The XQ2 Platform was a space installation produced by Bengel Shipbuilders during the Galactic Civil War as an update to the XQ1 Platform.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The XQ2 had a larger central structure for greater capacity. It also had another hangar bay on the ventral side and a docking platform on top in addition to the three radial hangar/platform structures included on the XQ1 Platform.

The XQ2 Platform was a basic space station designed to act as a waypoint for travelers visiting highly populated planets. Designed for deployment just at the edge of the atmosphere of planets with heavy space traffic, the XQ2 Platform helped alleviate take off and landing traffic jams by regulating the flow of ships into and out of a star system. Many Core Worlds had dozens of similar space platforms in low orbit, using them as cargo transit facilities and travel waypoints to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Space platforms such as the XQ2 had relatively small crews and very few permanent residents; most of the people aboard a platform were there only temporarily. Some interstellar passenger lines used XQ2 Platforms as staging areas for their journeys, allowing passengers to take shuttles up to the platform before boarding larger liners that could not enter a planet's atmosphere with ease. An XQ2 Platform was quite modular and could be adapted to suit passengers as well as large amounts of cargo.

History[edit | edit source]

The XQ2 was released to great demand shortly after the Galactic Civil War started, less than five years after the release of the XQ1. The company went bankrupt due to its success and was bought out by Tenloss Criminal Syndicate.

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