"Time we were formally introduced. I'm Yahenna Laxo. And you're in the new headquarters of the Gray Syndicate."
―Yahenna Laxo to Merei Spanjaf[src]

Yahenna Laxo was a heavyset human male who lived on Lothal. He was the head of a criminal organization, the Gray Syndicate, based in a disused tavern in Lothal's Capital City once known as Ake's Tavern.[2] Laxo was tied in to a number of criminal activities on the planet, such as taking cuts from gambling operations and hiding those wanted by the Galactic Empire, for the right price. He was killed along with several other members of his organization when Merei Spanjaf drew Imperial attention to his syndicate in an effort to save herself, left staring at his lifeless eyes.[1]

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Personality and traitsEdit

"I may not be a traditional employer, but I pay my people well. Remember that when I'm running the entire underworld here on Lothal."
"What do the real crime bosses think of you bragging like that?"
―Merei Spanjaf scoffs at Laxo's big dreams[src]

Though Laxo's operations sometimes brought him in conflict with the Galactic Empire, he seemed to harbor no personal animosity towards them, considering his work to be just business. He maintained an affable exterior, but could demonstrate cold and calculating behavior towards those whom he felt were getting in the way of his operations. Despite being a relatively small-time criminal underworld leader, he had a highly inflated opinion of himself. He took pride in the fact that he paid those employed under him well, such as giving Merei Spanjaf nearly a thousand credits even though she had been more-or-less conscripted into his service, rather than being an actual employee.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The character was originally envisioned as a Shell Hutt, a type of Hutt currently found only within the continuity of Star Wars Legends, but author Jason Fry felt this would make the Gray Syndicate feel like a bigger player in Lothal crime than it really was.[3] By having Laxo commit acts such as betraying Pinson and ordering Merei Spanjaf to watch Holshef be turned over to a bounty hunter, Fry hoped to instill in readers a sense that Laxo had his death coming.[4]


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