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"You see, to contend with Xizor is to lose."

Xizor (pronounced /shē'zōr/) was a Falleen Prince of House Sizhran and the Underlord of the powerful criminal organization Black Sun during the Galactic Civil War. He was a ruthless competitor and charismatic public figure in high society with his headquarters in the city planet Coruscant. Close to the Imperial Palace, but less splendid, was Xizor's Palace: his home outside Falleen and a testimony of his status.

Following the Battle of Hoth, Prince Xizor was considered one of the most influential beings in the galaxy, on a par with both Emperor Palpatine and Supreme Commander Darth Vader, due to his exceptional wealth and influence through his criminal activities. The Dark Prince also maintained an amenable business relationship with the Galactic Empire.


Early life[]

"Every atom of my being is at your command."
"How pleasant it would be, Xizor, to believe that. But I am not such a fool. For one of your devious nature—and high ambitions—to be totally loyal would be a miracle beyond the scope of the Force itself. Even without the Force, I would be able to see well enough into your heart. You are not so devoid of self-interest, Xizor, as you would have me believe. If you wish to see the Empire achieve its fated glory, for its dominion across the galaxy to be total, then such a desire is due to your own lust for glory and power. You tie your ambitions to the Empire, because you know that is the best way to achieve them."
―Xizor and Palpatine[5]

Xizor was born the scion of a wealthy royal family on Falleen. Head of Xizor Transport Systems and already a trillionaire during the last years of the Galactic Republic, his extravagant tastes were evident from an early age. He[1] made his presence known on the planet of Coruscant by erecting an enormous palace in the middle of the cityscape, east of the Presidential Palace. The massive undertaking required the former Farfalla skyscraper razed down to its subfoundations.

Xizor had already climbed up the ladder of the hierarchy of the criminal enterprise known as the Black Sun by the time the Clone Wars raged on,[source?] during which the syndicate almost fell apart because of a bota regulation deal with the Hutts falling apart.[6] He patiently waited out galaxy-wide conflict. When the wars concluded, Prince Xizor quickly began to create a close relationship with the newly proclaimed Galactic Emperor, Palpatine.

Vying for Vigo[]

"Prince Xizor of House Sizhran. Black Sun captain, looking to move up the turbolift."
Calculation XWM

Prince Xizor

Mere months after Palpatine's Declaration of a New Order, Xizor was one of the top contenders to become a Vigo within the Black Sun, his main rival for the position being a Nediji assassin named Kaird. The two competed for the favor of Underlord Dal Perhi, both by completing missions for the organization and by setting traps that would ruin the other's mission, or standing with the Underlord.[source?] Xizor's work with Perhi successfully reorganized the Black Sun and repaired the faction in the wake of the bota fiasco, though it was still recovering from the death of Alexi Garyn after thirteen years.[6] The competition came to a head when Kaird set Xizor up to buy a hypergem that had been stolen from a boss on Metellos, which would have caused the Prince to lose favor with Perhi for angering an important ally of the Black Sun. However, Xizor had set up Kaird to come up with the scheme, and when Xizor purchased the hypergem, he took it to Underlord Perhi as a sign of his loyalty, and to turn Kaird in.[8]

Believing that he had all but secured the position of Vigo, Xizor was given one final mission to carry out for Perhi: find and retrieve the droid 10-4TO. The droid was being hunted by both the Galactic Empire and a budding resistance movement known as the Whiplash, and Perhi wanted possession of the droid to use it as a bargaining chip to make sure the government did not interfere with his organization's nefarious operations. However, obtaining the droid was not Perhi's objective for the mission, instead he was setting Xizor up to be assassinated by Kaird, who posed less of a threat to the Underlord's power.[8]

The assassination attempt failed, and with the help of 10-4TO, Xizor captured Kaird, and headed for the Factory District after a brief encounter with Jedi Knight Jax Pavan and his band of companions who were hunting for the droid. There, Xizor revealed to Kaird that he planned to kill Underlord Perhi, and replace him with a human replica droid so that he could control Perhi and eventually rise to the rank of Underlord. He planned to brainwash the assassin into murdering Perhi, but was foiled when he found that his team of scientists had been murdered by feral droids.[8]



Xizor was then found by Nick Rostu, who led the Falleen to the rest of Jax Pavan's group, which had followed Xizor half way around Coruscant in pursuit of 10-4TO. With the help of the droid, Xizor subdued the group and tied them up. He was about to kill Pavan with his own lightsaber, when Rostu and the sentient protocol droid I-5YQ simultaneously attacked Xizor. Rostu's attack was easily beaten back, but I-5 was able to subdue Xizor by training his finger lasers on the Prince. Pavan called the droid off, and began dueling Xizor. Pavan was able to disarm Xizor when he regained his sporadic control of the Force. Xizor was able to escape by stealing a blaster from the unconscious Nick Rostu, and proceeded to steal Kaird's ship and fled the Factory District.[8]

Family tragedy[]

After the rise of the Empire, Falleen became home to a biological weapons laboratory that worked on secret projects for the Imperial Forces' Supreme Commander,[9] Darth Vader. In 7 BBY, a flesh-eating bacterial agent was accidentally released from the bioweapons lab, causing the secondary sovereign to order the lab, and the surrounding city, to be razed to prevent an outbreak and keep his projects secret. Prince Xizor's father, King Haxim, was the ruler of the local region, and his parents, brother, two sisters and three uncles perished in the orbital bombardment. Xizor was off-planet at the time, cementing his position as a Vigo in Black Sun. Upon his return, he had virtually all knowledge of his position destroyed. The Dark Prince planned revenge on the Sith Lord but didn't want knowledge of his personal vendetta made public.

In the years that followed, Xizor built two concurrent empires: one legitimate, one criminal. Thus, the Dark Prince emerged as the leader of Black Sun and the proprietor of several major galactic corporations. To fund and facilitate his illegal empire, Xizor had his legal firms, such as Xizor Transport Systems, funnel funds, transfer contraband and launder millions of credits. Xizor was driven by his desire to restore his opulent lifestyle and to destroy Darth Vader. To disguise his planned revenge, the Dark Prince used his connections to remove all record of the Sith Lord's involvement in the death of his family. Everyone assumed their rivalry was jockeying for favor from the Emperor, who subtly encouraged the rivalry.

Xizor ordered himself a personal craft, the Virago, which was a custom heavily modified StarViper Assault Fighter, made just for him. Upon completion, the Dark Prince purchased all rights to the fighter, ensuring it was unique. As his position necessitated a certain degree of paranoia and much distrust for the life forms around him, Xizor sought out a wholly obedient lieutenant and so he commissioned Simonelle and Massad Thrumble to construct him a Human replica droid modified according to his exact specifications, the end result of the project being Guri, whom Xizor bought for nine million credits. Once the two developers went their separate ways, the Dark Prince decided to ensure his new bodyguard's uniqueness by preventing her creators from producing yet another - while Thrumble's safety was guaranteed due to his association with the Empire, Simonelle enjoyed no such protection and Xizor had Guri track him down and kill him. Unknown to either the Dark Prince or his lieutenant, the dead man was nothing more than a replica, with the real scientist having fled into hiding.[10]

Hutt politics[]

The Falleen Prince took a great deal of interest in dealing with the Hutts; knowing that they were the masters of all illegal activities in the Outer Rim, he hoped to ally himself with them and expand his own power to even greater levels.

Prince Xizor 2016 Summer Tournament Kit

Xizor confers with a Hutt via hologram.

The occasion for this was presented to him by the conflict between the two largest Hutt clans, Besadii and Desilijic, between 5 and 2 BBY. When Aruk the Hutt, head of Besadii kajidic, was killed by his rivals from Desilijic, Xizor lent his assistance to Aruk's heir, Durga; he offered to kill off the latter's rivals within the clan, ensuring a smooth transition of power, in exchange for his cut of the profits in Besadii's spice operations on Ylesia. Later on, Xizor also provided Durga with security for Ylesia, by granting him the services of a private security company that normally worked in tandem with Black Sun; again, the Hutt gangster agreed, and in exchange offered the Dark Prince an even greater share of the Ylesian enterprise. When a Rebel strike team destroyed Ylesia anyway, Durga was left with little to no resources, and subsequently became one of Xizor's Vigos, one of the latter's many subordinates in the Black Sun syndicate.

Even after the "acquisition" of Besadii, Xizor also had dealings with Jabba, head of Desilijic, with the Hutt crime lord addressing him in Basic, a very rare concession from him. In the end, the Dark Prince had succeeded in extending Black Sun's power far into the Outer Rim, while eliminating the threat of serious competition from the Hutt Cartel. From now on in the galactic underworld, his organization was a power without equal.

Prince Xizor also worked with the Assembler Kud'ar Mub'at to bring about the destruction of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. The goal was to create a supply of freelance bounty hunters (i.e., Boba Fett) for the Empire. However, at first he only succeeded in splitting the Guild into two warring factions; posting a huge bounty for rogue special-forces Imperial Stormtrooper Trhin Voss'on't, Xizor's goal was fully realized when the two warring factions tore themselves apart - though the commando had played his role in the plot, he was nonetheless dispensed with by the Dark Prince's agents.

At one point, the Dark Prince tried and failed to wrest control of Kuat Drive Yards from Kuat of Kuat, causing the latter to attempt a frame-up against the Black Sun leader for the murders of Owen and Beru Lars, Luke Skywalker's guardians.

Shadows of the Empire[]

"I bowed and scraped to every one of Lord Vader's demands. They couldn't have found a more amenable business partner."
"Or a more dangerous enemy."
―Xizor and Guri[11]

Xizor contemplates his next move.

Shortly after the Subjugation of Bespin, Xizor contacted Tyber Zann, head of the rival criminal venture known as the Zann Consortium, and made a deal with him. The latter crime lord agreed to steal tibanna from Cloud City and share 50% of the profit with the Dark Prince who would in turn arrange a meeting with the Emperor or one of his representatives. Xizor was aware of Vader's presence on Bespin and had staged the mission as a trap for Zann. Tyber completed the contract, but correctly suspecting a double cross decided to plant evidence pointing Vader into Xizor's direction during the raid and hired IG-88 to get access to planets on the gangster's hit list; after the theft, he sold the Tibanna Gas on the Black Market and used some to build his fleet.

During this time, the Falleen kingpin's interests would also collude with those of the Empire, assisting in the construction of the second Death Star. Prince Xizor offered Lord Vader 300 ships for the construction project, and though the latter distrusted the seemingly amenable collaborator, he could not refuse without suffering Emperor Palpatine's wrath. Vader had good reason to distrust Xizor, however. The Falleen planned to destroy the cyborg, the man who had condemned his entire family to death, by executing a masterstroke of vengeance. Learning of his adversary's quest for Luke Skywalker, Xizor attempted to frustrate it and simultaneously lower Vader in Palpatine's esteem by having the young Jedi killed. Therefore he had Guri contact several guns-for-hire through intermediaries, and posted a bounty on Luke Skywalker's life. The Dark Prince also managed to convince the Emperor allow the Rebel Alliance to get a hold of the plans for the second Death Star. He could profit from this in one of two ways: he could deliver the insurgents to the Dark Lord of the Sith, therefore entering his good graces if the Empire won—or if the Alliance did win the war, he would make sure they didn't forget the Black Sun's invaluable contribution to their victory.

Upon learning that a smuggler named Dash Rendar was moving supplies for the Rebel Alliance while providing transport for a swoop racer Kimmi Chyler, Prince Xizor ordered his agents to investigate the activities, so that he could reveal them to Emperor Palpatine. He even dispatched Guri to confront Rendar directly in Kor Vella, though the smuggler managed to escape the Human replica droid.[12]

Black sun attack by wraithdt-d4lzwta

Xizor and Guri facing off against Luke.

For the final swoop race of the season at the Mos Espa Race on Tatooine Xizor Transport Company had provided several large luxury sand barges from which spectators could watch the race. The Dark Prince himself had come to witness the event from his personal barge, with his human replica droid henchman at his side. By doing so, Xizor hoped to lure Luke Skywalker onto his barge, where Skahtul could lay a trap for him. However, the Barabel mercenary failed to subdue the young Jedi and so his quarry escaped.[13]

Xizor Transport Systems was also looking to sponsor a swoop racing team and following the race Xizor held a party, to which Kimmi Chyler was invited. Guri was also in attendance with her master but refrained from confronting Rendar at the party. During the party she chatted with the Falleen and became influenced by his pheromones, which caused her to develop a short-lived attraction to him. After the party, Xizor and Guri followed Chyler, Rendar and their bodyguard to a nearby cantina where the smuggler was delivering a datapad with Important information to Luke Skywalker. Xizor ordered Guri to kill the group and to take the datapad, but Skywalker and the others put up a strong defense. Finally, the Dark Prince gave up and ordered his enforcer to leave, promising to expose all information about the smuggler - and more importantly the Jedi trainee - to the Emperor.[12]

The fall of Xizor's Palace[]


Xizor confronts and attempts to seduce Leia.

Meanwhile, Princess Leia Organa sought the help of Prince Xizor in her plan both to liberate the carbon-frozen Captain Han Solo from the clutches of the gangster Jabba to get to the bottom of the attempts on Luke Skywalker's life. Disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh, the Rebel leader accompanied by "Snoova" (Chewbacca) was welcomed into the Underlord's Palace on Imperial Centre. Enticed by Organa's beauty, Xizor tried to seduce her using his pheromones to cloud her mind and make her susceptible to his flirting. However, his efforts were thwarted by Chewbacca's intervention, the latter who revealed Xizor's ploy to Leia. The Princess returned in the Underlord's presence to stall for time, but kneed him in the groin to rebuke his advances, leading the frustrated crime boss to imprison her. Soon after Luke's escape from the Barabel mercenaries, Skywalker, Dash Rendar, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian infiltrated Xizor's abode in order to rescue Leia.[4]

Xizor confronted the group during their escape, attempting to kill Skywalker himself. A standoff ensued when the Jedi trainee pulled a thermal detonator rigged to a dead man's switch; if Skywalker died, Xizor would die too. Calrissian threw another thermal detonator down a garbage chute, set on a five-minute delay, and the Rebels escaped to the palace's roof where the Millennium Falcon was waiting for them. The Dark Prince escaped in the Virago and fled to his orbiting skyhook, seething as his expensive palace collapsed to the ground under the thermal detonator's blast.[4]


"Commander, destroy the skyhook."
―Darth Vader[4]

The Falleen Prince wasn't finished, however. Xizor ordered his StarViper fighters to fire on the Millennium Falcon. Dash Rendar's droid, LE-BO2D9 had gotten a message to Rogue Squadron who arrived to help the fleeing Rebels out, but the true turning point came from an unlikely source: the Empire.

During a communication with his skyhook, Prince Xizor made the fundamental error of muttering Skywalker's name in his instructions to destroy a YT-1300 light freighter despite being warned by Lord Vader not to go after him. Instead of being able to claim he was after a group of renegades flying a YT-1300 freighter, he had made things personal. As Palpatine was away inspecting the second Death Star, Vader, as Supreme Commander,[9] was left in charge of Coruscant. He was aboard his flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor when the fateful message was intercepted and ordered his TIE Fighters to attack Black Sun's StarVipers. Vader sent a holo-message to Falleen's Fist demanding that Xizor cease his attack immediately and surrender into his custody. As the seconds ticked away, the Supreme Commander listened to communications from the skyhook and the chief of the Dark Prince's fleet who was begging to be allowed to surrender until his ship was destroyed. There was no answer from Xizor and when time was up, Vader gave the order to destroy the skyhook.[4]

With the destruction of the skyhook, Xizor was presumed dead and his niece Savan took control of Black Sun, which consequently underwent a civil war and spawned at least one offshoot, the Black Nebula.

As of 43.5 ABY, there were still rumors among the New Jedi Order that Prince Xizor was somehow alive; however, they were quickly debunked.

Personality and traits[]

"If you cannot afford to lose, you should not play the game."
Xizor - SWGTCG


Prince Xizor, according to Moff Fliry Vorru, relied too much on his ability to read others. Whereas it was true that he was an excellent judge of character, he did believe himself to be inherently superior to everyone. The Falleen ability to produce intoxicating pheromones together with his formidable brain and resourcefulness backed up his claim somewhat. He did underestimate the power of the Force which was why Sith and Jedi were able to get the better of him. He knew the Force existed and respected it but never truly understood it. Lord Vader once Force Gripped Prince Xizor during a three-way conversation with Emperor Palpatine, but the sovereign told his apprentice to put him down, knowing the strength of Black Sun would prove to be a valuable asset to the Empire.

He also considered himself a cultured man. Xizor did appreciate High Coruscanti living, dining at exclusive restaurants, eating Moonglow three or four times a month (at the most exclusive restaurant on Coruscant, the Manarai, where he was a part-owner), sponsoring museums and galleries. He once forgave a rival after the rival presented him an extremely rare miniature Firethorn tree. Such a gift, the Dark Prince mused, was enough to show him that the man was civilized and therefore his mistake could be forgiven.

The Falleen also prided himself on his emotional control, which he attributed to his cold-blooded, reptilian ancestry. He felt that mammalian races such as Humans were too easily ruled by their emotions, and that in particular they were susceptible to uncontrolled rage. His own "cold" anger was more controllable, and thus, he felt, superior. While a Human might seek immediate vengeance, Xizor was content to plan his revenge carefully, so as to ensure success, even if it required waiting for years to implement the plan. However, while the Dark Prince's anger built up slowly, in the end it was the very uncontrolled rage he believed himself immune to that doomed him. He was able to find entertainment in even the most hum-drum tasks and felt that boredom was for those who lacked imagination.

Xizor kept himself in top physical condition. He disliked tedious exercise and so preferred to use myostim units that exercised individual muscles. Xizor was dangerous even when confronted alone. His excellent marksmanship and martial arts training made him a deadly opponent whether he was armed or not.


Generally a fan of the short-term relationship, Xizor naturally was quick to terminate his intimate relations, usually with large compensation to the female, other times with a green diamond pendant (which would deliver a lethal dose of radioactive emissions).[5] He followed a strict no post-relationship contact policy, which on at least one noted occasion, he deemed he had to terminate the woman when she attempted to contact him again.[4] When he was between relationships, Xizor was known to occasionally sleep with Guri as she was fully female even in that respect.[4]

Xizor also became enamored of Leia Organa and attempted to seduce her.[4] As with his other schemes, this backfired dramatically.[4] He used his pheromones upon her and for a while, the woman submitted to the scent.[4] However, after Chewbacca brought Leia back to her senses, she quickly rebuffed his advances by kneeing him in the groin, leaving an enraged Xizor to lock her up.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

SWV Mos Espa Grand Arena

Xizor figurines in the filming of the Mos Espa Grand Arena.

Xizor makes many cameo appearances during the podrace scene in The Phantom Menace, as the micro-machine toy figurine of Xizor was used as a stand-in for members of the podrace crowd. However, as this cameo is used only as background fill-ins, it may not be considered an actual appearance of the character proper.[14]

"Xizor's Theme," composed by Joel McNeely, can be heard on the Shadows of the Empire soundtrack.

Xizor's voice in the Shadows of the Empire video game was provided by Nick Tate.

In the game Star Wars: Empire at War, Xizor had a finished 3D model, but was excluded from the final game. He would make an appearance in holographic form in the expansion pack, Forces of Corruption. The name of Xizor's model is: "NI_PRINCEXIZOR.ALO"

Susumu Sugita sculpted a twelve-inch statue of Xizor that was used as a visual reference for illustrators and painters during the multimedia project.


The character's name came from Lucy Autrey Wilson, who combined the Portuguese pronunciation of the letter X (sh-) with the second syllable of the English word "razor."[15] Xizor's official pronunciation was established in the Shadows of the Empire novel & Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption as "shē'zōr".

Making reference to the confusion over the pronunciation, in the 1999 film Free Enterprise, Mark is examining Star Wars merchandise and mutters, "At least they finally got rid of all that Prince Zeezor stuff from Shadows of the Empire." A child in the aisle corrects him, "It's Xizor!". Dan snaps back, "Shut up, kid. You weren't even born when Star Wars came out." Mark then tries to educate the kid on the history of science fiction pre-1977, but finally gives up when the kid says "I like Men in Black."[source?]


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