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The Y-4 Transport was a military transport manufactured by Incom Corporation.[2][1] Quite common during the Zsinj campaign, they came to be so synonymous with Zsinj's Raptors that the vessels were called Y-4 Raptors in common conversation.[1]

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A sturdy ship that was designed to move quickly and hit hard, the Y-4 was equipped with a pair of retractable wings for emergency braking and increased maneuverability.[2][1] Combined with meter-thick heat-dispersive armor and multiple layers of spray-on heat ablative coatings, the Y-4 could make full use of its impressive speed without having to slow down due to atmospheric friction.[2][1] For this reason, the Y-4 was popular with Zsinj's Raptors for quick and quiet insertion onto a planet's surface.[2][1]

Just under thirty meters long, the Y-4 had a small command crew of just one pilot and two gunners, and was capable of carrying forty troops, four AT-STs, and several PX-10 CAVws and military speeder bikes; folding assault ramps allowed both soldiers and vehicles to depart in seconds.[2][1] A modest weapons platform, the Y-4 was armed with a pair of dual laser cannons and a concussion missile launcher for defense, and was able to provide copious cover for its occupants as they disembarked.[2][1]

Civilian variant[edit | edit source]

The Y-4 was available in a civilian model which lacked weaponry and armor plating, and was slower than the military version, though was still considered fast enough to perform as a courier.[1] While it was capable of hyperspace travel, the threat of pirates and other hazards forced many owners to upgrade their civilian Y-4s with weaponry for protection.[1] Civilian-grade Y-4s were widely used as maintenance and supply vessels by Warlord Zsinj.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Y-4 Raptor schematics

Introduced to the Galactic Empire shortly before Incom's nationalization, the Y-4 never saw widespread use due to Imperial prejudice against the alleged Rebel sympathies of its creators.[2][1]

The Rebel Alliance used a Y-4 at a rendezvous point on Fest. Three captured All Terrain Personal Transports escaped aboard the transport.[3]

The New Republic captured several Y-4 transports in their campaign against Zsinj, and Han Solo even appropriated one of their transponder codes for use on the Millennium Falcon.

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