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The YT-1000 light freighter or YT-1000 transport was a freighter produced by Corellian Engineering Corporation. It bore distinct similarities to its successor, the YT-1300 light freighter. It was a smaller vessel, and featured a top-mounted cockpit.

It had been initially intended as an experimental departure from the YG-series of transports by Corellian Engineering Corporation as well as a potential replacement for the venerable Barloz-class Medium Freighters, although even the CEC had not envisioned it as a bold new direction in starship design. In addition to incorporating new technology, the YT-1000's design was also inspired by past starship designs, specifically ancient holograms that yielded images and partial data/schematics for a CEC XS stock light freighter dating back to the Great Galactic War. As the partials left questions unanswered, CEC turned to Narro Sienar, an expert on ancient freighters and the then-owner of Santhe/Sienar Technologies, which led to the creation of the vessel from the design experiment. Although the ship design was popular, CEC opted for a limited release due to mixed reviews of the ship, with the primary desire being for a larger ship that offered more modular options.

As with the later variants of the YT-series, the YT-1000 was favored by smugglers, who enjoyed the freedom to tinker with the vessel and add many modifications, such as various weaponry. The model was replaced by the YT-1200, YT-1210 and later the YT-1300.

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