"Your chief hangar master is having trouble obeying orders."
―Kimmund, to Karyn Faro[src]

Xoxtin was a female Senior Lieutenant who served as the Chief Hangar Master aboard the Chimaera. Her family was one of Coruscant's elite and so few naval officers dealt with her when she did things her own way on the Chimaera. When her disobedience dissatisfied the First Legion, Commander Kimmund advised Commodore Karyn Faro to talk to Xoxtin.


"I will speak to her personally."
―Karyn Faro, to Kimmund[src]

Xoxtin was born to a powerful family that was part of the Coruscant elite, and were close friends with a senior adviser on Mid Rim affairs of Emperor Palpatine. She eventually joined the Galactic Empire and became the Chief Hangar Master aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Chimaera, the flagship of Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Seventh Fleet, as a Senior Lieutenant. In doing her job, she had a peculiar and precise way of doing things, and due to her families influence, few naval officers had the nerve to deal with her doing things her way.[1]

Sometime after the Battle of Atollon, the Chimaera was sent on a mission to the edge of the Outer Rim Territories to investigate a disturbance in the Force at the planet Batuu. For the mission, the Chimaera took aboard Darth Vader and his personal stormtrooper legion, the First Legion. But while Thrawn instructed his officers to cooperate with their orders, Xoxtin refused to obey them. As a result, Commander Kimmund, a stormtrooper in the First Legion, approached Commodore Karyn Faro on the matter. Although Faro knew how powerful Xoxtin's family was, she agreed to talk to Xoxtin and assure the First Legion's starships were positions in the places Kimmund requested.[1]

Xoxtin continued to serve aboard the Chimaera after its return to Imperial space from the mission on Batuu. She was among the warship's personnel when Thrawn was tasked with solving the problem of the Grallocs interfering with supply lines for Project Stardust at the Kurost sector transfer point. After an engagement with the Grysk during that mission, Thrawn left the Chimaera to investigate the possible presence of a young Chiss navigator aboard a Grysk observation post in the sector. When Assistant Director Brierly Ronan asked to accompany him, he refused the request. After Thrawn embarked, Ronan demanded Commodore Faro send a second shuttle so that he could join the Grand Admiral's party, but she too refused. He was similarly rebuffed by the other members of the Chimaera's tightly-knit officer corps until he asked Xoxtin. She held little regard for Thrawn or Faro but respected Imperial elite, even those outside the military chain of command, such as Ronan's superior Director Orson Krennic. By invoking Krennic's name, Ronan persuaded Xoxtin to furnish a shuttle for him to join Thrawn, Admiral Ar'alani and Lieutenant Eli Vanto of the Chiss Defense Fleet at the Grysk outpost.[2]

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