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"In Eternal Homage to Xim, Whose Fist Shall Enclose the Stars and Whose Name Shall Outlive Time."
―Inscription on Xim's Treasure Vault on Dellalt[src]

Xim, also known as Xim the Despot, was a Human male from Argai and one of the most notorious pre-Galactic Republic tyrants. By the age of only twenty, he had benefited from the holdings of his father, the Pirate-King Xer VIII, and conquered a vast interstellar empire in the Tion Cluster. About fifty years before the signing of the Galactic Constitution and the founding of the Republic, Xim the Despot commanded one of the fiefdoms of his time. Following the Third Battle of Vontor, Xim was captured by his enemy Kossak Inijic Ar'durv, self-proclaimed leader of the Hutt clans. Eventually, the despot ended up dying in the Hutt's jails. Although Xim's reign only lasted from about 25,130 BBY to 25,100 BBY, his legacy remained firm through the secret guild of the GenoHaradan and the legends of his lost treasure.


Xim was born on Argai, the son of Xer VIII, a pirate who had carved a domain for himself in the Cronese Sweeps, the Kingdom of Cron. Xuc, Xic, Xom, and Xil were his four brothers, all of whom shared the same father. Xim began as the leader of a criminal organization, and later entered politics. During his teenage days, he became famous for his brutality during the slaughter of Cron's nobility, called the Cronese Sweeps.

When his father retired, Xim completed the conquest of the Tion Cluster by subjugating the Livien League. On Desevro, the League's capital world, the Livien military ruler Maslovar Tiatiov showed Xim his world's first-class academies and bureaucracy; Xim was so impressed that he spared Tiatov and adopted much of Desevro's methods in training his army and government. Aided by this knowledge, Xim subsequently conquered many worlds with armies and fleets which used the highest technology available at the time, including beam-tubes, kiirium, mytag crystals, and war droids. He controlled his conquests through his much-feared secret police, the GenoHaradan, and the use of terror tactics such as mass executions. Xim also dispatched Tionese colonists by the thousands to uninhabited or depopulated worlds in an effort to strengthen his growing empire.

Eventually Xim came upon the world of Ranroon, whose legendary Queen Indrexu became a central figure in Xim-related mythology. Indrexu's importance to Xim (and even her very existence) was debated by subsequent generations of scholars, but Xim named the sixth province of his empire after her, and later dubbed his treasure ship the Queen of Ranroon.

Xim's empire eventually stretched from the Radama Void to the Maw and numbered hundreds of thousands of worlds. Its territories were divided between eight provinces, or 'Thrones', and Xim was at the height of his glory when he first heard reports of a new civilization known as the Hutts.

Xim insignia

Initially, Xim did not believe war with the Hutts to be inevitable, but when the arrogant Hutts suggested Xim and the Tionese could serve them as favored slaves, the furious Despot prepared for war. On Desevro, Xim grandly assumed the Rakatan title Daritha, then launched his military against the Hutts.

In the opening rounds of the resulting war neither side gained the upper hand; the lush Hutt world of Ko Vari was brutally sacked by Xim's armies, but his fleet was driven back from Sleheyron and many ships were lost in the black holes around Xo's Eye.

Realizing that the Tionese were ably equipped to fight a long war, Xim's nemesis Kossak the Hutt instead turned to subterfuge; he challenged Xim to fight the Hutts in ritual combat at Vontor. Stung by Kossak's taunts and allegations of cowardice, Xim accepted. At the resulting First Battle of Vontor, his fleet was defeated by the Hutts. Xim saw this as a temporary setback and redoubled his preparations to conquer Hutt Space, but the Second Battle of Vontor also ended in defeat, this time for his ground forces.

By this point, privateers hired by the Hutts were cutting heavily into Xim's shipping, sapping his materiél and leading him to handle logistics in an increasingly paranoid fashion by sending secret shipments to fortified bases. Finally, in 25,100 BBY, Kossak challenged Xim to a third battle at Vontor. In the ensuing battle Xim's armies, already short of ordnance due to privateering harassment, were surprised by the Hutts' recently acquired Klatooinian, Nikto, Weequay, and Vodran allies. Between the Hutt's new slave armies and (alleged) treachery from his own side, Xim was decisively beaten by Kossak. Xim was captured and blinded, paraded throughout Hutt Space, and eventually died a slave in the dungeons of Kossak on Varl, though Tionese history claimed that he was treacherously killed at Vontor.


Tionese history claimed that he was treacherously killed at Vontor and his treasure ship, the Queen of Ranroon, escaped to the planet of Dellalt. There, it would be guarded for millennia by a cache of war droids and a secret brotherhood known as the "Survivors", descended from the original crew and elite guards on board the ship.

Despite his reign of only thirty standard years, Xim's influence would continue through history. The GenoHaradan survived as a secretive, but powerful, criminal syndicate as late as the Jedi Civil War. The sentient species of the Si'Klaata Cluster, initially recruited under the Treaty of Vontor as allies to defeat Xim, continued to serve the Hutts well into the days of the New Republic under its terms.

The romance of Xim's lost treasure would inspire fortune-seekers throughout history. It was discovered millennia later by Han Solo and the Ruurian historian S. V. Skynx, but by then Xim's formerly priceless cache of technology was worthless. The "treasure" was largely made up of Kiirium ingots, Mytag crystals, and Beam-tubes. During Xim's time, these had represented the pinnacle of military technology but, by the time the vault was found, were long made obsolete by technological advances.

The vaults also held records that Skynx found invaluable from a historical research perspective, and some objects that still held enough value to reward Solo for his part in their discovery.

The study of Xim and his empire would eventually come to be known as Ximology. His notoriety even inspired popular self-help guides such as Xim's Rules for Ruling.

Holowright Peshosloc wrote about him in Xim at Vontor and ninety-odd other holoplays, included in the vast literary collaboration known as The Despotica.