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The YT-1760 Small Transport was a class of transport manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation. The YT-1760 was marketed as a transport and shuttle designed to overcome problems common in older YT-series models, but the designs gave the YT-1760 various shortcomings and flaws. The Auric was a YT-1760 Small Transport utilized by the Rebel Alliance.


"Shields are down and the power core's about to blow. We need somewhere to land, and fast."
―Lina Graf[src]

The Auric was a YT-1760 Small Transport used by the Rebel Alliance.

The YT-1760 Small Transport was a transport manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation. It was designed to overcome various issues in older YT-series models such as lack of sufficient power in sublight engines, poor maneuverability, and slow hyperdrive speed. Upgrades in the design to these areas, however, came at the cost of a less sturdy design resulting in higher maintenance costs, as well as less durability and smaller cargo capacity.[1]

The YT-1760 Small Transport was 26.5 meters in length and was manned by a crew of two, though one could also effectively pilot the starship. It had room for eight passengers, a cargo capacity of 10 metric tons, consumables for two months and could reach speeds of 990 kilometers per hour. It was equipped with a navigation computer, a class 1 primary hyperdrive with a class 15 backup hyperdrive, sublight engines, and a deflector shield generator. Although the stock YT-1760 Small Transport was not armed, Corellian Engineering Corporation added a laser cannon after customer complaints, and two turret mounts similar to those on a YT-1300 light freighter could easily accommodate larger commercial laser cannons. A new YT-1760 was priced at 80,000 credits, while used ones were priced at 20,000.[1]

Despite its various shortcomings, like all YT-series models, the YT-1760 had its own niche of enthusiasts who favored the starship for its central cockpit that allowed for greater visibility, and that it was an exceptionally maneuverable transport. The YT-1760 is also highly modifiable, with longtime owners being aware of the most economic upgrades. One common upgrade was the conversion of some of the small cargo space to install more powerful shield generators, which increased the YT-1760's survivability.[1]


The YT-1760 was marketed as a transport and shuttle, although its relatively small cargo space discouraged larger trade corporations and transportation companies. The YT-1760 was popular among independent traders, smugglers, and pirates.[1]


The YT-1760 Small Transport debuted after Corellian Engineering Corporation finished designs for the starship. One YT-1760, the Auric, was used by Commander Lina Graf and her crew of the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, but was shot down and crashed on Mustafar and sank into the lava.[2] Due to its various design shortcomings and flaws, by the time of the Galactic Civil War, most were found at a scrapyard.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The YT-1760 Small Transport first appeared in Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader's Castle 1, a canon comic released in 2018.[2] It was later identified in the 2018 canon reference book YT-1300 Millennium Falcon Owners' Workshop Manual.[1] It had previously first appeared in Star Wars Legends when it was mentioned in A Legacy of Starships.[3]


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