The YZ-775 medium transport was a transport in the YZ series of ships produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The cockpit was an oversized variant of the standard conical CEC cockpit, capable of seating all 8 crew members. Aft of the cockpit the ship had a two-deck layout, split between the cargo hold and crew quarters.

The YZ-775 was armed with a double turbolaser turret, two double laser cannon turrets, and two proton torpedo tubes. This layout was deemed excessive for a non-combatant transport by Imperial agencies, a claim CEC denied as it had properly gained authorization for such a layout from the Imperial Bureau of Shipyards and Construction.

At least one, the No Luck Required, was modified to remove some of its weaponry and replace it with four A-wings on a rotating rack.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

A YZ-775 landing in battle

It was first produced shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. The 52-meter-long vessel was one of the largest to be classified as a "light freighter", and could carry 400 metric tons of cargo. Its design bore some resemblance to the CR90 corvette and Corellian gunship series.

The series was popular with smugglers and was favored by high-ranking Imperial Security Bureau agents. Many also found their way into the forces of the Rebellion, and later served in the New Republic.

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