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Xev Xrexus was a human female from Drazkel who was the boss of the Xrexus Cartel during the last years of the Galactic Republic. Prior to the Invasion of Naboo, she captured Eldra Kaitis, a Jedi Padawan whom Xrexus planned to sell at auction. She was later killed by Darth Maul aboard her station in order to protect his identity.


Early lifeEdit

Xev Xrexus was born on Drazkel.[1]

Discovering Eldra KaitisEdit

Xrexus Cartel forces

Xev Xrexus at her auction

After a shuttle that was holding many Jedi negotiators crashed due to an issue implanted secretly by Sheev Palpatine crashed leaving only Jedi Eldra Kaitis as a survivor, Xev Xrexus, crime lord and leader of the Xrexus Cartel stole the Twi'lek Padawan for herself.[3]


Shortly after the Xrexus discovered Kraitis, she held a party in her ship above the Drazkel system, to auction the padawan off to different Crime Syndicates and organizations. Several of the Syndicates attending were Grakkus the Hutt, the Jedi obsessed Hutt, Black Sun, the Pyke Syndicate, led by Lom Pyke, some Kyuzo hunters, Trandoshan hunters, the Ohnaka Gang, and Moogans, led by Jee Kra, some of which she describes as familiar faces others new, part of the new were certainly Darth Maul, the Dathomirian Zabrak, a member of the Sith and Nightbrothers accompanied by Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane and his crew, Aurra Sing, Vorhdeilo and the Chadra-Fan, Troo-tril-tek.[3]

Meeting Darth MaulEdit

Auction of Eldra Kaitis

Young Darth Maul at Xev Xrexus' auction to sell Eldra Kaitis

During Xrexus' auction, she noticed that a young Darth Maul had snuck in to the jail were Kaitis was being kept, unknown to her at the time, his intentions were, as a Sith, to murder Kaitis, as he had seen the past, and saw the Jedi order wipe out all Sith, giving him eternal and unstoppable rage, and desire for revenge. After Maul considering, and then re-considering killing Kaitis, Xrexus and her guard confront Maul, with the intention of killing him, although Maul gave her a short explanation, that he was rash, allowing Xrexus to give him a chance.[5]

The winnerEdit

Leader of the Moogans, Jee Kra, wins the auction, taking over Trandoshans, and Xev gives Jee Eldra,and he takes her off on his ship. but then Bane, Sing, and Vorhdeilo, attack the Moogan and his fellows, taking Eldra and storing her on their ship.[5]

Bounty huntEdit

When Xrexus finds out that Maul and his crew had stolen Eldra Kaitis, and taken her off in one of her ships, she deactivates it mid flight, and it descends to the Moon of Drazkel. She comes out to the crowd and puts a bounty on Maul and Kaitis' heads, saying to the syndicates, "You were probably going to kill her any way so why not make a game out of it." On the Moon of Drazkel, all survive but Troo-tril-tek, who was severely damaged and couldn't be saved by his droid as her photoreceptors had been pulled out. Aurra and Bane defeat most other syndicates, leaving only the Trandoshans. Aurra, Cad, and Vorhdeilo bail, leaving only Maul and Kaitis, who had to hunt the Trandoshans.[6]


Xev Xrexus was at her hideout above the Moon of Drazkel, having learned from info from her scanners, All the hunters were dead, as was Eldra Kaitis. She asks her guards for something, when Maul explains that he killed them all, confusing Xrexus, thinking that he was a Jedi, who wanted vengeance for the death of Kaitis, assuming she was killed by bounty hunters, when Maul tells her she's wrong, she re-thinks, her new theory is that he is a Sith. This 'gave a reason to strike' for Maul, and he stabs her with his lightsaber.[2]


Darth Maul had been around Jedi, and they felt disturbances in the Force, which his master, Palpatine disliked, as it would ruin his plan. Maul's vision of the Sith being killed gave him ultimate desire for revenge, but was impatient. Maul tried to keep the assassination of Kaitis a secret from Palpatine, although he knew. Xrexus was an opportunity for Maul, a Sith more key than he seems, to do something he wasn't supposed to do, but something perfectly in Sith ritual, due to Palpatine's plan. However, when Palpatine learned of this, he was really very pleased. Xex Xrexus is an important part of Darth Maul becoming a Sith.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Xev Xrexus first appeared in Darth Maul, Part II, a 2017 canon comic written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by Luke Ross.[3]



Notes and referencesEdit

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