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"You are observant, but not too smart…"
―Lian Dray, to Xash[src]

Xash was a mechanically-adept male Dark Jedi who lived during the time of the Great Sith War. He was the twin brother of Sindra, with whom he shared apprenticeship under the Sith sorcerer Thannor Keth. Alongside his sister, Xash accompanied their Master to the planet Vigil in pursuit of a Force-sensitive girl known as Nova. Their ship crash-landed, at which time Xash and Sindra were sent to capture the girl. However, they came upon a Jedi named Lian Dray who resided on Vigil and had since become the girl's custodian. When Dray refused to turn her over, Xash ignited his lightsaber to engage the Jedi in combat. Xash was quickly immobilized by Dray, who severed his weapon hand in the process before engaging Sindra. Xash recovered and redoubled his efforts but was subsequently killed when Dray used the Force to hurl him into a nearby tree.


Sith apprentice[]

Xash was a Force-sensitive male who lived in the final days of the Great Sith War. He studied the ways of the Sith alongside his twin sister, Sindra, under an eccentric Sith sorcerer named Thannor Keth. From Keth, Xash learned the art of lightsaber combat, as well as how to harness the power of the dark side of the Force.[1]

Xash and his sister joined Keth in pursuit of a young girl of great Force potential named Nova, who, along with her parents, was on a starship that crash-landed on the world of Vigil. During the chase, Keth's ship crashed as well and suffered nominal damage. Xash and his sister were sent to survey the wreckage of Nova's ship and retrieve the girl, whom Keth believed to still be alive, while the sorcerer attempted to repair the craft. They searched the jungles of Vigil and eventually found the girl under the protection of an inhabitant of the planet, a man named Lian Dray.[1]

Confronting a Jedi[]

"Leave him to me."
―Xash, preparing to duel Lian Dray[src]

The twins eyed Nova before their focus was drawn to the man who guarded her. Using the Force to probe him, Xash determined that Dray was a Jedi; his sister, however, surmised that Dray was not quite a follower of the light side. They were both dismissed by the man, who gave them permission to scavenge the wreckage of Nova's ship before ordering them to leave his home. When Xash's sister refused the offer and demanded that Dray turn over the girl to them, the Jedi further insulted them as inexperienced weaklings rife with fear. It was then that Xash ignited his orange-bladed lightsaber and lunged at Dray, believing himself to be more than capable of facing the Jedi alone.[1]

Dray dodged Xash's first strike, and then humiliated the Dark Jedi by knocking him to the ground. Xash recovered and again pressed his enemy with a hectic assault, but Dray evaded each of his thrusts and countered with his own. Xash recoiled before attempting to slash Dray's throat, a move that resulted in the Jedi severing Xash's weapon hand. Staring at the stump of his right arm with incredulity, Xash was then floored by a swift boot-kick to the chest. While he lay stunned, Xash's sister took over the fight, but she too was overcome by the Jedi's superior skill. Xash collected his lightsaber in his left hand and charged Dray from behind, but Dray again blocked the attack. Sindra then capitalized on Xash's diversion and reached out with the power of the dark side to paralyze Dray. Xash waited patiently to execute the killing stroke while his sister completely incapacitated their adversary, but Dray responded by surrendering himself to the dark side and blasting Xash's twin with Force lightning. Xash's shock caused him to hesitate before attempting to administer the death blow, to his own detriment: Dray dodged the attack and Force-pushed Xash nearly thirty meters into a nearby tree. The impact killed him instantly.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"I smell your fear."
―Lian Dray[src]

Xash was nearly identical to his twin sister in size and stature. The most obvious difference between them was his cropped hair. His meandrous locomotion was in complete harmony with Sindra's as they stalked their prey, Nova. Upon sight of Xash and his sister, the young girl acknowledged them as evil and was thus afraid. However, Lian Dray felt that it was Xash and Sindra who feared him. Xash was confident in his ability to defeat Dray by himself but was quickly given over to revenge when the Jedi embarrassed him during the onset of their duel. He acted on impulse rather than calculation, allowing his opponent's taunts to pressure him into a blunder that ultimately resulted in the loss of his right hand.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

"A shame, really. Xash was mechanically inclined and my ship is in need of minor repairs."
―Thannor Keth[src]

Lian Dray felt that while Xash was a powerful Dark Jedi, he was the weaker of the two when compared to his sister. He was able to use the Force to probe his opponent's strength, but only with Dray's acquiescence; Xash and Sindra's mental examination of him was abruptly cut short when Dray felt that they had scrutinized enough. Xash wielded an orange-bladed lightsaber single-handedly in battle, but he was no match for Dray, who repeatedly and effortlessly eluded or blocked each of the Dark Jedi's attacks.[1]

Xash was also technologically adept and was valued by Thannor Keth for his skill.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The character of Xash was created by author Paul Danner and appeared as a secondary antagonist for a short story titled Light and Shadow, which was set during the time of the Great Sith War. According to the Star Wars fansite Lostworlds, Light and Shadow was originally slated to feature in one of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journals but was never published therein. Thus, the characters—Xash included—places, and events of Light and Shadow are not considered part of canon.[2]

The story can now be found on the Internet at the Star Wars Fanboy Association.[3]


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