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"We must always strive for peace, but also justice. Peace without justice is flawed, hollow at its core. It is the peace provided by tyranny."
―Yarael Poof — (audio) Listen (file info)[6]

Yarael Poof was a Quermian Jedi Master who served on the Jedi High Council during the High Republic Era through the final years of the Galactic Republic. He was both an expert practitioner of Jedi mind tricks and illusions and a skilled diplomat and teacher. Following the Great Hyperspace Disaster, Chancellor Lina Soh enlisted Poof to help determine the cause of the incident and prevent it from happening again. After the supposed destruction of the Nihil marauders that had been manipulated into causing the disaster by Marchion Ro, he accompanied Soh to the opening of Starlight Beacon.

In 230 BBY, Starlight Beacon's destruction was orchestrated by Ro and the Nihil, who also activated a barrier between several sectors of the Outer Rim Territories and the galaxy known as the Stormwall, creating a region of Nihil-controlled space known as the Occlusion Zone. Poof and the rest of the Jedi High Council announced the initiation of the Guardian Protocols, ensuring that the Jedi Order would remain safe and prepared in the face of the Nihil threat. Meanwhile, the Council protested against Yoda's collaboration with the fallen Jedi Azlin Rell—who had fallen to the dark side of the Force—despite Yoda's assurances that he could aid them in learning how to defeat a creature the Nihil had weaponized known as the Nameless.

In 229 BBY, on the one-year anniversary of Starlight Beacon's destruction, Jedi Grand Master Pra-Tre Veter was executed by the Nihil, his death shown on live broadcast to the Republic. Veter's demise prompted Jedi Master Elzar Mann and Chancellor Soh to urge Poof and the High Council to act, though they refused to further provoke Ro and the Nihil. However, after a possible weakness in the Stormwall had been discovered, the Council's decision was reversed and the assault commenced, only to end immediately in disaster. In turn, the Nihil's Stormwall expanded, engulfing more sectors. As a result, the High Council and Soh agreed that diplomacy was perhaps the last option in ending the conflict with the Nihil. Poof was later among those present to welcome Master Avar Kriss after her escape from the Occlusion Zone.

Two centuries later, Poof was still present on the Jedi Council, and was among those who assigned Padawan Cere Junda and her master, Eno Cordova, to a mission on the planet Ontotho. Poof and the rest of the Council would also undertake a mission to the planet Kwenn in 33 BBY, in response to criticisms levied by Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Alongside the rest of the High Council on Kwenn, Poof prepared for Celebration Day to celebrate the bicentennial of Kwenn's Grand Renewal. He and Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi investigated activity from the Staved Skulls gang, and they eventually joined the successful defense of Kwenn when the pirate Zilastra's Riftwalkers gang attacked. In 32 BBY, Poof witnessed the reemergence of the Jedi's ancient enemy, the Sith, and Jinn's discovery of the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, who was prophesied to bring balance to the Force. He perished on a mission shortly before the beginning of the Clone Wars and was replaced on the Council by the Vurk Jedi Master Coleman Trebor.


The High Republic[]

Responding to disaster[]

"We can say that these events do not seem to be the result of direct action by Force users. We are not all-knowing, but as of now we have no evidence along those lines."
―Poof reporting to Chancellor Soh — (audio) Listen (file info)[6]

Originally from[1] the Outer Rim[7] world of Quermia, the Quermian Yarael Poof was a revered Jedi Master[1] and a celebrated diplomat and teacher.[8] In 233 BBY,[9] Poof was involved in the Grand Renewal of the planet Kwenn, during which he personally help fund and support the planet's repertory theater company and its theater.[10] By 232 BBY,[11] Poof had become a member of the Jedi High Council, the ruling body of the Jedi Order.[6] He was among those summoned by Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh to Monument Plaza, a green space located on the Galactic Republic's capital world of Coruscant, in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace Disaster. Poof informed the Chancellor that the Council did not believe the event was the result of direct action by Force users. While he clarified that the Jedi were not all-knowing, Poof asserted that there was no evidence of that being the case, a claim supported by fellow Council member Jora Malli. Soh assigned everyone present at the meeting, including Poof, to determine the cause of the disaster and prevent it from happening again. The Council then assigned Master Avar Kriss to lead the Jedi response to the Emergences, a series of events that occurred in the aftermath of the Great Disaster throughout the Outer Rim.[6] While leading the investigation, Poof acted with the intent of preventing future Emergences.[12]

Yarael Poof USW

Poof maintained a seat on the Jedi High Council for over two centuries.

Poof was later present at a Council meeting to discuss Soh's request for the Jedi to work with the Republic Defense Coalition to hunt down and imprison or destroy the Nihil, a group of Outer Rim–based marauders that had been unknowingly manipulated into causing the Great Disaster by the Eye of the Nihil, Marchion Ro. Poof refuted fellow Council member Rana Kant's claim that the galaxy was far from being at war and expressed his belief that the Jedi were the guardians of two ideals that sometimes came into conflict: justice and peace. Ultimately, the Council voted to grant the Chancellor's request for Jedi aid. After the Nihil were believed destroyed with their defeat at the Battle of Kur, Poof accompanied Soh to the dedication of Starlight Beacon,[6] a space station located in the center of the Outer Rim's dark zones to assist with navigation through the dangerous and difficult-to-navigate area of space.[13]

Nearly a year later, Poof participated by hologram in a High Council meeting after a devastating Nihil attack on the Republic Fair on the planet Valo. When Grand Master Pra-Tre Veter noted that Master Kriss was engaged in battle against the Drengir on Mulita, Master Teri Rosason criticized her for thinking she could do what she wanted. Poof countered that Kriss was operating within the parameters the Council had afforded her, and Adampo added that she was acting in direct response to the Chancellor's request. The Quermian further commented that no one, including Kriss, knew what was occurring on Valo until the journalist Rhil Dairo managed to get a distress signal out.[14]

The fall of Starlight[]

"The Nihil have a weapon. We do not know its nature, but we know it targets Jedi, and we are uniquely susceptible to it."
―Poof describing the Nameless[15]

Yarael Poof and Pra-Tre Veter attend a meeting with Chancellor Lina Soh.

In 231 BBY,[16] Poof was present during a meeting in Jedi Master Stellan Gios' meeting chambers in which both Jedi Masters and four senators questioned Jedi Master Cohmac Vitus and Padawan Reath Silas regarding an incident on the Amaxine Space Station. As the group finished their initial questioning of Vitus, Poof left the room alongside the senators.[17] In 230 BBY,[18] Poof attended the Eiram celebration—which celebrated the Starlight Beacon's arrival to the planet Eiram in order to assist with its recovery following a hemisphere-wide storm—via hologram and watched the festivities.[19]

Following the destruction of Starlight Beacon that same year, Poof attended a meeting in the Chancellor's office alongside Veter, Soh, her aide Norel Quo, Admiral Pevel Kronara, Senator Izzet Noor, and multiple other individuals regarding the identity of Eye of the Nihil Marchion Ro and what further action they could take. Poof informed Soh that the Jedi Order was still evaluating the scope of the losses on Starlight Beacon and expressed hope that some of those unaccounted for had survived, also recounting the deaths of Jedi Masters Nib Assek and Stellan Gios. Noor then provoked Poof and Veter, revealing their recall of the Jedi Order to Coruscant. The Jedi Masters confirmed Noor's claim while explaining that they had executed the recall out of prudence, hoping to prevent more Jedi deaths at the hands of the Nihil's creatures known as the Nameless.[15] In the weeks following the destruction of Starlight Beacon, Poof and his traits were mentioned in Chronicles of the Jedi, a book written by Jedi Master Harli Cogra.[12]

The Guardian Protocols[]

"For these reasons, you have been recalled to Coruscant to ensure your safety in this chaotic time and to allow us to prepare our response to the Nihil threat. It is also why, for the first time in many generations... We are implementing the Guardian Protocols."
―Yarael Poof[20]

The Jedi High Council implements the Guardian Protocols.

One week after the fall of Starlight Beacon, Poof was among a group of Jedi High Council members presenting a set of initiatives to the Jedi Order in the Senate Building to be put in place following Starlight's destruction. The group informed the Order of the Nihil's involvement in the Great Hyperspace Disaster and the Valo Atrocity, as well as the deaths of multiple Jedi such as Stellan Gios, Orla Jareni, Nib Assek, and Loden Greatstorm—the last of which was at the hands of the Nihil weapon known as the Nameless. The council members also informed the present Jedi of the Nihil's leader, Marchion Ro, and the Stormwall he had created to cut off access to a portion of the Outer Rim now known as the Occlusion Zone. Poof himself affirmed that these incidents were the reason the Jedi had been recalled, then announced that they would be initiating the Guardian Protocols. These initiatives included the acceleration of youngling combat instruction, the staffing of outposts by droids, the pausing of independent research, holding Padawan trials early, restricting resource management, allowing offensive combat when necessary, and declaring that no Jedi would travel alone. After going over each measure, the council members dismissed the Jedi Order from the Senate Building.[20]

Two months after the fall of Starlight beacon, Poof was one of multiple High Council members present for the Knighting Ceremony of Padawans Bell Zettifar and Burryaga Agaburry.[21] Three months following the fall of Starlight, Poof attended a High Council meeting when Jedi Master Elzar Mann urged the council to prioritize finding a way to breach the Stormwall, imploring them to divert resources toward rescuing Jedi stuck on the other side of the barrier. His request was denied, with the Grand Master stating that he believed the Jedi stuck across the Stormwall had been trapped there for a purpose. Yoda then declared to the Council that he had discovered possible answers regarding the Nameless, and presented former Jedi Azlin Rell. The Council met Rell's presence with discomfort, and even ignited their lightsabers when Rell stated he had embraced the dark side of the Force, showing them his bloodied robes. Yoda calmed the Council's members, alleviating their concerns and announcing that he and Rell would find a way to study and potentially destroy the Nameless. Two months later, Poof and Master Adampo met with Chancellor Soh, who requested that the Jedi join fast-response squads in order to help protect Republic worlds from Nihil attacks. Adampo stated that though they were not hunters, the Guardian Protocols would allow for such action. Adampo and Poof then informed Soh they would depart and present her proposition to the remainder of the Council.[20]

Death of Pra-Tre Veter[]

Soh: "If we allow Marchion Ro to get away with this, we enable a hundred, a thousand self-appointed warlords to start carving up the galaxy the way they see fit. We tell them that they can murder Republic citizens without recourse or comeuppance. We tell them that everything Marchion Ro says about us is true, and that we have failed them all."
Poof: "What do you suggest?"
Mann: "We need a show of force. We need a win."
―Lina Soh, Yarael Poof, and Elzar Mann[22]

Exactly a year after the destruction of Starlight Beacon in 229 BBY,[23] Ro and the Nihil transmitted a broadcast across the galaxy, revealing Grand Master Pra-Tre Veter—tortured and weakened after being captured during a mission to the Stormwall—in their custody. On the broadcast, Ro used the Nameless to execute Veter in front of the entire galaxy, seeking to demonstrate to the Republic and the Jedi what the consequences for interference in Nihil matters would be.[22]

In response to the execution, Master Elzar Mann and Supreme Chancellor Soh had a joint meeting with the Jedi High Council, during which they urged them to act against the Nihil once and for all. At the time of the meeting, Poof was at a Jedi outpost on Kwenn. Nonetheless, he attended the meeting with Mann and Soh via hologram. When the proceedings began, Master Ry Harket asked those present if they needed to recount the circumstances behind Veter's death, to which the attendees responded in the negative. Masters Soleil Agra, Xo Lahru, and Keaton Murag discussed the insights regarding the nature of the Nameless that Veter's execution had provided them, and purported that the Jedi could use what they would learn to their advantage. However, Mann and Soh interjected, asserting that it was not enough to learn to protect themselves from the Nameless—it was time to strike back against Ro.[22]


Poof and the Jedi Council were staunchly against Yoda's cooperation with Azlin Rell (pictured).

After the Council pondered Mann and Soh's words, Poof inquired about what they were suggesting. Mann declared that the Jedi and Republic needed to send a message to Ro that they would not stand for the crimes of the Nihil, and that they should assault the Stormwall in hopes of bringing part of it down even temporarily. Masters Murag and Agra argued against Mann's assertion, stating that the chance of failure was too great and they would run the risk of merely strengthening Ro's point. The Chancellor was next to respond, informing the Jedi that she would be ordering the Republic Defense Coalition to perform a sustained attack with or without the Jedi High Council's permission—she was merely asking for their support. Nonetheless, the Council refused, and Soh left soon thereafter.[22]

Mann, meanwhile, remained before the Council, stating that he respected their decision but agreed with Soh that it was time to act and demonstrate that the Jedi were not afraid. At that moment, Grand Master Yoda arrived, once again with Azlin Rell in tow—Poof was the first to recognize Rell upon their arrival. Despite the Council's protests—far greater now that Rell had destroyed a city on[22] the planet[24] Travyx Prime under Yoda's watch[22] Yoda insisted that Rell was the key to understanding and defeating the Nameless. After further debate over Rell, the Council redirected their attention to Mann once again and dismissed him, reasserting that they had made their decision regarding an assault on the Nihil.[22]

The Stormwall's expansion[]

"I don't want to admit it, but I'm beginning to think we don't have another choice. Offering the Nihil legitimacy and bringing them into the fold might be the only move left."
"But what does that make us? Complicit in their crimes? Supporters of a regime that oppresses billions of beings, holding them hostage on their own worlds? Appeasers and apologists, upholding an enemy government because it's marginally better than the alternative?"
―Lina Soh and Adampo, during a meeting for which Poof was present[22]

The Jedi High Council reconvened with Soh and Mann after a plan to infiltrate the Occlusion Zone using a faulty stormseed (pictured) ended in disaster.

Despite the High Council's initial decision to decline support for Chancellor Soh's assault on the Occlusion Zone, a potential weakness was eventually found in one of the stormseeds that was generating the wall, and the Council—without Poof—approved a Jedi-backed Republic push through the Stormwall. The mission, however, ended in disaster as the Stormwall reformed too quickly after the destruction of six stormseeds for the Republic and Jedi forces to pass through. Multiple crews perished in the assault and the effort was deemed a failure. In response to the assault and the Republic's declination to officially recognize the Nihil as a legitimate government, Marchion Ro expanded the Stormwall, engulfing nearly three more sectors into the Occlusion Zone.[22]

Chancellor Soh and Master Mann met with the Council once again after these events occurred, each member of the High Council in attendance—Poof still via hologram. The Quermian Jedi Master did not speak during the meeting, where Soh, Mann, and the other members of the Council discussed the possibility that it was time to grant legitimacy to the Nihil in the face of the Stormwall's expansion, even if it meant capitulation of the Republic's outward strength. The Council agreed that it was perhaps time to try diplomacy with the Nihil once again, and left Soh to make the decision for herself. At some point following the failed breach of the Stormwall and its expansion, Avar Kriss managed to escape from the Occlusion Zone. Poof was among those who welcomed her back—albeit still through hologram—upon her return to Coruscant.[22]

Expanding the Jedi High Council[]

Rosason: "And when did you know you'd let go of the light?"
Mann: "Immediately. I was horrified right away. But that's not the point."
Poof: "What is the point?"
―Rosason, Mann, and Poof regarding Yarrow's death[25]

In 228 BBY,[26] Poof was among the remainder of the Jedi High Council when Mann was offered to join it. Despite their offer, Mann confessed to the killing of the Nihil member Chancey Yarrow. Alongside Yoda and Rosason, Poof requested that Mann elaborate—when he did, the Council remained firm, believing that his actions did not disqualify him from their offer. Nonetheless, the High Council granted Mann time to deliberate on joining their ranks.

Ontonthon Temple[]

Windu: "We want to discuss your next assignment. The planet Ontotho has newly joined the Republic, opening up trade opportunities that were previously off-limits. The Ontothon government has entered into an agreement with the Daa Corporation to begin exploration of a recently uncovered temple."
Cordova: "A Jedi temple?"
Poof: "No. We believe it to be Ontothon in origin. But the local constabulary requested a Republic presence."
―Mace Windu, Eno Cordova, and Yarael Poof regarding Cordova's mission to Nameel[27]

Poof provides assignment details to Cordova and Junda.

Poof was present when the Council discussed the outcome of Padawan Cere Junda and Jedi Master Eno Cordova's mission to Nameel[27] in 41 BBY.[28] The Council realized that Junda had been provoked during the battle and erupted into chaos. As a result, the Council briefed the duo on their assignment to help the Daa Corporation explore a recently uncovered temple on the planet Ontotho. When Cordova asked if it was a Jedi temple, the Quermian explained that while the temple was not thought to be Jedi in origin but Ontothon, they were being sent in place of a division of Republic troops that had been redirected to help with evacuations in the Bunka system when its star began to collapse.[27]

Mission to Kwenn[]

Teaching younglings[]

"Shame on you. Where's the mental discipline I taught you? I should never have been able to influence you to begin with."
"Oh, you didn't control us. We really didn't want him to strike you, Master."
"None of you were influenced? Very kind. You see, Master? It pays to be popular!"
―Yarael Poof and a Rodian Initiate[10]

Poof had a friendly rapport with fellow Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi (pictured).

In 33 BBY,[9] Poof was training Jedi Initiates alongside Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. During the lesson, as Mundi prepared to demonstrate dueling positions, Poof jokingly refused to brandish his lightsaber. Instead, the Quermian Jedi Master opted to pretend to mind trick Mundi. After his opponent reminded him it would not work, Poof then turned to the present Initiates and seemingly mind tricked them, forcing them to block Mundi's path. Poof responded that such an act is how he would defend himself from a smaller opponent. Immediately afterward, the Jedi Initiates informed Poof that they had faked being mind tricked, as they did not wish for Mundi to strike him. The Quermian Jedi thanked the students and jokingly bragged about his popularity to his colleague.[10]

Just then, Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi entered, requesting aid from the Jedi Masters in helping a group of families in need. When Kenobi confirmed to Poof that the relief agencies could not help, both Jedi Masters agreed to provide assistance. Mundi initially suggested using the situation as a teaching moment for the Jedi Initiates by having them donate their own belongings, but Poof objected, stating that they could afford to provide the refugees with new wares. Master Mundi commented on the Quermian's aversion to secondhand clothing, only for Poof to jokingly remark on Mundi's incompatibility with many helmets due to his Cerean anatomy. Afterward, Kenobi informed the two that his master, Qui-Gon Jinn, wished to address the council, then left. Meanwhile, Jedi Master and fellow council member Mace Windu was meditating elsewhere in the Jedi Temple and recalled a remark from Poof that the Force could not be forced. After Jinn found Windu, he began to recount another saying from Poof regarding an overabundance of work, though Windu reminded Jinn that he had been present when Poof first said it.[10]

Meeting with the Jedi Council[]

"It is a big outpost. Room for all of us."
―Yarael Poof, regarding the Jedi outpost on Kwenn[10]

Poof soon met alongside the rest of the Jedi High Council alongside Jinn, who encouraged them to increase the outreach of the Jedi and observe how their actions impacted others. After Jinn's departure, Jedi Master and fellow council member Adi Gallia listed off a series of outposts no longer frequented by the Jedi; in response, Poof chortled while asking if anyone still resided in those places. When Gallia reached the planet Kwenn on the list, however, the Council fell into silence until they began to reminisce about the outpost there. Poof in particular reminisced about the repertory theater in the outpost, which he was fond of. The Council deliberated about the fate of Kwenn, with Poof pointing out that, due to Seneschal Voh, the outpost was not unattended. Gallia responded by stating that Voh was nearly incapable of continuing his duties and that he had no suitable replacement.[10]

At that moment, Windu suggested that the entire Jedi High Council visit the outpost on Kwenn. The group discussed Windu's proposal, with Poof remarking that there would be plenty of room in the outpost for the whole Council. After further deliberation, the Council agreed that they would go to Kwenn, where Celebration Day, a celebration of the Grand Renewal's bicentennial, would be held. At some point prior to their visit, Poof jokingly suggested that they form a chain of Jedi stands to render aid.[10]

Arrival on Kwenn[]

"Poof is a grand and historic name among the Quermians. It's not my fault that when it translates into Basic it sounds like the end of a magic trick."
―Yarael Poof, regarding his surname[10]

Poof found evidence of activity from Depa Billaba (pictured) on Keldooine.

Eventually, Poof began to make his way to Kwenn alongside the remainder of the entire Council in a show of good will to the galaxy. After their own arrival, Masters Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin discussed their plan to render aid to the civilians on Kwenn, and Poof's joke regarding Jedi stands was mentioned. While on route to the planet, he diverted to assist Master Windu, who had transmitted a request for aid near the planet Keldooine, on which a building controlled by the Filthy Credits crime organization had exploded. When the Quermian Jedi had attempted to aid them, however, he was refused—to no surprise of his own. He did, however, find evidence of fellow Jedi Master Depa Billaba's presence on the planet, including a demolished speeder truck in gang-contested territory. Poof's delay had pleased Ki-Adi-Mundi, who found his colleague's more comical disposition to be unbefitting of his station and of their duties on Kwenn. By the time fellow High Council member Yaddle had begun an impromptu press conference with the citizens of Kwenn, Poof was due to arrive shortly thereafter. In an interview with Troig reporter Reezingrom Abbayav, Yaddle refrained from mentioning Poof being turned away when she had been asked about what the Jedi were doing to protect the galaxy.[10]

Upon landing at Brazatta Key in the Gem Cities of Kwenn, Poof decided to himself that he would keep himself from mentioning his late arrival, lest he provoke Ki-Adi-Mundi. Nonetheless, when Mundi greeted his colleague, the Quermian Jedi Master promptly changed his mind and sarcastically prodded Mundi to discuss the delay. Mundi reassured Poof that he was not, in fact, the final member of the Jedi High Council to arrive and began to list those who were still absent. Poof interrupted and complained that they used honorifics rather than first names, though his fellow Jedi Master stated the complaints stemmed from Poof's wishes to be referred to by his first name—Poof interjected, stating that he regarded his surname as silly sounding in Basic despite its historical significance to his own people. Poof concluded by reminding his colleague that he had ascended to his office before Mundi had even been born.[10]

Mission with Mundi[]

"A Quermian Skull? Ridiculous!"
"You wound me. How about my friend here? Imagine that prominent crown, festooned with spikes. He'll be running the neighborhood in no time."
―A Staved Skull and Yarael Poof[10]

After greetings had ceased, Mundi then requested that Poof assist him. Poof initially joked that his colleague was searching for entertainment, and posited a reminder that he had helped fund the local repertory group. He continued that fellow High Council member Oppo Rancisis had only informed him that Mundi had been to one of Kwenn's resort islands and remarked that—due to its dilapidated appearance—it would lose its endorsement from the tourism bureau if it was their current location. The Cerean Jedi filled Poof in on his mission, informing him of a couple that sold a tent that could protect civilians from sun, wind, and fire exposure, as well as blaster fire. Mundi also told his Quermian colleague about the Staved Skulls—a group of criminals threatening local business owners and residents—while dissuading him from using brash action.[10]

Middle Chain

Poof and Mundi led an investigation on Vorah Key (pictured).

With the information Mundi provided, Poof called out to an individual that Mundi had singled out as a member of the Staved Skulls. The individual immediately requested Poof and Mundi pay him a tax upon being engaged with. After Mundi briefly attempted to negotiate with the Staved Skull, Poof impatiently intervened, promptly mind tricking him into ignoring them. When the Staved Skull went back to harassing vendors, Poof began to repeatedly mind trick him into believing that he had already collected from them. Mundi sternly reminded the Quermian Jedi that the Staved Skull would return to his superiors without proceeds, upon which Poof promptly concluded that he should provide him with credits to maintain the ploy. With Mundi dissatisfied with Poof's solution, the two discussed alternative courses of action and concluded that they should follow the trail of money to whoever the Staved Skull worked for. The two then began a ploy to sign up with the Staved Skulls, requesting to the same member they had interacted with prior that they be permitted to join. After taking a number of credits they offered, the Staved Skull directed Poof and Mundi to Gutson's Pub on Vorah Key, where they would be able to meet his boss.[10]

Staking out the Skulls[]

"I do not know why I had to be the one to infiltrate."
"Yaddle announced that members of the Jedi Council were on the planet. Every pirate on Kwenn has to be on lookout. They'd spot me in a heartbeat."
"Ah, because you are so much better known."
―Mundi and Poof[10]

Poof and Mundi took a brief detour to assist Plo Koon (pictured) and Saesee Tiin.

Poof and Mundi gained transportation from fellow Jedi Masters Koon and Tiin, who had been assisting a taxi service on Kwenn since their arrival. However, this resulted in a detour for them after Koon requested their assitance in stopping an illicit sale of orokite nodules. After dispatching the poachers responsible—a brief mission that disgusted Poof due to the less-than-sanitary condition the nodules were in—Poof and Mundi continued with their previous task. They briefly stopped to gain the assistance from a makeup artist who could disguise Mundi by applying spikes on his head. Then, after arriving on Vorah Key, Poof waited for Mundi as he investigated inside of Gutson's Pub. During his wait, Poof attempted to mind trick Blaask—a Trandoshan bouncer outside of a nightclub across the street from Gutson's—into ignoring his presence as he lingered there. However, the repeated mind tricks did not have lasting effects on Blaask, to Poof's consternation, eventually leading the Quermian Jedi to simply convince the bouncer to go eat from the children's menu at a nearby eatery.[10]

A moment later, another Trandoshan emerged from the nightclub and expressed frustration with Blaask's absence before instructing Poof not to remain in the area. Just then, Mundi emerged from Gutson's Pub, upon which Poof immediately requested to see his head. The Cerean Jedi Master begrudgingly removed his hood to reveal the spikes that had been applied earlier, to which Poof expressed satisfaction. The Quermian Jedi reaffirmed the necessity of Mundi being the one to infiltrate the Staved Skulls due to the rarity of Quermians in the underworld. Suddenly, a black luxury speeder owned by the Filthy Credits approached, and the duo watched in preparation to intervene if violence broke out. However, the Creds exiting the speeder instead entered Gutson's Pub flanked by Skulls, and Poof and Mundi watched as additional speeders belonging to members of the Poisoned Blades and the Vile gangs arrived. Mundi declared that they should stake out the establishment and that he would enter it once more, only for Poof to request that he first be allowed to eat a curried nuna-roll. Soon afterward, Poof reported the possible cooperation between the gangs to Windu.[10]

Working against the Riftwalkers[]

"We're not the only ones they're coming for. From what we've seen, they're looking at civil authority, too. If we're not around, they're defenseless."
―Poof, regarding Zilastra's plan[10]

Poof poked fun at Eeth Koth's (pictured) interactions with a woman on Kwenn.

After Billaba was freed from imprisonment by the Riftwalkers gang led by the pirate Zilastra, the Council remotely convened to discuss Zilastra's plan to assassinate them. During the meeting, Gallia proposed canceling the celebration on Kwenn to ensure the safety of its civilians—Poof objected, stating that Kwenn's local authorities would be targeted by the Riftwalkers as well. Upon learning of the presence of Tokchi, the Riftwalkers' ordnance specialist, at the Gala Key Arena, Billaba requested that her fellow Council members continue as they had been while also preparing to ensure the safety of Kwenn's civilians.[10]

While preparing at the arena, Poof climbed onto the stage and expressed consternation at the absence of most of the High Council. Shortly after, he complained about the lack of vibrant decor; after Rancisis commented that more lavish decorations would be the responsibility of Kwenn's citizenry, the Quermian jokingly remarked that he would ask the people to refrain from noticing them during the forthcoming parade. Nonetheless, Rancisis continued inquiring about the preparations, to which Poof affirmed that he would be handling the safety of those exposed to weather. Upon the arrival of a group of younglings led by Jedi Master Even Piell—who suggested they paint a mural on the stage—Rancisis objected, only for Poof to remind him of his earlier words regarding decor. When Jedi Master Eeth Koth briefly stepped away to speak to speak to a Falleen womanInisa, a criminal who had just betrayed the Poisoned Blades—he had met while on Kwenn, the Quermian Jedi Master made fun of the situation.[10]

The celebration begins[]

"My name is Master Yarael Poof. I, too, was present two hundred years ago during the Grand Renewal. And it was a sight, let me tell you—"
―Yarael Poof, during the celebration[10]
Oppo rancisis2

Poof assisted Oppo Rancisis (pictured) in dispatching the Pelagic.

After the High Council concluded their preparations—during which Poof had foiled an attack on Kwenn's police forces—their members began to speak, one by one. Poof's speech followed that of Rancisis. During the speech—which Zilastra, who was nearby, found ingratiating—the Quermian echoed his past involvement in the Grand Renewal, lauded the Paths of Harmony park on Kwenn, and recounted the history of Kwenn's now-disbanded repertory company. After Poof concluded his speech, he and his fellow councilors declared; "The Jedi stand with you!" The phrase was intended to be the code phrase that would set off a bomb that Zilastra had planted in the arena—but there was no explosion, as the High Council had found the case containing the explosive prior to the celebration and relocated it. Nonetheless, with the code phrase said, the defense of Kwenn had begun.[10]

To confront the attackers led by Zilastra and the Riftwalkers, the High Council members—including Poof—departed the stage toward exits in the arena. After exiting the arena, Poof began fighting alongside Gallia to defend it. As Zilastra passed overhead on a skiff, she ordered its pilot, Burlug, to bring it around in order to target Poof and Gallia with a strafing run. However, their attempt was foiled when Yoda and Yaddle intercepted the skiff, causing it to graze a nearby pedestrian crossing. Later, Koon dispatched a speeder managed by Kwikhaul Livery Corporation to transport Poof alongside Rancisis. The duo, having commandeered the speeder for the safety of its pilot, then contacted Mundi and began making their way to the sail barge Pelagic. After approaching close enough to the barge, Poof halted the speeder and allowed Rancisis to jump into the ocean below. After the Pelagic was downed, Poof, Rancisis, and Mundi began to rescue the staff and gang members that had gone overboard.[10]

Departing Kwenn[]

"I fear you missed the lesson of this journey. We've spent too much time focusing on big things—and not enough on the small ones. Your interaction with Aptorr and his wife led to their generosity—and their product helped protect thousands of people."
"I fear you missed the lesson of this journey. If we had been more cognizant of the Ootmian route, we might well have predicted the pirate uprising. We could have taken steps before it happened."
―Poof and Mundi, debating the lesson of their time on Kwenn[10]

Poof and the High Council learned that the actions of Sifo-Diyas (pictured) had been the catalyst for Zilastra's plans.

After the defense had come to an end and Zilastra was defeated, the entire High Council went to the beach where Zilastra was being apprehended, hoping to understand her motivations behind the failed attack. The pirate confessed that, when she was a child, her fellow orphans had been taken for induction into the Jedi Order by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. Poof and the others explained to Zilastra that Diyas acted with haste and failed to consider Zilastra's situation at the time—a trait they did not attribute to the rest of their Order. After Zilastra was taken away by the authorities, the High Council returned to the arena to continue the celebration. There, the Jedi announced that though the Jedi outpost on Sanctuary Mount had been destroyed during the attack, it would not be rebuilt—however, the Jedi presence on Kwenn would be far greater than it had before.[10]

After the festivities had ended, the High Council began to prepare for their departure. While still on Kwenn, Poof interrupted a meditating Mundi on Langdam Key. Poof offered Mundi a chance to eat and enjoy himself, which he refused. The duo began to debate the lesson their time on Kwenn had taught them, with Poof maintaining that their interactions with the planet's citizens remained the most important aspect. When Mundi asserted the difference that the Jedi being cognizant of the area could have made, the Quermian Jedi refuted that even Sifo-Diyas could not have predicted some of the events that had occurred. Nonetheless, the two pondered the threat that danger in disguise could pose not only to locales such as Kwenn, but to the entire Republic.[10]

The Chosen One[]

"He is to be trained, then?"
"No, he will not be trained."
"He is too old."
"He is the chosen one. You must see it."
―Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace Windu, regarding the Jedi Council's decision[5]
High Council Chamber

Poof observes the evaluation of Anakin Skywalker.

By 32 BBY,[7] Poof was the most senior of the four Quermians enrolled in the Jedi Order.[8] Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, Poof was in attendance when Jinn came before the Council with news that the Sith, the ancient enemies of the Jedi Order, had resurfaced. He later observed Windu evaluate the Force abilities of Anakin Skywalker, a nine-year-old boy from the planet Tatooine whom Jinn had discovered to be Force-sensitive and believed to be the Chosen One, a being who was prophesied to bring balance to the Force. Although the child was strong in the Force, the Council denied Skywalker entrance into the Order as they found his deep emotional attachments troubling and believed that he was too old for training. The Council reversed their decision, however, after Jinn was slain by the Sith Lord Darth Maul on Naboo, allowing Skywalker to become the Padawan of Jinn's former apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, per Jinn's dying wish.[5] Poof sat on the council until he perished[29] on a mission[30] shortly before the beginning of the Clone Wars[29] in 22 BBY.[7]


"Let the past die."
―The words that echoed in Vader's head as he struck down an illusion of Poof[31]
Poof Goes Poof

Darth Vader destroys an illusion of Yarael Poof.

He was replaced on the Council by the Vurk Jedi Master Coleman Trebor.[4] Around 12 BBY,[32] shortly after the Battle of Fortress Vader, Darth Vader, Skywalker's Sith identity, entered a portal constructed by Darth Momin to resurrect his wife, Padmé Amidala. While walking through visions, he encountered Poof along with many Jedi with their lightsabers ready to battle him. However, Vader killed all the illusions and chopped off Poof's head as the words "Let the past die" resounded in his mind.[31] Poof was pictured alongside the entry for his species in "Species From A to Z," a compendium released by New Republic xenobiologists during the New Republic Era.[33] Additionally, his traits and skills were eventually mentioned in a set of hand-drawn maps that were believed to be created by the Ithorian artist Gammit Chond.[7]

Personality and traits[]

"Yes, but we are the guardians of two ideas, are we not? Sometimes, unfortunately, they come into conflict."
―Poof on peace and justice — (audio) Listen (file info)[6]

Yarael Poof was a Quermian[1] who stood 2.64 meters tall (8 ft., 8 in.)[4] and had pasty white skin and red eyes.[5] Like other members of his species, Poof possessed a long neck,[34] two sets of arms, and two brains[1]—one in his head and the other in his chest.[35] The Jedi Master's long neck and four arms made him recognizable.[34]

Poof was a noble thinker among the Jedi High Council's ranks.[30] He believed that while there sometimes existed conflict between peace and justice, Jedi must always strive to protect both ideals.[6] Although he appeared as a serene thinker among the Council members, Poof also had a mischievous side and enjoyed playing mind tricks on colleagues.[4] As a result of his centuries-long lifespan, Poof grew more antic with age; his attitude toward banter improved as he came to favor it despite once viewing it as a waste of time and focus. He had a humorous rapport with Ki-Adi-Mundi based on a mutual understanding of one another, despite Mundi's more serious disposition.[10]

Poof also pretended to have a persecution complex, reacting to small inconveniences with dismay to gauge how others might respond. The Quermian often arrived to meetings after his colleagues, primarily as a result of distractedness, though sometimes due to acts of altruism as well. Poof was popular among the younglings in the Jedi Order as a result of his cartoonish appearance and joviality, as well as his penchant for telling stories of past Jedi adventures. He was fond of the repertory theater in Kwenn's Jedi outpost.[10]

Powers and abilities[]

A powerful Jedi Master[3] who was skilled in teaching and diplomacy,[8] Poof was an expert practitioner of illusions and Jedi mind tricks,[35] which he could use to bring conflicts to a decisive end[4]—though he rarely needed to do so.[12] While Poof was aware of the moral quandries surrounding using mind tricks, he considered his employment of them to be more in line with pushing others closer to their already desired choices.[10] He was also a dexterous combatant with a lightsaber and was able to perfect many incredible moves that only his spineless anatomy could allow.[4] Nonetheless, he was impartial to combat due to his height difference with many beings; additionally, the olfactory glands in his hands rendered engaging with opponents in hand-to-hand combat an unpleasant experience.[10]


Poof carried a blue-bladed lightsaber[36] and wore brown Jedi robes with a traditional Quermian cannom collar that concealed his second set of arms.[4] He also possessed a comlink.[30]

Behind the scenes[]


"We didn't realize that he was supposed to have four arms until the end."
―Jeffrey Thomas regarding the design of Yarael Poof in the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project[37]

Early concept art of Yarael Poof, which was labeled simply "Alien Jedi"

Yarael Poof was first shown in the teaser trailer for the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, the first installment of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.[38] The trailer debuted in theaters across twenty-six cities on November 17, 1998,[39] with a widespread release on November 20 the same year.[38] His first Canon appearance was in The Phantom Menace upon its release;[5] prior to this, he was first identified in the Star Wars Legends continuity on April 21, 1999,[40] in the reference book Star Wars Episode I Who's Who: A Pocket Guide to the Characters of The Phantom Menace, written by Ryder Windham and published by Running Press.[41] His first Legends appearance was a storybook adaptation of The Phantom Menace, Episode I: The Phantom Menace Movie Storybook,[42] which was released on May 3, 1999[43] and published by Random House.[42]

Poof was portrayed by a puppet operated by Michelle Taylor. Although his name was never spoken in The Phantom Menace, it was given in the film's credits.[5] The puppet for Poof was built directly into his chair inside the set for the High Council Chamber,[44] with Taylor[5] inside the puppet controlling his appendages and neck.[44] He was originally slated to reappear in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, but franchise creator George Lucas was concerned that viewers would confuse him with the Kaminoans, a new species introduced in the film. As no new footage of the Jedi Council chambers was shot for Episode II, archive footage from Episode I was reused. In order to remove him from the film, Poof was digitally painted out of the footage and replaced by Coleman Trebor, a new Jedi Master designed for the movie.[45]

Concept art of Poof's appearance in the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project's first phase is shown in The Art of Star Wars: The High Republic (Phase One), in which senior illustration manager Jeffrey Thomas states that the concept art team was unaware that the character had four arms until near the end of development.[37]

The Living Force[]

"I wanted to have some nuance, uh, on the Council. I wanted to have some personal conflict on the Council. I wanted—there needed to be a character or two, uh, somebody that everybody's kinda like 'Yeah, still—still here.'"
―John Jackson Miller, regarding Yarael Poof's role in The Living Force[46]

In an interview with Wookieepedia, John Jackson Miller mentioned Poof as an example of one member of the Jedi High Council that was interesting to write for in the 2024 novel The Living Force due to the lack of preexisting Canon lore for the character. Miller also jokingly referenced Poof's appearance in the 2010 comedy special Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III as preexisting lore. As a result of the stoic attitudes of the other council members, Miller wrote Poof as "over it" and not easily impressed, stating that the character is mostly trying to amuse himself in the novel—to the extent of poking fun at his fellow council members without much reason. Miller expressed that finding a way for a character that "didn't have a voice" prior was fun, as was writing his pairing with Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi.[47]

In an interview with YouTube channel Star Wars Explained, Miller further elaborated on Poof's character drawing inspiration from Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III, pointing out that certain traits were derived from the skits such as showing up late and being ignored, but he also made sure that Poof would not be portrayed as a complete fool. Miller clarified that he was not attempting to canonize Robot Chicken's depiction but found the traits to align with what Poof's outlook would likely be after hundreds of years.[48] According to Miller, Poof helped serve as a foil for the rest of the Council to work around due to his demeanor.[46]


"The council seen in issue 5 should be the same as that in issue 1. Looks like I missed it."
―Matt Martin, regarding Poof's appearance in Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu 5[49]

Concept art of Poof from the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project

According to multiple sources, Poof died prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars.[4][29][30] Despite this, he later appeared as part of the Jedi Council in Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu 5, a story that takes place during the aforementioned conflict, the fifth issue of Star Wars: Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu[50] which released on December 27, 2017.[51] According to Matt Martin of the Lucasfilm Story Group, this was an error, and the Council's composition should have been consistent with that previously seen in Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu 1,[49] which was released on August 30, 2017.[52] Poof also anachronistically appears in the 2022 video game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga during the side quest "Rala's Day Off," which takes place at some point after the beginning of the Clone Wars. As the video game is non-canon, this error does not affect continuity.[53]

His first name was misspelled "Yareal" in The High Republic: The Rising Storm.[14] In The Art of Star Wars: The High Republic (Phase One), Poof, alongside all other Jedi Council members shown in the book, is referred to as a "Grandmaster"—possibly referring to the occupation of Grand Master. As Poof is not stated to hold this title in any story material set during the multimedia project and the title is used for the other Council members in the art book, this article assumes that the book was in error.[37]

Non-canon history[]

"Oh, how I will relish handing that tyrannical research manager evidence of his mistake! Haha! Ahem, no. A Jedi is not proud or boastful. He is, however, leaving!"
―Poof relishing in his freedom — (audio) Listen (file info)[53]

Yarael Poof on Kamino

Poof appears in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga as a playable character, unlocked after completing the side quest "Rala's Day Off." Although Poof is voice-acted in the title, his voice actor is not credited. In the game, he is described as a respected teacher, known for guiding a number of Padawans and younglings in the ways of the Force. One youngling found in the Jedi temple expresses their hope to be as wise as Yoda, as strong as Mace Windu, and as famous as Yarael Poof.[53]

In the game's free-play mode, a message from Poof can be found on Coruscant, informing players that he is trapped on Kamino and wishes to be rescued. Poof can be found on Kamino, regardless of whether players read his message, where he is looking for a bounty hunter that he hopes will assist him. When approached by players not using a bounty hunter character, Poof informs them they are of no use to him and bids them a good day. When players with the correct character type still refuse to help him, he resigns himself to staying on Kamino and expresses his distress over having nothing to wear for casual Friday the next day.[53]

When players finally speak to him as a bounty hunter and agree to aid him, Poof initially mistakes them for the head researcher but quickly realizes they are not. He then informs them that he is, in fact, a renowned Jedi Master but that the Kaminoans have mistaken him for one of their own—Rala De—who has been missing for some time. The Kaminoans have put him to work despite his attempts to explain the dilemma and his true identity, believing that he was attempting to shirk responsibility—a trait for which De had gained a reputation. Fearing for the real Kaminoan worker's safety and hoping to leave, Poof requests that the player investigate the situation for him.[53]

As the player searches for De, a Coruscanti human informs them that they have not seen a Kaminoan lately but that they should consult Poof, whom she claims to have seen teaching a class of younglings. After traveling to the Jedi Temple, the player can find De, who is posing as Poof and claiming to be Jedi Master "Yodel Proof." After the younglings realize De is not the real Master Poof, he attempts to escape, forcing the player to chase him. After the player apprehends De and returns to Kamino, Poof refrains from inquiring about the details of De's return while also gleefully exclaiming that he can finally leave. Poof then states that he would relish in proving the research manager wrong but then collects himself, stating that a Jedi is neither proud nor boastful—but that he is, in fact, leaving.[53] Poof's final line of dialogue is derived from a quote attributed to his Legends counterpart in the 2007 reference book by Ryder Windham Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force.[54]


Non-canon appearances[]


Notes and references[]

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