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"You destroyed everything I loved. You destroyed me that day, Qui-Gon. Yet I was reborn. Stronger, wiser. I have surpassed you."
―Xanatos, to Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Xanatos was a Force-sensitive Human male failed Jedi and the second Padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn, who earlier had trained a young Jedi named Feemor. He was the son of Telosian Governor Crion, the brother of Nason and fathered a boy named Granta with Tura Omega.

During the final trial that would have made him a Jedi Knight, Xanatos was corrupted by the mind and power of his father. After he witnessed his sister Nason's death in a riot and Crion's death at the hands of his former master Jinn, he became a Dark Jedi and the head of a mining facility on his homeworld of Telos IV.

Nine years later, Xanatos fought Jinn and his new pupil, Obi-Wan Kenobi, on Bandomeer. Later, he planned to bring the Jedi Temple into ruins, but the two Jedi put a stop to that at once. After one final humiliation that nearly placed him at the hands of Telosian authorities, Xanatos committed suicide by leaping into a pool of acid.


Early life[]

"He is gifted. I would consider carefully, however. I'm not sure he's the right one for you."
Tahl cautions Qui-Gon Jinn on whether he should take Xanatos as his Padawan.[src]

Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn discovered Xanatos when the boy was very young. Impressed by his Force-potential and his brilliant mind, Jinn decided, after some brief hesitation, to bring Xanatos to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to see if he could be trained.[1][8] In doing so, Xanatos was taken away from the three things he loved most at an early age: Crion, his father; Nason, his sister; and Telos IV, his home planet.[1][9] Crion gave his consent for Xanatos to leave for the Jedi Order. Once Xanatos arrived to Coruscant, he tried to impress other younglings with his powerful background. Qui-Gon ignored this fault and went on to train him as a Jedi.[1]

In the Jedi Order[]

"I didn't start it."
―Xanatos to Qui-Gon Jinn, whenever an argument erupted[src]

After achieving the rank of Jedi Master by training his first Padawan Feemor,[5] Jinn took Xanatos to be his second Padawan. Jinn trained Xanatos for a number of years going on various missions, though Xanatos tended to be aggressive, which concerned the Jedi Council.[1] He was the only Padawan in his time to specialize in infrastructure models at the Temple, surpassing his Initiate rival, Miro Daroon.[8]

Xanatos met Feemor at least once during a sparring match between the latter and Qui-Gon in 53 BBY.[5]

As a final test for Xanatos, Yoda, skeptical of his readiness to be a Jedi Knight, sent him, Qui-Gon, Master Tahl, and Masterless Padawan Orykan Tamarik, to Telos, where the planet was in a brutal crises specially after the murder of one of Telos priestess, Liora, her death was secretly orchestrated by Xanatos' father Crion—governor of the planet Telos IV.[5]

Fall to the dark side[]

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"I cannot help feeling that if I'd been a better Master, he wouldn't have turned to the Dark Side."
―Qui-Gon Jinn, reflecting on Xanatos' demise[src]

The fall of Xanatos

Crion, now a corrupt governor of Telos, regretted sending his sixteen-year-old son to the Jedi Temple. He encouraged Xanatos to help him proving that the Toprawans and the Antarian Rangers were involved in the recent events, though Xanatos had still resentment towards his father, perceiving that he left him behind and he neglected. He spent some time with his sister, Nason, meanwhile, Qui-gon was investigating the incident after sensing that Liora's killer was a Jedi yet not a Jedi, during a main event Nason was murdered by the insurgents that tried to raid the place, this angered Xanatos towards not only the insurgents but towards his master too since he wasn't able to stop anything.[10] On top of that a lightsaber was found in one of the insurgents corpses making the connection with the Antarian Rangers more believable, unknown to Qui-gon the lightsaber was placed there by a collaborator of none other than the failed Jedi Dairoki, who at the same time was not only Liora's killer but Crion Benefactor. Crion tried to convince his son to join him once again, telling him about his desire to unite Telos and the pride of their family, Xanatos sided with his father in the civil war, thus failing his final test.[11] Under Crion's direction, he sabotaged the first meeting to rally the Telosians against Toprawa.[1] But as Dairoki accidentally confirmed having committed crimes in Crion's name, Hukowl An Devi, one of the governor's top advisers, revealed the truth to the people of Telos. Civil war soon broke out.[12] Xanatos was said to have been appointed as the head of the Telosian army.[1]

Jinn went after Crion himself, hoping to rescue Xanatos from the madness his father had caused, but the governor attempted to duel Jinn instead. Xanatos watched in terror as his former master rushed to Padawan Tamarik's rescue, thus destroying the sword Crion wielded and knocking the governor into the decorative fires of his palace. Crion died instantly. Jinn tried to apologize, but Xanatos' inextinguishable anger at his father's death caused him to turn to the dark side. He picked up his father's burning right hand from the nearby fireplace and pressed the ring (which had been cut by Jinn's lightsaber) to his right cheek.[1][12] The broken-circle scar later became his "trademark" and the symbol for the Offworld Mining Corporation, a company he took control of through deceit and conspiracy.[1] Before Xanatos and Qui-Gon could fight each other, the rioters stormed the palace and Xanatos was forced to escape.[12] He stole the Telosian treasury and fled the planet on a transport.[1]

Jinn told the Council that he had "died" in the fighting on Telos.[12] It was also symbolic as he intended to disrupt Jinn's life and the lives of others he could exploit. Xanatos would go on to stir up trouble for Qui-Gon Jinn and his new apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi in the years preceding the Invasion of Naboo.[1]

Taking over Telos[]

"Our most benevolent benefactor. He's done a lot for Telos."
Denetrus, reflecting on Xanatos' seemingly noble deeds[src]

At some time after the civil war had ended, Xanatos became the first citizen of Telos. His first order of business was to "investigate" his late father's deeds and made fraudulent evidence to clear Crion's name. He became a hero to his fellow Telosians and possessed immense influence within the government, including the current Governor of Telos.[3]

Xanatos became the head of the Offworld Corporation, which was mining in Telos' restoration areas, such as the Park of Sacred Pools. He distracted the citizens with a gambling project supposedly controlled by the government called Katharsis, which would provide "tax breaks." The profits from Katharsis were supposedly used for the restoration of Telos; he supported libraries, parks, medcenters, and founded a healing institute named after him in Thani. In truth, Offworld, under the name of UniFy, controlled Katharsis, which was fixed so the winner was only given a fraction of the credits and the rest, including profits, were used by Offworld to conduct its mining programs. Any political group who spoke out against UniFy, such as the POWER party, was outlawed.[3]

Around 45 and 44 BBY, Xanatos learned from Treasurer of Telos Vox Chun that the latter's son, Bruck, was training at the Jedi Temple.[8][13] Somehow, he had managed to get a hold of the boy's file and filled his head with ambition, just as his father had done to him years ago. No doubt, Chun would one day prove useful to Xanatos in the future.[8]

Family man[]

"My father protected me."
Granta Omega to Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

At some point in the early rise of his career, Xanatos met a woman named Tura Omega. They had an affair and later conceived a son, Granta. Xanatos had hoped that the boy would inherit his Force sensitivity, but he had learned otherwise. Nonetheless, in his will, he intended to leave everything, including Offworld, to his own prodigy.[14]

When Granta turned three, Xanatos sent him and Tura into hiding on Nierport VII,[14] a moon orbiting Eeropha. Tura worked at a refueling station to support Granta.[15] Xanatos confided his past—his pure hatred of the Jedi and Qui-Gon Jinn—to Granta and taught him a few of his tricks, such as the "back door" strategy[14] and his own modus operandi: Disruption + Demoralization + Distraction = Devastation,[16] a maxim inspired by a tyrant in a previous mission that Xanatos underwent with Jinn at age sixteen.[8]

The Final Campaign[]


"If you are reading this, I suppose I underestimated you. I won't next time. I enjoyed our adventure together, Master. I am certain you will have the pleasure of meeting me again."
―Xanatos' farewell message to Qui-Gon Jinn[src]

Xanatos engaged his former master on Bandomeer.

In 44 BBY, Xanatos was contacted by VeerTa, head of the Home Planet Mine on Bandomeer. Hoping to make a profit, the Meerian told Xanatos that she had discovered ionite. In return, Xanatos said that if Offworld took control of the mines, it would be "for the good of Bandomeer." But it was far from the truth. While "galactically insignificant," Bandomeer would make him and Offworld very wealthy.[1]

Seeing an opportunity to enact his revenge on Qui-Gon Jinn, Xanatos arranged a backup plan, in case his scheme for profiting off Bandomeer didn't succeed. He arranged VeerTa to sneak Offworld mining supplies into storage rooms of the Agricultural Corps's Enrichment Zones and hid it with coated transparasteel made from his homeworld of Telos IV. What VeerTa didn't know was that among the items were ion bombs, which encased in boxes imprinted with the broken circle. Xanatos then set up a series of charges to ignite a chain reaction around Bandomeer, planning on killing Jinn. More importantly, he wanted to see Jinn die knowing that he could not save Bandomeer's citizens.[1]

Later, Xanatos forged a message to Supreme Chancellor Kalpana that looked like it came from Bandomeer's governor, SonTag, requesting Jinn to act as a diplomat for the peace meeting between Offworld and its rival company, the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation. He also sent a somewhat taunting message to Jinn that read: "I have been looking forward to this day." Beside his name was a drawing of the broken circle.[1][7]

Since Jemba the Hutt had recently died, Xanatos would have to take his place as Offworld's representative. Before attending the meeting in Bandor, the capital of Bandomeer, he arranged for a bomb to placed in the Home Planet Mine, where its sensor was sabotaged. Arriving late, he found Jinn with Arcona Mineral Harvest chief operations manager Clat'Ha, Governor SonTag, and VeerTa; he adopted a cheery disposition to his former master and went on how he "went astray" from the Jedi teachings before going to Offworld.[1]

Moving on to business, Xanatos claimed that he desired peace between Offworld and Arcona Mineral Harvest. To further his ruse, he proposed sending ten percent of Offworld's profits for the Bandomeer reclamation effort. Then, the bomb went off in the Home Planet Mine. VeerTa, suspecting Offworld, lunged herself at Xanatos, but was stopped by Jinn. Xanatos, feigning surprise, denied all involvement. SonTag sent VeerTa off to help the miners out of the wreckage.[1]

When the rescue was completed, Xanatos sent SonTag an offer to rebuild the mine: not only would he send credits, droids, and anything else Bandomeer would need, but also put recently unemployed miners to work at Offworld. Sure enough, Offworld was as good as its word—they even cleared the tunnels of debris before starting to repairing them—but only to sell the deception.[1]

Later, Xanatos traveled at the Eastern Enrichment Zone with five members of the Offworld Security Force, intent on capturing the failed Jedi Initiate, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Entering alone, he traveled to the Dome and found Kenobi inside the secret storage compartment. He ensured Kenobi that he was a "friend" and warned him that the boy would not make it as Jinn's apprentice, thanks to his cold nature. It was enough to fill Kenobi's mind with doubts.[1]

Then, as if signaled by Xanatos, the guards stormed in while pretending to identify their employer and Kenobi as thieves. Xanatos activated his lightsaber and made a feigned attack on the guards, with Kenobi on the defensive: neither were willing to kill the guards. After Kenobi dealt with three guards, a fourth raised an electrojabber against Xanatos, under the feigned intent to strike the Dark Jedi. Kenobi rushed to apprehend the guard, only to be shocked in the ribs. He was then knocked unconscious from behind, either by Xanatos or another guard. Xanatos then sent Kenobi off to the mines within the Great Sea of Bandomeer, but not before taking the boy's lightsaber and comlink.[1]

Once that was out of the way, the Dark Jedi returned to Bandor to oversee operations at the northern azurite mining quadrant, which was the largest in the outskirts of the city. It was nightfall when he started leaving the administrative building. The shifts had been changed and all miners vacated the vicinity. Just as Xanatos passed the yard, Qui-Gon Jinn emerged from the shadows of surrounding slag piles and blocked his path.[1]

Xanatos did not show any surprise; whether he was inwardly startled that Jinn had been waiting for him or he had just felt his former mentor's presence and deliberately came to meet him, it was hard to say. After Jinn declared Xanatos' plans for Bandomeer put to an end, the latter revealed his lightsaber. He was angered when told that he had disgraced the weapon he carried, but smiled with mirth.[1]

The two men circled each other, verbally clashing on who betrayed who and which one relished over the other's misery. As Jinn explained that Yoda foresaw that Xanatos would fail back on Telos, the Dark Jedi seethed in anger. To him, Yoda did not understand a tenth of true power: the power of the dark side. Xanatos reasoned that Jinn would've been rich by now, if he had not been made "too good" by the Jedi teachings. Jinn countered that Xanatos would never own Bandomeer.[1]

When the time for words had passed, Xanatos activated his lightsaber and attacked. Jinn measured up a sterling defense, managing to block and evade his former pupil's strikes. Knowing he could not wear Xanatos down, he went to the offensive, but Xanatos just laughed, countering Jinn's every move. The two combatants appeared to be evenly matched. Xanatos proclaimed that because of the suffering Jinn had caused him, he had surpassed him. But then, a mistake with his footwork caused Jinn to wound his shoulder; the Jedi Master pointed out that he was only deluding himself.[1]

Suddenly, Xanatos drew out Kenobi's lightsaber with his other hand, causing Jinn to lose his focus momentarily. The Dark Jedi taunted him on the whereabouts of his "new apprentice" before lashing out with both weapons, hoping to intensify the duel. But Jinn remembered Xanatos' moves while training him in the Jedi Temple and evaded his attacks. He grabbed Kenobi's lightsaber from Xanatos and escaped the mine to search for the missing Padawan; this was the first time he had ever fled from a fight. Xanatos called out after him, claiming that the Jedi had only escaped for now.[1]

Two days later, Xanatos learned of a deactivated transmitter in the Offworld loading dock on Bandor's harbor. He knew that Jinn was there. He mounted a speeder bike and traveled to meet his former Master, planning to chase him all the way to the Home Planet Mine. There, he would trap him and activate the ion bombs to enact his revenge.[1]

Xanatos found Jinn and an escaped Kenobi on an Offworld landspeeder entering Bandor's outskirts. He fired with his speeder bike's laser cannon, driving them to his trap. As they reached the Home Planet Mine, Jinn and Kenobi jumped from their speeder. Xanatos sped toward them and narrowly missed a fatal blow from Jinn, all the while causing the elder Jedi to hurt his own shoulder. Knowing that Xanatos was too fast while mounted on his speeder, the Jedi fled into the mine.[1]

Xanatos followed his quarry down the mine levels. On the way, he overheard Jinn telling Kenobi in Core 6 of what he had been told by VeerTa: Xanatos had no knowledge of the north turbolift leading to Core 5. The Jedi would be able to either catch the Dark Jedi by surprise or escape from the mine. But Xanatos caught up with the Jedi and blocked their path, proving Jinn's assumptions wrong, all the while rubbing all the elder Jedi's mistakes in his face. When he started referring Kenobi as "clumsy," the boy leapt over Xanatos and wounded him in the lightsaber hand. A brief duel started between Xanatos and the Jedi before the former broke off and ran into Core 5, luring the latter into his trap.[1]

As the Jedi entered Core 5, Xanatos set the ion bombs on a timer, blocked the tunnel with a hidden panel, and shut off the lights. He used the dark area to his advantage, attacking and withdrawing at a very fast, vicious pace. But Jinn and Kenobi barely managed to defend themselves and each other from Xanatos' onslaughts. As the Jedi's Force bond grew stronger, they drove Xanatos into a corner.[1]

But Xanatos knew that the wall was a coated transparisteel door to a hidden turbolift. He slipped inside and shut the door before Jedi struck the impervious transparisteel. He told the Jedi through an amplifier that they were going to die, lying about there being mixed gases to disguise the bombs. Then, the Dark Jedi ascended to the mine, wishing Jinn a painful death. He prepared to immediate takeoff from Bandomeer, believing Bandomeer and the Jedi to be now doomed.[1]

However, with the help of Kenobi, Jinn had enough time to deactivate the bombs, ending Xanatos' plans. When Xanatos had heard about this, he returned to Bandomeer. He infiltrated Governor SonTag's quarters, sneaked into Jinn's guest chamber, and stabbed a message through the Jedi's sleep-couch with a vibro-shiv. In the message, he vowed never to underestimate Jinn again, while looking forward to their next meeting. Then he had likely returned to Telos,[1] where he planned to stripmine the planet to obtain wealth.[3]


For some time, Xanatos had been involved in the changing political climate on Gala. When head of the Ministry of Councilers Lonnag Giba feared that Prince Beju would lose the gubernatorial election, he secretly asked Xanatos to lend Offworld financial support for Deca Brun, who was another candidate, and many Galacian industries. In return, Brun had created a company called Galacian Mining Corporation, a front for Offworld's activities, which would include the enslavement of his own people. Half of Gala would be under Xanatos' control.[17]

However, Obi-Wan Kenobi discovered the plans in Brun's records and exposed the conspiracy to Queen Veda, the ruler of Gala, resulting in Giba's arrest and the election of Wila Prammi as governor. At first, when he had been captured by Brun's men, Kenobi feared that Brun would contact Xanatos about the boy's and Qui-Gon Jinn's presence on Gala; Xanatos would use him as bait for his former master. Now that the elections had brought a peaceful transition to Gala, Jinn knew that he would place everyone on the planet in jeopardy, if and when Xanatos came after him there. He and Kenobi left as quickly as possible.[17]

Attack on the Jedi Temple[]

"It took longer than even I imagined for you to figure out it was me. That noble head of yours can be so thick. Foolishly, I continue to give you credit for some intelligence."
―Xanatos, to Qui-Gon Jinn before they engaged each other in the Jedi Temple[src]

Bruck Chun, the Jedi Initiate whom Xanatos turned to the dark side.

Elsewhere, things were looking bad for Offworld. A mining operation on an "inhospitable world" was proving futile, but Xanatos stubbornly kept pouring more money into it, putting the company into a financial crises. When he had learned that the Jedi Council was holding a ship full of crystalline vertex for safekeeping in the Temple's Treasury Room, he sensed an opportunity and personally traveled to Coruscant. He infiltrated the Temple through its water tunnels, hiding his airspeeder there for his means of escape. He had also brought along a waterproof satchel for his back. When he discovered Bruck Chun feeling his chances of becoming a Padawan destroyed, he manipulated the young Initiate into becoming his apprentice, teaching him the ways of the dark side.[8] To make sure that Chun was firmly put under his control, he slipped a listening device planted into the hilt of his accomplice's lightsaber.[13] The Dark Jedi planned to see the whole Temple be destroyed and walk away with all the vertex in his possession.[8]

To carry out his plan, Xanatos instructed Chun to steal a number of items: a toolbox from the servo-utility unit for him to bypass security and sabotage the systems of the Temple; holographic files and computer records containing the names of students from A to H, which contained Chun's file; the meditation robe of a Jedi instructor, which Xanatos could blend in with the other Jedi undetected; a fourth-year student's sports activity kit full of rebreathers to use underwater; every single lightsaber from the senior training rooms, thus rendering all older Padawans defenseless for an attack; and the Healing Crystals of Fire, which Xanatos would plant into the Temple's fusion furnace for its destruction. That had put all the classes and activities to a halt.[8][18] At the training facility, Xanatos had a threatening message intended for Yoda written on the wall: COME YOUR TIME WILL. BEWARE YOU MUST, TROUBLE I AM.[18]

Xanatos prodded Chun to bring him updates on Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. It was through this method that he had learned of Obi-Wan Kenobi's leaving the Order to support a rebellion on Melida/Daan. Chun had also told Xanatos of his rivalry with Kenobi, which, in one instance, led to a brawl in the Temple.[13] At the same time as the thefts began, Xanatos discovered that Yoda was supplying a blinded Tahl with a navigation droid 2JTJ. He stealthy placed a transmitter inside TooJay to spy on Tahl and Qui-Gon Jinn, who were in charge of the investigation. He would always keep an eye on them.[8]

Chun hid most of the stolen artifacts into a crate, which he hid in the Jedi Temple Lake Level. Unknown to him, Qui-Gon Jinn and a blinded Tahl had found the chest and were waiting in the darkened level to trail the thief. When Chun came back to retrieve the chest, Xanatos had already been aware of the trap and concealed his presence from the Jedi. He started following Jinn, who was trailing Chun; his intention may have been to assassinate his former Master from behind. However, while blind, Tahl could make out the intruder by his heavier boots and the brushing of the icus leaves. Suddenly, TooJay accidentally alerted Chun, causing him and Xanatos to disappear.[18]

Later, when Jinn left for Melida/Daan to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi,[18] Xanatos made a false assassination attempt on Yoda to strike a blow into the Jedi's hearts. Disguised in the stolen meditation robe, he had placed a bomb under a footbridge in the Room of a Thousand Fountains, where Yoda would usually meditate. He gave off a surge of his dark side power, alerting Yoda to the bomb before it exploded. Satisfied, he ducked into a waterfall to escape and left a scaring message for the Council members in a meditation chamber: MEDITATE ON THIS, MASTERS: NEXT TIME I WILL NOT FAIL.[8]

By the time Jinn and Kenobi returned, Xanatos had entered the Tech Center via the water purification tanks and tampered with the cooling unit as well as the lighting and communication systems; the disruptions frustrated the efforts of his old rival Miro Daroon, who was now the Tech Center supervisor. Later, he slipped into the lake level and placed a time bomb into all but one of the repulsorlift engines in the horizantal turbolift, which was carrying caretaker Ali-Alann and a bunch of younglings. In addition to this, he placed a bug on the Temple's central core to shut down every single comm unit and turbolift in the Temple. All of his were designed to divert the Jedi's attention away from him. Furthermore, with all the danger going on, wing after wing had been down, placing every Jedi in the central building; Xanatos' job of destroying them would be much easier.[8]

Xanatos fought his arch-nemeses, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, in the Jedi Temple.

When Xanatos heard Jinn and Tahl had finally identified him as the intruder and that a Mon Calamari Padawan named Bant Eerin discovered how he accessed the Temple, he submerged in one of the purification tanks to await the Jedi, cloaking his presence for a surprise. As he sensed Jinn, Kenobi, and Eerin arrive on the platform above the tank, he emerged from the water. He began taunting Jinn on how slow he was to realize the Dark Jedi's involvement and his needing children for help. He jumped up after the Jedi, causing Eerin to dive and swim for help.[8]

Xanatos engaged Kenobi and Jinn, hoping to lure them away from his airspeeder. He knew the Jedi were trying to back him toward the tank, so that either his lightsaber would short out or he would lessen his attacks. He could use the water to cover his escape. Moments later, a large wave rushed from a conduit in the tank. After the Jedi leaped out of the way, Xanatos, instead of following them as they expected, turned off his lightsaber and allowed the water to take him.[8]

Soon, the airspeeder had been found and was under guard by the Temple Security Force. But as night came, Xanatos and Chun kidnapped Bant Eerin.[8] They brought her to the Room of a Thousand Fountains, where Xanatos personally chained her under the waterfall pool. He taunted her with the promise of her own imminent death, as Jinn and Kenobi would fail to save her in time.[13] Then, the Dark Jedi contacted Jinn via his own comlink. He demanded that the Jedi give back his airspeeder, have it fueled and placed in the spaceport, and hand over the vertex in fifteen minutes. If they refused, Eerin would die. As Jinn asked Xanatos to confirm his claim to holding Eerin, the Dark Jedi allowed the Mon Calamari to speak before cutting transmission.[8]

Minutes later, through 2JTJ, Xanatos had heard Jinn and Kenobi argue on whether or not they should give him the vertex and the airspeeder. Then, Jinn had said that Miro Daroon would shut down power to the Temple for twelve minutes while searching for bugs. While watching them head for the north wing, Xanatos brought along Bruck to steal the vertex in the security chamber through the duct system. He knew that when Daroon started getting every last system, the Temple would be doomed.[8]

Little did Xanatos know that the transmitter he slipped inside TooJay had been discovered by the Jedi. Furthermore, what appeared to be Kenobi and Jinn were actually Ali-Alann and Initiate Garen Muln dressed in the former pair's clothes. The conversation was forged in a voice track to make Xanatos think that Kenobi was impatient for battle, thus underestimating the boy. His own devices had been used against him. Now he and Chun were heading into a trap.[8]

As the Dark Jedi exited the grate leading to the Treasury Room door, Jinn and Kenobi activated their lightsabers, taking them by surprise. Xanatos managed to react in time, but Chun was swiftly disarmed by Jinn. Now it was Xanatos' turn to surprise the Jedi. He took Chun hostage and threatened to kill him as well as Eerin. Kenobi feigned his part of impatience and indifference to Chun, causing Xanatos to speculate the Padawan learning this from Jinn. Then, both Jedi charged simultaneously. Xanatos pushed Chun to engage Kenobi, then ordered him to ensure Eerin's death. Chun obeyed and Kenobi went after him, leaving Jinn to face Xanatos alone.[8]

Former master and student fought and taunted each other all the way up to the High Council Chamber. Xanatos cut a window open and exited on a ledge for the hangers fifteen stories below. Jinn followed and caught up to him right above the landing platform. They battled atop the narrow ledge, each combatant careful not to fall. Feeling desperate, Xanatos revealed that he had rigged the fusion furnace to implode and gave a small hint to the Healing Crystals of Fire:

"What you revere can destroy you. Haven't you learned that yet?"
―Xanatos, tipping Jinn off[src]

Jinn hesitated as the lights from the Council chambers began turning back on. Xanatos taunted him on the issue of Kenobi's decision to remain behind on Melida/Dawn, as if the Padawan wanted to get away from Jinn. Then, he spotted an air taxi twenty meters below and jumped to meet it, throwing the hapless driver to his death. He drove away, forcing Qui-Gon to go descend toward the tech center.[8]

As Xanatos escaped to Telos IV,[3] Jinn and Kenobi stopped Miro Daroon from reactivating the last system and managed to retrieve the crystals, saving the Jedi Temple.[8] Later, Xanatos learned of Bruck Chun's death. He would reveal this to Chun's father, Vox, making him believe that Kenobi struck the boy down in cold blood.[3] He also told Vox everything about Bruck's struggles and all he knew about Kenobi, which would used for a trial on Coruscant in the near future.[13] Then, the Dark Jedi set out to prepare whatever he had in store next for his nemesis.[3]

Downfall on Telos[]

"The court may have listened to your lies. But when the Temple learns—"
"By the time the Temple learns of your fate, you will already be dead. That is your punishment, Jedi. You have been sentenced to death. And I will be there to watch you die.
―Qui-Gon Jinn and Xanatos[src]

Xanatos had preplanned his archenemies' demise when they arrived on Telos IV.

Jinn and Kenobi doggedly tracked Xanatos all the way to Telos, but the Dark Jedi had led them into a trap. He had used his influence to frame the Jedi for violating the Galactic Criminals Act, offering large rewards for those who would turn them in.[3]

While making an appearance at the Katharsis dome in Thani a day before the main event, Xanatos went outside for a walk. Then, sensing the presence of Jinn and Kenobi, he stopped. He knew that the Jedi were on the planet, possibly also felt them near his position. Grinning and chuckling in satisfaction, he went back inside the dome.[3]

Later that day, Jinn and Kenobi were captured while infiltrating UniFy. Xanatos denied them a chance to appear at their trial to clear their names, claiming that they were "too dangerous to attend." Instead, he appeared as the "star witness" with false evidence of every single supposed crime the Jedi had committed in the galaxy. He also had Vox Chun to testify against Kenobi for the "murder" of his son, Bruck. As a result, the Jedi had been sentenced to be executed.[3]

It was nighttime when Xanatos visited the Jedi in their cells at the Central Booking Station, explaining the proceedings in the courtroom. When Kenobi deemed the trial unfair, the Dark Jedi outwardly reflected back to how "fair" his life had been meeting Jinn. He seethed in annoyance when Jinn countered with the usual Jedi "riddles." Then, he played on Kenobi's guilty feelings for Bruck Chun's death, followed by clapping his hands to mimic the crack of the fallen Initiate's neck. Laughing at Jinn's belief that the Jedi Council would react decisively once they learned of the situation, Xanatos revealed to the Jedi their fate. He was reveling in his revenge, watching his archenemy—his former master—die. Before leaving, he ordered a troop of TSF guards to watch the prisoners.[3]

In the morning, Xanatos stood at the top of the courtyard stairs amongst an angry crowd of Telosians. He watched with enthusiasm as Kenobi and Jinn were led into an energy cage. But when the executioners arrived and the bars of the cage were deactivated, the Jedi activated their hidden lightsabers, deflecting blasterfire as they fled aboard two unidentified swoop drivers that came to their rescue. Xanatos could only look hatefully at his escaped quarry. He would meet them again.[3]

Xanatos later attended Katharsis and a man named Denetrus had won the wager. The Dark Jedi rose from the center ring and spoke to address the crowd on how Katharsis was helping Telos. Then, he noticed that the crowd was shouting in fits of outrage and looked at the viewscreens. He saw images of Offworld's operations in the Sacred Pools, but did not panic. He had no doubt that his Jedi adversaries took the recordings.[3]

Xanatos calmed the crowd as the crowd demanded an explanation. He assured them that this was a conspiracy; the Sacred Pools were in perfect form. As he asked the Governor if he would open the Sacred Pools for the public to see for themselves, the old man conceded. Winning over the people's trust, Xanatos stepped away for a moment. He ordered a TSF guard to display the faces of Jinn and Kenobi on the screens. As he returned to the crowd, the Dark Jedi proclaimed that these two men were the ones responsible for this deception. He asked if anyone had seen them. Then, someone in the crowd spotted the Jedi, exposing their position. The guards caught them before they could escape.[3]

The death of Xanatos

Den, appearing to be impatient and indifferent to the situation, asked for his reward, drawing everyone's attention. Xanatos brought the vertex and credits over to the winner, wanting to get this ceremony done as quickly as possible. As Den turned toward the crowd, he asked the Governor to read aloud the durasheet he had given him before the final Katharsis round. The Governor complied, quoting ever last detail of Den's wager, which foretold what exactly happened in the ring. Den revealed to the crowd that he had rigged the Katharsis computer to win the lottery; in fact, every last contest had been fixed. He went on, shouting on how everyone on Telos had been played by UniFy, Offworld, and the "mighty Xanatos." As a result, the crowd was in an uproar, calling for Xanatos' arrest.[3]

However, Xanatos had motioned the crowd to hush again. Instead of offering any more defense, as everyone expected, he simply smiled and scolded them for being "pathetic fools." He fled aboard the winning contestant's swoop, which was the fastest of all three at the round, all the while dogging the Jedi as he headed for the Sacred Pools. Unfortunately, the swoop ran out of fuel and he was forced to use a gravsled. He neared Tech Dome D, where transport could take him off Telos. Jinn cut off his escape route, thus causing the frustrated Dark Jedi to veer toward a landscape filled with pools of black acid. Xanatos leaped from his gravsled and forced Jinn into a final showdown.[3]

As they fought, Jinn assured his former apprentice that he only wanted to bring him to justice, not kill him. But Xanatos' hatred for the hard man he had believed Jinn to be blinded him to reason. Moments later, Kenobi arrived to join Jinn in the duel. Xanatos taunted Kenobi on how he felt when he "killed" Bruck Chun, catching the Padawan off-guard long enough to kick him to the ground. He leaped in to finish Kenobi, but Jinn rushed to the rescue, catching the Dark Jedi in a midair blade-lock. Both combatants landed on their feet and Xanatos resumed his taunting of Kenobi. Jinn countered that it was Xanatos, not Kenobi, who was responsible for Chun's death by turning him to the dark side. Then, after silent encouragement from Jinn, Kenobi attacked Xanatos with renewed conviction.[3]

Together, the Jedi drove Xanatos toward the edge of one of the acid pools. Two swoops bearing Andra, head of the illegal POWER party, and Den pulled up behind the Dark Jedi. Andra demanded that Xanatos surrender; he would face trial in Thani for his crimes. Surrounded, Xanatos defiantly told Jinn that he was his biggest failure.

Jinn tried to stop him from committing suicide, but it was too late. Xanatos smiled as he leaped backward into the acid, hoping that his death would haunt his former master forever. His body dissolved in seconds, followed by his black cloak.[3] He was twenty-five years old.


"You will never have the satisfaction of killing me, Qui-Gon Jinn. And I will never submit to anyone's laws. Your hate drove you, though you won't admit it. You destroyed me because you could not save me. I am your biggest failure. Live with that. And live with this."
―Xanatos' last words[src]

Upon his death, Xanatos left Offworld to his son, Granta Omega. Looking to avenge his father's death, Omega followed the same formula that Xanatos did,[14][16] although he believed that Jinn killed his father and refused to believe what Kenobi was trying to say. He would then walk in Xanatos' footsteps by trying to convert Kenobi's Padawan, Anakin Skywalker to the free life.[14]

Kenobi had a vision of Xanatos' death while on the Sith planet of Zigoola in 22 BBY.[19]

Xanatos would be remembered even by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious. He was the protégé of Senator Sano Sauro sometime after his fall. He taught the Senator everything he knew about midi-chlorians. This compelled Senator Sauro to eventually come up with a plan to use Force-sensitive children to train pilots for the Galactic Empire so within a decade, the Empire would have an invincible fleet. Anakin Skywalker, now as Sidious's Sith apprentice, Darth Vader, thought it was an absurd plan.[20]

Personality and traits[]

"I always have a back door."

What made Xanatos special, even as a young Padawan, was the quickness of his mind and strategical prowess. He always had a dual reason for every action and always seemed to be one step ahead of his adversaries. He was manipulative, deceiving when he wanted to be, and of course, like all Dark Jedi, pursued his own interests. He could also be overconfident. Qui-Gon Jinn saw all of this and chose to ignore it out of affection for him, like a father who chooses not to see his son's faults.[1]

Because he loved his father Crion so much, Xanatos used the late Telosian governor's name as a password for the datapad stored in his office on Bandomeer.[1]

Xanatos became insane after turning to the dark side.[8] He may have been greedy for money, but he wanted something more: revenge. He was willing to sacrifice a fortune or destroy a populated world to see Jinn die.[1] As much as he hated the Jedi Order, he despised Jinn even more.[8] He employed the dark formula for destruction very effectively and while his overconfidence and his singular hatred for Jinn were strong,[1][3][8] they didn't prove to be fatal weaknesses. His actual undoing was his inability to trust anyone, even minions such as Bruck Chun.[13]

Powers and abilities[]

"You saw what I did? I got you to block low, then I pinned your saber—"
"Exactly—and you knew I'd loosen my grip to defend my left side.
―Xanatos and Qui-Gon Jinn after a practice duel[src]


A brilliant swordsman and an extremely skillful duelist, Xanatos's mastery of the lightsaber was unsurpassed in his class, and his ability to focus on the Force matched his masters. He passed the preliminary tests with a near-perfect score as well, during his time as a Padawan.[1]

Based on his lightsaber skills, Xanatos was likely a practitioner of Ataru like his former master, but also had some skill in Jar'Kai, attacking Qui-Gon Jinn in the Offworld mining area on Bandomeer with his and Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsabers. He may have also studied Makashi, as he had perfected his dueling capabilities over time, bringing what Jinn had described as "economy and grace"; he would not tire so easily,[1] a sign of Makashi's conservative approach.[21] In a few instances, he would adopt a reversed Shien grip.[10][12] Xanatos had enough strength to send shockwaves up Jinn's arms, suggesting that he was efficient with Djem So.[1] He used a blue lightsaber crystal for his blade,[5] before turning to the dark side of the Force and replacing the original crystal with a synthetic red one.[1] Xanatos often utilized Dun Möch in his duels with Jinn;[1][3][8] he even succeeded into breaking Obi-Wan Kenobi's will, albeit temporarily.[3] He was also ambidextrous, changing hands with his lightsaber, striking at unexpected angles.[8]

While dueling Jinn, Xanatos was perceived to have grown more powerful,[1] though his footwork was still his weakness.[1][8] However, that was never shown in their last fight on Telos, suggesting that Xanatos may have overcome this shortcoming.[3] Obi-Wan Kenobi perceived him as faster than any fighter he had ever met, and was the best at the blindfold test.[1] Xanatos could also use kicks and grabs in his attacks.[1][3][5][12]

As a Force-user, Xanatos was crafty. He could use telekinesis for strategic purposes,[8] Force speed to outrun his opponents,[1] and Force Jump to engage them.[1][3][8] He was also adept at Battlemind, Force sight, Force healing, telepathy,[22] and the mind trick,[22][23] which he perfected to Force fear during his time as a Dark Jedi. Xanatos could delve into Force rage, increasing the strength and speed in his attacks.[22] Possibly the most noted of his powers was Force stealth, which he had used to infiltrate the entire Jedi Temple with ease; he would not reveal himself unless he wanted to give a little hint of his power or prepare an ambush.[8][18] Yoda described him to be particularly strong with the dark side.[8]

Other abilities[]

In addition to his training as a Jedi, Xanatos was a master technician and a genius of infrastructure.[8] He also became adept at riding a speeder of any kind,[1][8][10] a swoop, and a gravsled.[3]

Xanatos was quite capable of wielding blasters: from hold-out blasters to pistols.[22][23] At one time, upon arrival on Telos IV, he fired a blaster with adequate accuracy when his lightsaber went missing.[5]

Xanatos had been well versed in a variety of languages. He could speak Basic, Twi'leki, Mon Calamarian, binary, Rodese, and Quarrenese. While he understood Shyriiwook, he was unable to speak it.[23]

Behind the scenes[]

Xanatos and his father Crion's last name is unknown, with Xanatos' mistress Tura Omega passing along her surname to their son, Granta.



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