The Yapi were sapient canoids indigenous to Kathol which were created by the DarkStryder which considered them a successful warrior guardian servant race. The furry Yapi eventually developed their own society and culture; one which was very divided with factions forming and collapsing. Some of these tribes showed loyalty to their creator while others showed outright hatred which resulted in inter-tribal warfare among the species. Despite these constant wars, there were the occasional peaceful periods which allowed the exchange of information and trade. The Yapi were a superstitious race and believed that the use of the Ta-Ree life energy could only be done by a tribe's shaman. When the crew of the FarStar arrived in the Kathol sector to defeat the Moff Kentor Sarne, who had allied with the Darkstryder, the Yapi lent their assistance. They allied with the Charr Ontee and Zizimaak, though they had certain trouble working with the latter as they considered them a source of food.

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