Xizor's Palace was an enormous building on Imperial Center that belonged to Prince Xizor.


Being Xizor's primary base of operations, he kept all his files on computers here.


Lando Calrissian tosses the thermal detonator that will destroy the palace.

In 3 ABY Lando Calrissian, Dash Rendar, Chewbacca, and Luke Skywalker infiltrated the palace through the sewers in an effort to rescue Leia Organa. They made it up into the castle, and defeated several guards before being confronted by Xizor and Guri. Calrissian and Skywalker forced the duo to back down with several thermal detonators, threatening to set them off, destroying the palace.

Xizor retreated, but Calrissian dropped one of the explosives into a garbage chute that led down into the basement anyway. When it exploded, it destroyed the foundation of the building, sending it crumbling down to the surface. Xizor managed to escape in time, as did the heroes.


Its size made it comparable to Darth Vader's Palace and the Imperial Palace in the cityscape. It numbered 102 stories above ground; a landing pad extending out from level fifty. It had about a dozen levels below ground.

The lower levels connected to a massive sewer system that had less security. It was not wired for surveillance and relied on guards' reports. Furthermore communication failures happened frequently in some dead spots, because of pipes, conduits and thick heavy durasteel beams, a problem the technicians could not resolve. However, drain sensors could report an invasion.



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