This article is about the Y-TIE ugly. You may be looking for the similarly named TYE-wing.

The Y-TIE was an Ugly starfighter built by replacing the standard engine package of a BTL Y-wing starfighter with the radiator wings and ion engines of a standard TIE/LN starfighter. The laser cannons from the TIE replaced the ion cannons in the Y-wing's turret, and the TIE's sensor package replaced the Y-wing's missing sensor array.

This ship was one of the more common "Ugly" designs, thanks to the fact that Y-wings and TIE Fighters were two of the most common ship designs in use. It was neither fast nor maneuverable, but was comparatively durable and packed a punch. In a way, it combined the strengths of both fighters, having better shields and weaponry than a TIE/LN starfighter and better engines and firepower than a BTL Y-wing, whereas the opposite can be said for the TYE-wing.

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