"The overwhelming majority of the populace is completely loyal, they mostly take care of the handful of dissenters themselves. The only time we normally have to lift a finger is to protect the dissenters from overzealous loyalists… It makes for a refreshing change from our usual image among aliens."
―Hestiv describing the Yagai's supposed loyalty to the Empire[src]

The Yagai (singular, Yaga) were sentient insectoids indigenous to Yaga Minor. They were one of the many species enslaved and exploited by the Galactic Empire.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Yagai were an insectoid species. They stood on three strong legs arranged in a tripod pattern, with their rear leg facing backward. They had two arms, with each arm ending in a hand with nine opposable digits. The Yagai were usually tall and thin, with a long torso, skinny fingers, and a long thin neck. Their multiple digits were well-suited for fine mechanical and technical work.[2]

After their subjugation by the Galactic Empire, a subspecies of Yaga drones were created through genetic engineering. These drones were even larger than the usual Yaga, and very muscular. The drones possessed thick bulky armor, and moved slowly. They were created to survive in deep space, where the Yagai could not go. They were very dim-witted, and rarely spoke except to acknowledge commands. Once a drone was fully grown, it only required solar energy to survive.[2]

Society and cultureEdit

Yagai culture was primarily centered around technical and mechanical prowess and achievements. They were specifically talented in the area of hyperdrive technology. Elder Yagai fully encouraged younger generations to take up professions in technical fields, fearful of the repercussions if the Imperials decided the Yagai were no longer useful. They were an aggressive and territorial species, but rational enough to submit to the Empire's might. Some believed they would make a valuable asset to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[2]

The Yagai were fully aware of the atrocities the Empire committed the galaxy over, and had no desire to meet a similar fate. As such, though they deeply resented being controlled—and twisted into the Yagai drones—they did little more than seek opportunities for sabotage. With the entire population of Yaga Minor effectively held hostage, the Yagai fully submitted to Imperial rule.[2] Some Imperials, like High General Hestiv, mistook this submission for loyalty to the Empire.

The Yagai favored baggy, flowing garments such as jumpsuits. Their clothing was usually white or a shade of blue or purple, which were neutral colors on their homeworld. They are known to favor a spicy dish called Dindra.

As a result of the enslavement of their species and the blockade of their system, free Yagai were rarely seen in the galaxy. Those away from their homeworld were either escaped slaves, who feared being recaptured, or slaves forced to work for Imperial masters in distant part of the galaxy.[2] Yagai drones were indoctrinated from birth to unquestioningly follow the orders of their Imperial masters.[2] Most Yagai considered the drones to be non-citizens.


During the time of the Galactic Republic, the Yagai were renowned for their starship engineering skills and their cooperation with the galactic community. After the rise of the Empire, however, they were quickly subjugated and enslaved. The Empire built a major Imperial shipyard above Yaga Minor and shipped Yagai technicians across the galaxy to help maintain the vast Imperial Fleet.[2]

At the time of the Imperial Remnant, slavery was banned and the relationships between Yagai and the Empire were significantly improved, a result of Admiral Pellaeon's tolerant politics.[3]



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