The YX-1980 space transport was a one of the most popular transports in use around 137 ABY. Smugglers Chak and Kee used a YX-1980 named Grinning Liar as their vessel.


The YX-1980 was a well-defended cargo hauler that could move goods across the galaxy with a minimum amount of fuss. It wasn't as fast as other transports, but was very durable. It had shields far stronger than most transports, and was equipped with a set of medium blaster cannons for defense.[1]

YX-1980 space transport

YX-1980 layout

The ship had an open platform, which allowed it to spread out the cargo over a larger area to reduce strain on the repulsors and artificial gravity systems. It also helped prevent damage to other systems during a malfunction. Some owners liked this separation, but others complained about the problems this caused during operations or when attempting modifications.[1]

Like most CEC designs, it was very easy to customize. It had plenty of room for modifications or new systems. This made it popular with captains who liked to customize their ships.[1]



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