The Y-8 was a Corellian Engineering Corporation mining vessel which dominated mining operations throughout the galaxy.


Y-8 Mining Ship

Y-8 doing its job.

The Y-8 was designed as the ultimate in mining technology, equipped with a full array of lasers and tractor beams for mining lucrative asteroid belts. It was equipped with heavy shielding for protection from pirates and meteors. The core of CEC operations near Kashyyyk, the vessels were highly prized and protected.

Some mercenary groups that acquired Y-8's stripped them of their mining lasers and equipped them with more lethal laser cannons for use as capital ships.

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The Y-8 was created for the Rage of the Wookiees expansion for Star Wars Galaxies. It is awarded to players at the end of a series of mining quests. Ironically, it is widely considered to be the poorest choice of ships for mining asteroids.



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