(Jade Squadron is a sub-unit of the Colossus Resistance.)
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**[[Kazuda Xiono's squadron]]<ref name="The Recruit" />
**[[Kazuda Xiono's squadron]]<ref name="The Recruit" />
*[[Resistance]]<ref name="The Recruit" />
*[[Resistance]]<ref name="The Recruit" />
**[[Colossus resistance|''Colossus'' resistance]]<ref name="Descent">{{Resistance|Descent (episode)|Descent}}</ref>
**[[Jade Squadron]]<ref name="Rebuilding the Resistance">{{Resistance|Rebuilding the Resistance}}</ref>
*[[Team Fireball|Team ''Fireball'']]<ref name="The Recruit" />
*[[Team Fireball|Team ''Fireball'']]<ref name="The Recruit" />
*[[Ace Squadron]]<ref name="Live Fire">{{Resistance|Live Fire}}</ref>}}
*[[Ace Squadron]]<ref name="Live Fire">{{Resistance|Live Fire}}</ref>}}

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"Kazuda hails from one of the wealthiest families on Hosnian Prime."
Agent Tierny[src]

The Xiono family was a human family that became active in politics and military service during the era of the New Republic. Its members included Senator Hamato Xiono of the Galactic Senate, whose son Kazuda Xiono enlisted as a pilot in the New Republic Starfighter Corps. During the waning months of the cold war, Kazuda joined the Resistance in 34 ABY, agreeing to spy on the First Order. Though he considered informing his father, whose political and financial support he had come to depend upon, Kazuda ultimately kept his new mission a secret from his family.[1]

While Hosnian Prime was destroyed by the First Order, Kazuda and his family members survived, as he was on the Colossus for the Resistance,[5] while Hamato and the rest of the family were off-world.[2]

Family tree

Hamato Xiono
Kazuda Xiono's mother
Kazuda Xiono



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