The Xi-class light shuttle[1] was a transport craft used by the First Order in 34 ABY.


The First Order employed the Xi-class light shuttle for many purposes, including ferrying officers and transporting equipment. Xi-class shuttles also had light weapons and minimal shields, relying instead on starfighter escorts for protection.[1]


A Xi-class light shuttle takes off from Starkiller Base.

Han Solo and Chewbacca stole a Xi-class light shuttle from the shipyard of the Fluzhi Clan. The smugglers used it to impersonate the First Order so they could steal a data archive from Mek Nu'Tiv.[4]

One such shuttle was used during the mission to Spalex by Commander Malarus and Terex.[2] Another was stolen during the Battle of Oetchi when Finn, Rose Tico, and BB-8 escaped the Supremacy. They piloted the shuttle to Crait, landing it inside the Crait outpost shortly before the Battle of Crait began.[3] At least one shuttle was deployed during the Blockade of Kashyyyk.[5]

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A Xi-class shuttle at the Battle of Crait

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