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The Yarkora were bipedal, anthropomorphic beings resembling cameloids. They hailed from an unknown world located in the galaxy's Outer Rim,[4] and were rarely seen amongst the galactic populace.

Biology and appearance[]

Saelt-Marae, a Yarkora on Jabba's sail barge.

A bipedal mammalian species descended from hoofed ungulates, the Yarkora have evolved into a tall species with immense three-fingered hands, a long snout with wide nostrils, smooth fur, and rough tufts of hair. Speaking a native language and capable of learning and speaking Basic, the Yarkora possessed two stomachs, one for digesting and the other for storing food, and multiple redundant organs that accounted for their longevity. Because of this redundancy, it is rare that a Yarkora would die of natural causes and makes internal injury extremely treatable and non-life threatening.[2]

Having incredible eyesight and hearing abilities, some scientists believe they are also able to project empathetic abilities onto others, possibly identifying the species as highly Force-sensitive. Children were born live, and a mother could only carry one child every fifteen years which caused the species to have relatively few in number.[2]


A very secretive society, the Yarkora that have been spotted in the galaxy have remained tight-lipped as to the location of their planet of origin, and attempts to locate it proved fruitless. When Yarkora were seen, they tended to be rather off-setting and unnerving and found among criminal types. Without representation in the Galactic Republic, the Yarkora remained separate and did not participate in any large part in galactic events.[2]

A Yarkora on Phaeda.

During the Galactic Civil War, groups of Yarkora helped the Rebel Alliance with counter-espionage, while a few served the Galactic Empire as couriers; others worked as scouts and t'bac farmers. Their presence in the galaxy at large had increased after the formation of the New Republic.[2]

Society and culture[]

Yarkora were known as crafty con artists and scoundrels. They would masterfully dissect information from others, despite almost never talking about their own past, culture or interest. In this sense, the culture of these people remained a well-kept secret for centuries. However, journals from an abandoned colony in the Outer Rim Territories detailed the process of mating rituals among the Yarkora. Taking place over several years, the ritual included the exchange of letters that would be dissected and analyzed until the topic was complete and another could begin.[2]

They were very solitary individuals; even married Yarkora tended to live apart. All women were expected to bear at least one child due to low population numbers and the females of the species tended to raise their young.[2]

Yarkora in the galaxy[]

Schurk-Heren was a Yarkora smuggler, and was captain of the vessel Uhumele when the Jedi Master Dass Jennir tried to hijack his ship to escape New Plympto after the end of the Clone Wars. Yarkora were at some point seen on Phaeda and some also worked for Grappa the Hutt.



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