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The YT-1000 freighter, also known as the YT-1000 transport, was a starship model designed to transport passengers and cargo on interstellar journeys. The ship was circular in design, with an outrigger cockpit sandwiched between a pair of rectangular mandibles. YT-1000 was considered outdated by 14 BBY, being already in use for more than a century.



the schematics of the YT-1000

The YT-1000 freighter was a saucer-shaped starship that had a front-facing, centered cockpit that was surrounded by a pair of mandibles. The cockpit had large transparisteel windows that were retrofitted from Barloz-class freighter cockpit canopies. The freighter was 28 meters in length and was manned by a crew of two. It had consumables for two months and could reach speeds of 740 kilometers per hour. A stock YT-1000 was equipped with sublight engines, a navigation computer, sensor suite, and a Class 3 primary hyperdrive with a Class 16 backup hyperdrive. The freighter came armed with a standard laser cannon. A new YT-1000 was priced at 85,000 credits, while used ones were priced at 20,000.[1]


The YT-1000 worked both as a freighter and as a transport. It could carry up to four passengers and had a cargo capacity of 75 metric tons.[1]



XS freighter Haynes

The YT-1000 took inspiration from the ancient XS stock light freighter.

The YT-1000 freighter was designed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation as an experimental departure from their YG series and as a possible replacement to the "tired" Barloz-class freighter. Inspiration for the new freighter was taken from the ancient XS stock light freighter. As such, the YT-1000 was designed as a saucer-shaped freighter, with a cockpit centered atop the hull.[1]

CEC released the YT-1000 as a limited run to largely positive response. Surveys indicated consumers liked the design of the YT-1000, but would be willing to pay more for a larger, more modular ship.[1]


"Which vessel appeared first?"
"The YT-One-Thousand freighter"
"Then we'll begin with that once, since it arrived closest to the projected arrival time of the Carrion Spike"
―Darth Vader and Moff Tarkin after encountering the Reticent[src]

The YT-1000 freighter was succeeded by the YT-1200 transport and the YT-1210 transport. Neither ship was more significantly advanced than the YT-1000, but the two introduced the the side mounted cockpit that would be common on subsequent YT-series freighters.[1]

In 14 BBY during the Age of the Empire, a YT-1000 freighter known as the Reticent was captured by Imperial Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and Darth Vader. The Reticent was at least a century old and was owned by a Koorivar captain who acquired it in 17 BBY from an information broker named Knotts.[2]

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The YT-1000 freighter made its first ever appearance in the Gamemaster Toolkit: Live-Action Adventures, a gamebook published by West End Games in 1996.[3] In Star Wars Canon, the YT-1000 first appeared in the 2014[4] James Luceno novel Tarkin.[2]


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