The Xiytiar-class transport was a cargo ship manufactured by TransGalMeg Industries, Incorporated.


Xiytiar under attack SOF

A Xiytiar-class transport under attack from CloakShape fighters

It was shaped like a thin, cylinder highlighted by a bulbous front cargo section and a small, rear engine pod. Although marginally faster than the comparable MB-C1 medium transport, it was less durable in combat.

Ships of this class measured 164.8 meters in length, could carry 5,000 metric tons of cargo and up to 12 passengers. The cargo space was versatile, and at least one Xiytiar-class transport, the Sungrass, was used as a pocket carrier during a covert New Republic operation. Despite this versatility, and their ability to be manned by as few as two people, they were considered amongst the least elegant of all starships by many pilots.

Lo Khan's freighter, the Hyperspace Marauder, was probably the most famous ship of this class. Upgraded with a multi-band computer interface, the ship's co-pilot, Luwingo, made up for the ship's lack of combat ability by slicing into the control systems of attacking craft.


In 7 ABY, several members of Wraith Squadron, under the guise of the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force, operated out of the Xiytiar-class transport Sungrass.

In 137 ABY, a Xiytiar-class transport formed part of a Hidden Temple.[2]



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