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"The rebellion is growing. There's good, solid leadership there. And people eager to join…"
―Xosad Hozem, to Hadder Ponda[src]

Xosad Hozem was a Twi'lek[1] male[2] who became a resistance fighter during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Hozem was part of a group of smugglers that frequented Wanton Wellspring on Rajtiri shortly after the end of the Clone Wars, a group which included Hozem's old friend Has Obitt as well as Onderonian freedom fighter Saw Gerrera. Obitt convinced Hozem as well as the others to join him in the efforts of the Empire to take over the independent Salient system in the Corporate Sector. This grew into a full-scale rebellion, and Hozem became part of the Partisans fighting against the forces of Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.[1]

Despite defeat in the Salient campaign,[1] Hozem escaped Imperial capture and eventually reunited with Gerrera and his Partisans at an outpost on the planet Wrea. Undertaking a number of missions for the insurgent group, he, along with others such as Idryssa Barruck, were attracted to the idea of forming a larger rebellion, and eventually left the Partisans altogether. He eventually became a recruiting agent on Skuhl, where he met Jyn Erso and her lover, Hadder Ponta. As a recruiting agent, he was aware of the rebellion's Fulcrum agents.[2]


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