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The Xelric Draw was a shallow, wide-mouthed canyon on Tatooine. It split the Mospic High Range at the western edge of the Northern Dune Sea. It was an ancient trading route that connected the northern settlements with the southern settlements. Outside the draw, lawlessness and hostility would prevail in settlements.


Anakin Skywalker once sheltered a Tusken Raider and raced there. The Galactic Republic freighter Spice Siren, which crashed near the Xelric Draw, was picked clean by Jawa tribes.

Encounter in the Desert

Duel in Xelric Draw

Xelric Draw was the landing site of Queen Amidala's royal starship during the Invasion of Naboo. It was also the place of the duel between Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Maul.[1]

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