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The YT-1210 light freighter was a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-series light freighter that immediately preceded the YT-1250 freighter.


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YT-1210 diagram

Some features of the YT-1210 would be the basis of the YT-1300 light freighter. The ship had the familiar saucer-shaped hull of the YT-1300, but lacked the forward cargo loading mandibles that gave that ship its familiar outline.[3] It also included two sensors protruding from the bow, which could be big, tempting targets for anyone attacking the YT-1210.[3]

The YT-1210 was 28 meters in length,[2] and the standard crew consisted of a pilot and a gunner.[3] The stock YT-1210 could carry up to 100 metric tons of cargo, and was armed with a single laser cannon. The ship had a small cabin for the captain, and it came equipped with a small refresher station. A YT-1210 could be, and were, modified by their owners.[3]


YT-1210 was the main production light freighter from Corellian Engineering Corporation, until the YT-1300 arrived. Unfortunately, once sales of the YT-1300 took off at some point before 33 BBY, the highly capable YT-1210 freighter had a shortened production run.[3] The YT-1210 was not a poor design, but it was not on par with the speed of YT-1300 and it lacked some of the amenities that the YT-1300 had. Still, the YT-1210, like its more popular successor, could be found throughout the galaxy.



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