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The YV-666 light freighter was a Corellian Engineering Corporation light freighter design.



A YV-666 in landing configuration

The YV-666 was a long, tall, narrow, and blocky freighter with port and starboard maneuvering fins at the rear that provided vertical movement and a three-deck design. Its propulsion system was simple, though it gave the YV-666 a considerable amount of maneuverability despite its size.

Its bridge deck was at the top of the hull with its bottom deck containing engines, power core, and weapons systems. Its main deck was large enough to be modified to house private quarters, a training chamber, an armory, an advance medical bay and even a brig. Considerably larger than the vessels of the YT-series, the YV-666 still bore the ability to be easily modified.

The bounty hunter Bossk used the Hound's Tooth, a modified YV-666 light freighter with a small hangar for a two-seater scout ship, and more powerful engine systems that filled the lower half of the vessel.

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Houndstooth schem

YV-666 schematics.


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