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"Quiet! We are the Black Sun."
―Xomit refusing his offer with Maul[src]

Xomit Grunseit was a Falleen male and the leader of a Black Sun faction based on Mustafar during the galaxy-spanning Clone Wars.


At some stage prior or during the Clone Wars, Grunseit acquired a facility on the volcanic world of Mustafar in the Outer Rim. He would base his operations there, along with four other leaders of the faction. He would assemble a large force of soldiers loyal to him, including his Captain of the Guard Ziton Moj.

Grunseit would be in his facility when his Captain of the Guard introduced Death Watch leader Pre Vizsla and the two Sith Lords Darth Maul and Savage Opress to him. Maul stated to him that he was forming an army and that he wished for Grunseit and his faction to join him. Grunseit mocked Maul and his allied and refused to ally with the Sith Lord.

He and his other four leaders were killed by Opress and the Death Watch after the Falleen refused to join Maul.


Grunseit's faction would continue to survive after his death, but they would ultimately be absorbed into Maul's new Shadow Collective. Those soldiers would prove instrumental, as would Ziton Moj, in the takeover and battle of Sundaricapital city of the New Mandalorian faction on Mandalore—sometime after his death.



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