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The YT-1250 freighter was a model of freighter produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.


YT-1250 Transport

YT-1250 schematics

The YT-1250 had 20% less cargo capacity than the stock YT-1200, but it made up for that by having stronger engines, heavier weapons, and a basic set of shields. It wasn't as highly upgradeable as most YT-series freighters, but it was still able to be modified to suit the user's needs.


Since the YT-1250 was upgraded and reinforced, it was marketed as suitable for light defense duties, cargo transporting in hazardous areas, and being used as an armed escort for freighter convoys.


The YT-1250 was an unusual model for CEC, since it wasn't a new design. With the release of the YT-1300, CEC found itself with a huge back stock of YT-1200s and YT-1210s. In an effort to sell these ships, they redesigned the older ships and sold them as a "new" design. Sales remained sluggish but CEC was finally able to sell the whole line off to various small systems and militant trade guilds.

Station TFP-9 on the planet Naboo had two such freighters for defense.



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