The YT-XC, later known as the "mini-fighter," was a small explorer craft that could be carried aboard the YT-1300 light freighter.


The YT-XC was a single-pilot exploration starship that was developed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation for use in conjunction with the YT-1300 light freighter. The YT-XC arose from research and development that had gone into the failed freight-loading external rover project. The vessel developed huge demand, but in response to concerns from Imperial Customs, CEC marketed it only at relief organizations, scientific foundations and licensed industrial prospectors. However, a number of YT-XCs were obtained by pirates and smugglers, who modified them and used them as miniature starfighters.[1] For some time, Han Solo and Chewbacca operated one aboard the Millennium Falcon.[2]



Diagram of an armed YT-XC

The YT-XC was designed to be housed within the YT-1300, concealed behind a hatch that outwardly appeared to be a docking ring.[1] The ship was large enough to accommodate an adult male Wookiee.[2] The craft was later equipped with two blaster cannons and concussion missiles.[1]

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"It was always there; you just never saw it in the films."
Mark Boudreaux, discussing the mini-fighter[src]

A schematic showing the location of the F-LER and YT-XC when docked in a YT-1300's mandibles and port vestibule.

The designers of the Hasbro Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon included the mini-fighter with the Falcon because they believed that the Falcon's size and bulk relegated the Falcon to the role of a playset rather than a vehicle. They felt that, in the words of designer Mark Boudreaux, "There had to be some way to fly some part of the Falcon around."[3]


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