"With you around, Xarcce, who needs Plourr?"
Ibtisam to Huwla.[src]

Xarcce Huwla was a female Tunroth that was a member of Rogue Squadron, following the Battle of Endor.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, Huwla volunteered to join Rogue Squadron.[2] Her first request upon being made a member of the squadron, was to request a transfer to another squadron, arguing that the Alliance leaders had always thrown the Rogues at situations that she considered "impossible problems".[1]

Xarcce and three other new recruits report in for duty.

Despite her tall, muscular, grim appearance with horns protruding from her chin, Xarcce was polite, sociable and well spoken. However, her Basic was somewhat influenced by her own native language —and possessed a much appreciated self-ironic sense of humor, joking that "even Wookiees let the Tunroth win". With knowledge about antique artifacts, she saved her fellow Rogues from embarrassing bargains many a time.[1] She was also very capable with hand-to-hand combat. She and Plourr Ilo often trained with one another to improve their fighting skills.[3]

Xarcce was also a skilled pilot, saving several of her fellow Rogues during the crisis of Brentaal IV,[1] in which the Rogues were pitted against Baron Soontir Fel's 181st Imperial Fighter Group. After the battle of Brentaal IV was over, she withdrew her request to withdraw, as her squadronmates had become a team.[1] Continuing to fly with the Rogues, she went with them to investigate the disappearance of Syal Antilles Fel and then to investigate pirate activity on Axxila. When it turns out the pirates on Axxila were pawns of Ysanne Isard, she joined with Commando Team One in rescuing Sate Pestage.[4]

When Rogue Squadron was disbanded and reformed before the New Republic assaulted Coruscant, she left the squadron.[5]

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Xarcce was incorrectly spelled as "Xarrce" in the article Who's Who in Rogue Squadron and as "Xarcee" in Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron: Masquerade.

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