The Corellian Engineering Corporation YZ-2500 heavy transport was a capital-scale transport that was sometimes used as a military vessel in the Galactic Alliance.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Admiral Nict's Pride of Corellia is destroyed at Caamas.

The class had a design reminiscent of previous eras of Corellian shipbuilding, with elements similar to the Consular-class and DP20 frigate.[2] It was one of the largest space transports available on the market, and was mainly used by corporations that wanted to move large amounts of goods with a minimum amount of ships.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The Corellian Engineering Corporation was able to produce these ships despite Imperial restrictions by convincing the Imperial bureaucracy that the YZ-2500 will help to stabilize trade lines plagued by pirates. Many of those ships found their way into the hands of Galactic Alliance Core Fleet.[1] A famous YZ-2500 transport was the Pride of Corellia, captained by Admiral Nict, as a ship in the Core Fleet, during the Sith–Imperial War. The vessel was destroyed with all hands lost during the Battle of Caamas.[2]

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