."
―Lina Graf and XM-G3[src]

After Milo Graf assigned the crew of the Auric a fact-finding mission to the Outer Rim,[3] the ship was attacked by several TIE fighters. With the Auric taking severe damage, Graf asked XM-G3 to take care of the TIEs pursuing them. The droid was able to shoot the fighters down, but the Auric was too damaged to continue flying. Noticing a nearby planet, the former mining world Mustafar, Graf decided to land the ship there. The Auric landed in a field of lava, beginning to heat up and sink. Despite warnings from CR-8R, the crew left the ship, watching it as it became fully submerged underneath the surface of the lava. Upon spotting a fortress nearby, Graf decided to head towards it, to the surprise of her crew.[2]

Auric crew stranded

The crew of the Auric on Mustafar

As Graf's crew prepared to make their way to the fortress, Graf told them to remove any Rebel Alliance insignia so they could go undercover. When Lieutenant Thom Hudd expressed his concern with her idea, she informed him of the larvae that had begun to crawl onto him. As she did so, an adult of the beetle species stood over them. XM-G3 stepped forward to defend Commander Graf, shooting at the beetle. Wounded, the beetle exploded, sacrificing itself so the other larvae could escape. Unsure about entering the castle, Hudd told the crew a story about an event that had occurred on Bray during the Clone Wars, which XM-G3 enjoyed hearing. Once Hudd had finished, Graf turned back to the castle, trying to devise a plan to get inside. Before she could, however, several Lava Troopers charged forward to attack them.[3]

Defending the crew from the stormtroopers, XM-G3 and Graf stayed back as CR-8R, Hudd and Skritt ran toward the castle. Graf ordered the bodyguard droid to follow, but he refused, wishing to stay and protect her. He told Graf to go with the others, and she reluctantly did so, leaving XM-G3 behind to fight off the stormtroopers. Some time later, XM-G3 defeated the last of the stormtroopers, but had taken some damage himself. His plating was cracked and dented, and he had lost one of his arms. As he entered the fortress, accidentally frightening Skritt, he informed Graf that the stormtroopers had been killed. Despite the damage he had taken, he told Graf he was alright, asking her where Lieutenant Hudd had gone.[4]

XM-G3 death

XM-G3's destruction

Hearing Hudd screaming, the crew ran to find him. They entered the room where Hudd had been, finding that he had disappeared. Deciding to split up to find him, Graf told XM-G3 to stay with Skritt while she went with CR-8R. When Skritt expressed that he was scared, XM-G3 told him to be brave. Unable to raise Skritt's spirits, Gee-Three decided to tell him a story involving the Ewoks of Endor. However, the story only made Skritt even more scared than he was before. Turning a corner, XM-G3 noticed Vaneé, who was contacting his master and informing him of rebel presence in the castle. XM-G3 prepared to shoot the attendant, who only laughed at him and challenged him to try. Unknown to the rebel crew, the fortress belonged to Darth Vader, who lifted XM-G3 into the air using the Force. Unable to make sense of what was happening, XM-G3 was ripped apart, his pieces falling to the floor.[1]


"Do not fear, Commander. I will defend you."
―XM-G3, to Lina Graf[src]

As a bodyguard droid, XM-G3 was programmed to protect and defend,[3] and had skills in operating starship weaponry.[2] He was able to shoot from a blaster built into his hand, and could do so without hesitation.[3] He enjoyed fighting, and showed skill in doing so, being able to survive alone against a group of stormtroopers.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

XM-G3 first appeared in the 2018 canon comic Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader's Castle 1, written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Derek Charm.[2]


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